Trudeau “IS A FAKE”– Final Words From Canadian Political Writer After 40 Years On Job

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“Before becoming prime minister, Trudeau used to talk like a human. Now his mouth gushes out a jumble of staff-approved nouns, verbs and adjectives which defy assembly into coherent and insightful sentences.”

“So if I have a farewell wish for my viewers and colleagues, it’s that more politicians reject central thought control to act and talk openly like the voters they’re elected to represent.”

“And may today’s plastic politicians be quickly recycled by voters of the future into someone more useful. That’s the last Last Word.”

How entirely fascinating this is–and here’s one reason why. Finally, a leading Canadian political writer speaks his honest feelings on our current prime minister. Unusual isn’t it?

Yet, one can surmise there is just one reason why after 40 years on the job, Don Martin disses Trudeau in no uncertain terms: because he is retiring. Therefore, he has nothing to loose by honestly stating his feelings about this political charlatan.

So do other major writers from the Globe & Mail, National Post and the rest feel like-wise? They well may–but never would they release such a personalized, scathing message such as this.

Message to be understood: within Trudeau “Sunny Ways-Pseudo-Socialist” Canada, media output is controlled by government. The reason Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert and John Ivison do not go there is because they are afraid their careers will be damaged if they do. Ditto for Toronto Star and other journalists under-the-thumb of our communist-infused Trudeau government.

Democracy in action? Freedom of Speech at play? Not on your life, fellow patriots of Canada. Rather,  what this situation tells us is that our fading “Great White North” is alot more of a socialist society than one might expect.

In truth, the people of Canada should be suspecting this big-time. Why? Because the history of Canadian politics includes not one, but TWO prime ministers from the Trudeau family.

Indeed, if it were not for a pre-meditated program of social control and media propaganda, a majority of Canadians may well comprehend this truism. They don’t–again indicative of a comprehensive social scheme of  globalist-liberal propaganda.

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This, in fact, is the true “post-modern” Canada of Justin Trudeau. This is back-room socialist schemer, Liberal Advisor Gerald Butts. It is which ever immigration minister is appointed by Trudeau, as well as Ministers in charge of (ahem) Canadian “culture and heritage.”

Hey, fellow patriots–do you know what “culture” means to the ruling government of Canada? Keeping American cultural influence out of Canada. Not communist China’s culture. Not the cultures of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Pakistan-– but rather the democratic nation of the U.S.A.

Talk about being 100% off-base, eh? But of course, this is the way our nation rolls within the “neo-socialist” society forced upon Canada by the Trudeau “Dynasty.”

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.




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