First Nations Shout Down Justin Trudeau At Indigenous Games Opening

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If it’s true that “love makes the world” go round, than the time has arrived for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step off.

Simply put, the love just isn’t flowing Mr. Trudeau’s way. One of his ostensible pet projects, support for Canada’s First Nations communities, is failing to deliver the goods.

Speaking at the opening of the 2023 Indigenous Games taking place this month in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the “boo-birds” were out in full force. It happens wherever PM Trudeau travels in Canada. Devoid of a controlled public environment, Canadians of all walks of life are disparaging the PM in a big way.

It was only recently that leaders of Canada’s Muslim community– the fastest growing identifiable community in the country– began to express indignation toward Trudeau.

‘Rahim Mohamed: Trudeau, Left-Wing Media Insult Muslims By Calling Us Dupes Of The Far Right’

“In dismissing the organic Muslim pushback against an overbearing Pride agenda as an astroturfed machination of the white-led far-right, progressives are exposing their own dim view of Muslims as a servile and easily manipulated band of nitwits. This patronizing and harmful progressive narrative needs to be called out for the hogwash that it is.” 

Hogwash? Blimey– this Muslim-Canadian sounds dangerously close to a feeling shared among millions of “Old Stock” Canadians. By this, we mean white Canadians, who have since day one recognized the harm in appointing a sheltered rich kid and part-time drama teacher to the highest political post in the land.

It’s one thing for Justin Trudeau nemesis Anglophone communities to despise a tyrant. But when the apple of Trudeau’s eye– Muslim-Canadians— jump on board, you know that the times they are a’changin.

What isn’t changing is a removal of PM Trudeau from his political perch. Media won’t explain it this way, but in basic terms, he remains for one reason:

Because New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh— another “progressive” leftist Canada-basher– signed his name on a Liberal- NDP “supply and confidence” agreement.

Thus, a continuation of what should rightfully be viewed as a Trudeau-Liberal dictatorship. Those who believe animosity against Trudeau is purely a domestic phenomenon might want to think again. In truth, the government in India doesn’t like the man. Despite puppet-like dedication to the government of China, the ruling communists don’t care for our PM. The former President of the Philippines, whose tenure ended on June 30th, 2022, thinks Trudeau is an idiot.

By challenging Italy’s Prime Minister regarding her support for LGBT politics, the Italian press portrayed Justin as a blithering fool. The list goes on.

Yet, among all the consternation, he remains on his political perch. Three woke globalist leaders have gone down for the count– Jacinda Alhern(New Zealand), Angela Merkel(Germany), Mark Rutte(Netherlands).

All three played were dedicated to the World Economic Forum political ethos: worldwide migration, refugee redistribution, LGBT rights, abortion, Euthanasia, climate change.

It’s to the misfortune of Canadians that for every manifestation of anti-woke sentiment, mainstream media take the edge off the messaging. Make no mistake– the press trash Trudeau sporadically, but it’s only a matter of optics.

CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star— all tow the Trudeau line. Through a sublimation of anti-Trudeau sentiment, establishment media are working to preserve the Liberal government.

Skill Testing Question Time:

What do you call a leader of a nation who is ubiquitously hated, yet remains as national leader? Under what political climate does such a situation exist?

One doesn’t have to be Prof. Stephen Hawking to deliver an accurate response:

Answer #1– a Dictator. Answer #2– Within authoritarian societies.

“During the opening weekend of the North American Indigenous Games, which is being held in Halifax this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was loudly booed when making a speech.”

The booing was not sporadic, or in any way minor. Check out this link to see for yourself. The problem with Justin Trudeau is that, behind-the-scenes, he uses every community to his advantage.

His goal is permanent, unending power for the Liberal Party, and with media in his pocket, his wish may well come true.

The best recourse for Canadians to topple our ruling PM comes in the form of the phenomenon Trudeau’s Liberal strategists most fear: unity among Canada’s “identifiable” communities. It’s the very reason why the Liberals maintain a covert policy of dividing citizen from citizen, and community from community.

Canadians of all ethnicities, as well as religious communities, should unite in solidarity to drive the tyrant Trudeau out-of-office.

Either that, or stand back and watch freedom and democracy die at the hands of a narcissistic political despot posing as a supporter of the downtrodden of the world.

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  1. Calls the unvaccinated as racist.
    Still trying to figure out the race of the unvaccinated.

    Being booed by Canadians only means one thing, he ‘earned’ that disrespect. Each day he’s prime minister, the boos will get louder and LOUDER!


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