Finally, Muslim-Canadians Say No To Justin Trudeau

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September 25, 2023: The Muslim Association of Canada “strongly condemn remarks on recent protests made by certain politicians, including our Prime Minister, as well as statements from school boards, unions, and reports from some media outlets.” 

Clearly, there’s a first time for everything. Since the day of his inauguration in the fall of 2015, PM Justin Trudeau has lauded, applauded, financed and promoted Muslim community advancement in Canadian society.

In return, the Liberal Party captured the Muslim-Canadian vote:

Muslim Canadians voted overwhelmingly for the Liberal Party in the[2015] election, helping Justin Trudeau secure the majority government that nine out of 10 of Muslims believe will help improve relations between themselves and other Canadians, according to a new survey.”

Call it a symbiotic relationship. Understanding that immigration from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries would surge in 2020-2030, PM Trudeau took to doing what he does best: pandering on his knees(literally) to 3rd World immigrant voters groups, be it on a communal or religious basis.

As a result, Muslim voters became putty in the hands of the Liberals. Imams in Ottawa delivered sermons praising Trudeau as a “great man.” National Council of Canadians Muslims were thrilled with measures endorsed by the Liberals.

M103, a Liberal Party government motion to address so-called “Islamophobia” in Canada introduced by half-Pakistani citizen MP Iqra Khalid, received a green light from government. Anti-racism programs funded by the Feds showed that the Trudeau government truly cared about Canada’s Muslim community.

Yet, over the years, as Chinese-Canadians came to understand post-migration surge, Mr. Trudeau works only for himself and his party. Eight years passed before organizations like Muslim Association of Canada began to get wise to Trudeau tactics, encapsulated by the following:

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have a nasty habit of using all identifiable communities to their advantage. Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Sikhs, Hindus, LGBT, First Nations. You name them, and the backroom schemers driving the political bus behind Trudeau have manipulated them to achieve political success.

Finally, the community has woken up to the woke liberal gameplan. Upon which Muslim  leaders have issued a press release that states the following:

“By characterizing the peaceful protests of thousands of concerned parents as hateful, Canadian leaders and school boards are setting a dangerous precedent of using their position of influence to unjustly demonize families, and alienate countless students.

“We call on politicians and school boards, beginning with Prime Minister Trudeau, to retract their inflammatory and divisive comments and issue an apology to the thousands of Canadian parents hurt by these comments.”

A fascinating and pertinent situation this is. So much so that legacy media in Canada has thus far buried the development.

Are we to believe that Muslims in Canada are beginning to understand how government works to divide community from community for the purpose of maintaining a neo-authoritarian grip on Canadian society?

If you are, then it may be time to “join the club.” Astute political observers, largely drawn from generational Anglophone communities, feel the same way. Can it be that a certain sense of solidarity is at present coagulating among disparate communities of Canada?

If it is, the trend is the last thing Trudeau cares to witness. It goes against the game-plan. Marxist ideology preaches cultivation of social discord for purpose of social revolution. Antithetical to this ideal, unity among whites, blacks, Christians, Muslims et al is anathema to government.

Truth is, Muslims can do what “traditional” Canadians cannot: criticize a ruling government without being branded racists and homophobes. What a privilege it is. By now, we all know what happens to whites, Christians and other traditional communities when they push-back against government policy.

CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Calgary Herald, Globe & Mail remain monolithic in presentation: these people are racists, bigots, and homophobes. As funded by the Liberals, mainstream media reflect the will of government. Nothing obtuse or obscure about this relationship.

Naturally, an organization like Muslim Association of Canadians couldn’t get through their press release without playing the “Islamophobia” card. One step at a time, one supposes.

Still, this event signals tangible disapproval of our PM by way of tax-payer funded Muslim not-for-profit organizations. It is this type of progressive behaviour that gives an indication that cross-cultural and inter-religious harmony could possibly exist within Canadian society.

Justin Trudeau won’t like this one bit. The movement runs counter to Liberal-Socialist Revolutionary policy. “Divide and Conquer,” and once destroyed, pick up the pieces to transition Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

Karl Marx would be damn proud.

3 thoughts on “Finally, Muslim-Canadians Say No To Justin Trudeau”

  1. well… germany in ww2… was called “national” socialism, and they put anyone they considered sub human in slave labor… international socialism (also called communism) does the exact same thing… anyone who isn’t government approved = working for pennies an hour

    so… if there is a religious unity… amongst muslims and christians… and they target these socialists/marxists… what do you think will happen?

    will the religious… join the “fema” camps, aka slave camps… or will the religious take power… and put the non religious, secular, atheists (socialists/communists) in the camps?

    this left vs right paradigm is a global schizophrenic episode. i said it before, yin yang, dark vs light… religious vs non religious…

    mortals fighting over pieces of the ground…

    “repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of their fleeting time here”

  2. Excellent new and observations. Thank you for this article. I am very glad to have found your outlet and will spread your link among like-minded Canadians of all walks of life.


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