Financial Bailouts From Liberals Fund Beijing-Controlled Media in Canada

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“Since coming to power in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has constructed a multi-layered system for censoring unwanted news and stifling opposing viewpoints within China.”

“The objective of CCP leaders is to utilize propaganda to retain high levels of popular support domestically and to improve the regime’s international influence.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is assisting the Chinese Communist Party with their global propaganda campaigns. According to a 2022 article from Canadaland, the number of media subsidy programs provided by the Trudeau government continues to grow.

At the moment, it consists of:

  • The $50 million Local Journalism Initiative
  • The $595 million media bailout
  • The $60 million pandemic-specific Emergency Support Fund
  • The $10 million Special Measures for Journalism top-up fund

Ming Pao Newspapers publications claimed $74,385 from the assistance fund. The Center for International Media Assistance reports that Ming Pao is a “Beijing-friendly” news company, catering to Chinese Communist Party sensibilities.

Sing Tao News publication Canadian City Post obtained $21,938 from the assistance fund.  According to Canadaland, the news company routinely publishes Pro-CCP propaganda. Sing Tao in Canada received a total of $199,192 from the Liberal relief fund.

Chinese government entities have thus employed various measures to limit independent reporting by foreign media or discourage its dissemination. These steps can be broadly divided into three areas:

— Obstructing the work of frontline reporters within China, and occasionally outside China.

— Using collective punishment tactics to retaliate against news companies for critical reports.

— Applying pressure on executives and senior editors outside China to suppress unwanted coverage.

Charles Ho, chairman of Sing Tao News Corp Ltd. until June 2021, and his predecessor Sally Aw, were both members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a select group of the Chinese Communist Party’s loyal friends and allies.

A report on Chinese media censorship by the Jamestown Foundation cited Sing Tao as “one of four major overseas Chinese newspapers directly or indirectly controlled by Beijing.“

Four major Chinese newspapers are found in the U.S.—World Journal, Sing Tao Daily, Ming Pao Daily News, and The China Press,” reads the report.

“Of these four, three are either directly or indirectly controlled by the government of Mainland China, while the fourth has recently begun bowing to pressure from the Beijing government.”

Not that the Liberal Government are content to exclusively fund Chinese government propaganda. Media in Canada from coast-to-coast are today financially supported by the Trudeau government. Not only are the Liberals funding Chinese media in Canada– the Feds are, in fact, emulating the government of China’s control over their media industry.

To what extent do these payouts to a comprehensive cross-section of Canadian news outlets motivate journalists to publish news critical of the Trudeau government? Isn’t the natural outcome bound to present political bias in favour of Liberals?

From CAP’s perspective, the Toronto Star is the most vehemently “anti-Old Stock” media publication in the country. Simply put, they do not like Anglophone Canada. For Torstar, branding contemporary caucasians racists, homophobes and colonialists is a daily occurance.

For this purpose, a fleet of Liberal snowflake and 3rd World ingrate journalists slice and dice Canada to pieces on a regular basis. To facilitate their behaviour, the Liberals handed Torstar Publications a total of $2.7 million dollars from the assistance fund.

It was approximately one year past the initial payout CAP noticed a fundamental change in Canadian media presentation. Suddenly, small-market media began to sound just like major media. Publications like Niagara This Week, and hundreds like them, began to replicate the woke liberal sentiments infused in major market players like CBC, Macleans, and the Globe & Mail.

Away from public comprehension, PM Trudeau was transitioning domestic media into a vehicle for Liberal government propaganda. Not only was he admiring China; he was now employing communist media techniques to control the thinking of Canadian voters.

The Liberal Party of Canada, and the communist government of China. A 50-year ideological love-affair between the two has transformed Canadian society.

An apotheosis occurred in the spring of 2022, when a pathogen called Covid began to disseminate from the behemoth nation throughout the known world. Here in Canada, the Liberals seized a salient opportunity.

Throughout the following two years, the pandemic began to function as a mechanism for emulation of authoritarian governance. No Canadian could have been more pleased than Mr. Trudeau. His pathological need for control would blossom as never before.

The stuff of Trudeau’s deepest dream transitions to reality. Vaccine mandates, Emergencies Acts– all are grist-for-the-mill as our PM worked to transitioned Canada to a neo-totalitarian condition.

Perhaps it is not the case that our prime minister simply admires China. Can it be that in the recesses of his mind, Justin Trudeau is gunning for Canada to exist as a reasonable facsimile of his family’s hero-nation?

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  1. The $50 million Local Journalism Initiative
    The $595 million media bailout
    The $60 million pandemic-specific Emergency Support Fund
    The $10 million Special Measures for Journalism top-up fund

    Old Stock Canadians had to get out of bed in the morning to pay for this travesty. It’s like the CCP executing dissidents–and sending their families a bill for the bullets. Imagine–The poor saps; paying for their own execution. Well; We’re paying for our own downfall; Chinese style. How Trudopian. Can bullets be far behind? Tow the line; or no more birthdays for you.

    Postscript: Asking Trudeau “What kind of shampoo do you use?” pays off down the line. (The obsequious Tom Clark; CTV “News.”)


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