“FIRST STEP” Taken To Counter White Supremacy, Say Muslim-Canadian Council

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The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) support the federal government’s decision to add far-right extremist groups ‘Blood & Honor’ and ‘Combat 18’ (the armed branch of Blood & Honor) on Canada’s list of terrorist organizations.

“Today’s news is a FIRST STEP toward countering white supremacist and far-right extremism in our country. At the same time, we recognize MUCH MORE NEEDS TO HAPPEN to actually counter these groups and keep our communities safe,” says NCCM Executive Director, Mustafa Farooq. 
For the record, Cultural Action Party of Canada has no interest in racial supremacy. In our eyes, ANYONE from any ethnic background can choose to be a supremacist. Was Osama Bin Laden not a religious supremacist? Are ISIS militants NOT religious supremacists?
What CAP are pointing out here is the incredible one-sided HYPOCRISY of organizations such as the NCCM. Is this organization recommending even one militant Islamic organization be added to the terrorist classification?
This is “multiculturalism” in Canada. For verification, please note the lack of SATISFACTION in the words of Executive Director, Mustafa Farooq.  MORE needs to be done. This is only a FIRST STEP.
How can this development possibly be a FIRST STEP? What then was M103? Doesn’t this also qualify as a first step? What about Canada’s anti-hate laws? The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982– now there was a “first step.” Do these not qualify?
In no manner is this recent development any form of a FIRST STEP. Rather, it is another in an incremental series of steps empowering organizations such as National Council of Canadian Muslims.
These organizations have far too much power within society. The reason for this largely comes down to one person: Justin Trudeau, father of “post-modern” anti- Anglophone Canada. It is he who purposefully and with intent has worked toward the trans-formation of the Nation of Islam into a political powerhouse in Canada.
What percentage of Canadians requested this? ZERO–save a sliver of society who back the decimation of traditional identity and culture within society. Therefore, this development is decidedly anti-democratic— Justin Trudeau’s preferred form of governance.
Mr. Farooq recently spoke at an event hosted by the Empire Club in Toronto on the rise of white supremacy and far-right extremism, and what can be done to combat it.The Empire Club of Canada is a Canadian speakers forum established in 1903.
Based upon the name and year of establishment one can assume this to be a traditionally Anglophone-Canadian organization. So Mr. Farooq trips on down,, gives a speech CONDEMNING Anglophone Canadians, and saunters back to his office.
THIS is Justin’s Canada. Traditional communities sit quietly with their hands folded while their people are branded awful racists and bigots by multicult practitioners. You see, CAP would NEVER do such a thing. We are appalled when witnessing Old Stock Canadians BUYING INTO the anti-Anglo agenda.
Cultural Action Party do not hate our own people. Nor do we sit back and take it when  being run down by globalists, social justice warriors, and “snowflake” Canadians. Rather, we state emphatically that snowflake liberals who buy the globalist lies are foolish and blind.
Do Sikh-Canadians run down their own people? DO Muslim-Canadians SIT BACK and do nothing when accused of acts of racism?  Does the government of Iran maintain a program to demonize their own people? Does the government of China  brand their nation and its 1.3 Billion people bigoted racists?
OF COURSE NOT. This behaviour is just about exclusively CANADIAN. Barack Obama’s USA, along with Emmanuel Macron in France, have indulged in such behaviour. But NEVER has an Islamic, communist or socialist nation done so. These countries maintain their cultural identities AT ALL COSTS.
What does Justin Trudeau have to say about the fervent nationalism inherent within these foreign societies? NOTHING. He is fine with all of it. Yet, conversely, ANY PRIDE in Canadian heritage must be STAMPED OUT. Does this not contain a profound message for the people of Canada?
Of course it does–and this is why the message will NEVER BE DELIVERED to the citizenship of our nation. The long-term, big picture agenda will forever be obscured by way of establishment media.
So now it is the NCCM who define what is and what is not an act of racism in Canada. One could refer to this as “progress”– the progression of the ownership of the definition of racism from the Trudeau government to the National Council of Canadian Muslims.
Caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it? Old Stock Canada is now in a societal straight-jacket. The globalists are winning this war. These are the TRUE STAKES as we get closer to the federal election in October, 2019.
Turn on CBC news. Pick up a copy of the Globe & Mail, or National Post. This is where you will NOT READ A SINGLE WORD OF TRUTH regarding  the Great Globalist Seduction of our nation.  If you could, it wouldn’t be a success, would it?

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