Five Liberal MPs Who Must Be Removed From Office

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On an international basis, Canada had always been viewed as a moderate country. Historically speaking, our society has been known as tolerant, accepting and open-minded.

Fanaticism of any form was never the “Canadian way.” Radicalism played little part within the spectrum of life in our country.

Clearly, those days are over. A transformation has not only occurred in general society, but also among government officials. Fueling the impetus comes in the form of what is today termed “wokeness,” an ideological structure which in many respects has transformed our country into its own worst enemy.

Self-loathing dominates this social dynamic. Eschewing the positive qualities of Canadian heritage,  society is at present under-a-microscope focused on picking away at our own self-worth.

According to tenets of wokism, Canada is a carbon-belching, racist, homophobic and xenophobic nation. Digging up historical dirt like an undertaker prepares a grave, prominent politicians lead the charge toward establishment of what PM Justin Trudeau refers to as a “post-modern” state.

Among our ruling Liberal government, several characters have come to defy our traditional moderation, and today delve into a form of fanaticism previously unexperienced in political circles.

One of them is Liberal Minister of Environment, Stephen Guilbeault.

“Civil disobedience was never a goal in and of itself. It was just a tool. And now I’m using different tools,” 

Guilbeault once scaled the CN Tower in Toronto to unfurl a giant Greenpeace sign which accused Canada of being a “climate killer.” He was arrested, charged and punished — receiving one year’s probation and a fine. That was 20 years ago. Today, he’s Canada’s Environment Minister.

“In the next two years, more stringent methane regulations, zero-emission vehicle standards, net-zero grid by 2035, cap on oil and gas and obviously phasing out fossil fuels – all of these things must be in place in the coming eighteen months,” stated Guilbeault.

Guilbeault is willing to decimate the Canadian economy to fulfill his mission as an environmental zealot. For Canada’s economic benefit, he must be removed from office.

Fanaticism can take on many forms, not the least of which can be found under the umbrella of Canada’s LGBT movement. Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault fits the bill to perfection. Randy demands LGBT presence in our public schools. He demands it within government. He demands it for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Simply put, this Edmonton MP wants it everywhere, and has been working like a madman to infuse homosexuality and transgenderism into every facet of Canadian society.

In 2016, Edmonton Centre MP Boissonnault was appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as new special adviser for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and two-spirited (LGBTQ2) issues. 

“Liberals To Revamp Discriminatory Age Law For Anal Intercourse”

One of the first moves made was passing of legislation to lower age of consent for anal sex from 18 to 16 years of age.

Can you imagine? The Trudeau government, fresh off its initial victory in 2015, go deep into the realm of age of consent for this type of sexual behaviour. Wouldn’t they have better things to do at this early stage of administering governance in our country?

Apparently not. For his obsessive fanaticism, Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault must be removed from office when a future federal election occurs.

As mentioned, fanaticism can be multi-faceted in nature. For Boissonnault and Guilbeault, the focus is on Canadian society itself. But what happens when the impulse transcends our borders, and finds itself dwelling in the land of foreign nations?

It’s certainly the case with Salma Zahid, Liberal MP for Scarborough, Ontario. A fundamentalist Muslim, Zahid appears to exert infinitely more energy on the Middle East, Israel and Gaza than she directs toward her local constituency.

Constantly ranting about genocide, colonialism and “Islamophobia,” Zahid is– get this– a current citizen of three different countries: Pakistan, Britain and Canada.

Zahid received criticism in November 2022 when she attended a ‘solidarity’ event with a publisher of Holocaust denialism. In January 2024, Zahid called on her colleagues in the House of Commons to support South Africa’s application to prosecute Israel for genocide.”

Frankly, CAP couldn’t give a flying fig about what Zahid thinks or wants regarding these issues. The point we are making is that her fanaticism regarding foreign affairs, in addition to her religious affiliation, appear to trump the effort the MP puts into the needs of her local constituents– unless they also come from her ilk.

For this reason, and status as triple-citizen, Salma Zahid must be removed from her position as MP for Scarborough, Ontario.

He may not be a triple-citizen, but dual citizen of Somalia, Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, should be shown the door to disengagement as member of Parliament for the GTA riding of York South-Weston, a constituency he has held since 2015.

How many Cabinet portfolios can one person have before they are gone from office? When it comes to Hussen, the “sky’s the limit.”

Ahmed Hussen (SomaliAxmed Xuseen; born 1976) is a Canadian lawyer and politician who has been serving as the Minister of International Development since July 26, 2023.

He previously served as the Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion from 2021 to 2023, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development from 2019 to 2021 and the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship from 2017 to 2019.

As immigration minister, Hussen announced in 2017 the Government of Canada would welcome nearly one million immigrants over the next three years. In a 2018, Angus Reid Institute poll found that Hussen is one of the least popular ministers in Trudeau’s cabinet.

All over the map, and yet he remains. If one didn’t know better(we don’t), one could conclude that Mr. Hussen’s singular concern regarding Canada is to stuff the country with as many 3rd world migrants and refugees as humanly possible. Any push-back, out comes the race-card.

Ahmed Hussen would be a far better fit as a politician in Somalia, a country of which he currently holds a passport. So dedicated to Canada is this man that when asked what he would do if the Liberals lost a future election, the MP responded that he would return to Somalia. Hopefully, the day arrives soon.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is a cause for concern. Mainstream media say little about it, but this Liberal MP has a tight connection to globalist not-for-profit organization World Economic Forum. Currently, she is a member of the Forum’s Board of Trustees.

Freeland has rubbed elbows with the greatest globalists in the world. WEF CEO Klaus Schwab is one, along with billionaire media mogul George Soros, founder of “Open Border Society.”

Media won’t say so, but Ms. Freeland is responsible for much of Canada’s shift away from nationalism toward the “woke globalist” condition forced on society by our Liberal government. She’s Trudeau’s “right-hand people-kind politician,” and for this reason, must be removed from political office.

Media in Canada used to be in the news business. Today, they are in the “protection” business, insulating Liberal MPs from exposure of who they truly are, and what they truly represent.

To break this cycle, the Liberals under Justin Trudeau must be removed from office in a future federal election. Ideally, forever.

6 thoughts on “Five Liberal MPs Who Must Be Removed From Office”

  1. “In the next two years, more stringent methane regulations, zero-emission vehicle standards, [personal flatulence neutralizers],net-zero grid by 2035, cap on oil and gas and obviously phasing out fossil fuels [and moving into caves] – all of these things must be in place in the coming eighteen months,” [foamed] Guilbeault.” Is there any remaining area –Where Canada is not under attack by these political zombies??

  2. Only five?

    You’re being far too kind, sir.

    How about ALL OF THEM.

    NDP as well, 100% WEF owned and operated under the pink-turbaned pension-staller!

      • I do concur with your five top picks for “most insufferable”.

        They’re all openly treasonous despicable oxygen-stealers, but Hussen in particular (or Mr Potato-Head, as I’ve always thought it as) for some reason just really shoots my blood pressure up in particular…

        Jail, then DEPORT!

        (Deportation for ALL the other dual / triple citizenship MPs also)

  3. Ah yes Chrystia Freeland the genius behind Reuters digital Next demise , who jumped ship in the middle of the night before the collapse , to move to greener pastures as a smug and condescending politician in order to help Trudeau run Canada into the ground just as she did with Reuters Next failure.

    How Chrystia Freeland Hastened Reuters Next’s Demise
    The dynamo who left Reuters to run for a seat in Canada’s parliament was both the motivating force behind the wire service’s ambitious digital revamp and one of the primary reasons it was killed, current and former employees tell BuzzFeed.


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