50% Of First Nations CHILDREN Live in Poverty, Trudeau Sends BILLIONS To Middle East

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“There are Indigenous communities who want to see this(trans mountain pipeline) move forward,” Trudeau replied to protests. “Why are you de-legitimizing the Indigenous communities who support the energy industry?”

Where was the support for Indigenous rights when it came to the mould and tainted water crisis facing First Nations? Where was the commitment to reconciliation when the people of Grassy Narrows asked for a mercury treatment centre? Or clean drinking water in Attawapiskat?

This government will champion First Nations when it’s convenient and justifies its pro-corporate agenda, but turns its back on Aboriginals when the going gets tough.

Nearly two-thirds of the children in this riding live in poverty. Across Canada, on-reserve child poverty is more than 50 per cent. Justin Trudeau likes to say that no relationship is more important to him than the one with First Nations. 

It’s a lie. or Justin Trudeau, government is little more than political “theatre.” As in, show Canadians a particular image of a government and its leader, while in reality a program of national trans-formation is occurring without awareness from the general public.

Meanwhile, Justin continues on with his billion dollar hand-outs to despotic Third World Governments. Hundreds of millions to Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Iraq and other Islamic nations take priority over poisoned First Nations children. 

Government Action To Help Afghanistan:

Canada recognizes that realizing sustainable development results in Afghanistan is a long-term endeavour. More time is needed for social changes to take root and result in protecting and upholding human rights, particularly for women and girls.

From 2001 to 2018, the Government of Canada has invested approximately $3.24 BILLION in reconstruction and stabilization efforts in Afghanistan, of which close to $2.48 billion has been disbursed for development assistance. Canada is among the 10 largest single-country donors providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed $465 million to Afghanistan, including $270 million for development assistance and $195 million for security support from 2017 to 2020. 

Government Action On Tainted First Nations Water Reserves:

Let them eat poison.  We hold establishment media in total contempt for refusing to expose the hypocrisy, deceptions, lies of King Justin and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist rot.

“A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian,” says Justin Einstein. Yes–if the person is a terrorist who left Canada to fight for ISIS. However, if the person happens to be Canadian child on a First Nations reserve, you are no more meaningful than the dogs roaming around the campfire.

Yet for Justin, diversity is “our strength.” Do not believe the hype. Justin Trudeau and his globalist ideology maintain a major animus toward Anglo-Christian Canada. 

As a prime minister, Justin Trudeau is 100% unique. He is the first PM in history to invert Canada’s social order, placing Third World citizens at the pinnacle of society, and trans-forming Old Stock Canadians into maligned second class citizens.

Justin Trudeau– Canada’s “anti-Canadian” prime minister. A unique accomplishment in the history of Canadian politics. As usual, media obscure the entire affair.

Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)








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  2. Well Preston unfortunately we live in a world now where we communicate mainly through texting. When you get mad or excited there needs to be a way to convey your emotions visually. Unfortunately we’ve dumbed ourselves down with some technology. Kids today have no idea how to communicate face to face articulately. Everything is abbreviated lol, brb, yolo etc…My problem is the lack of knowledge people have when using they’re, there, and their…. it’s a sad day for the English language.

    • Was at a restaurant last night. two parents, two teenage kids, all on their handhelds, not saying a word to each other. High tech industry would be thrilled.


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