Fierce campaign to stop far-right victory in France elections

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Paris (AFP) – France’s far-right National Front (FN) faced a ferocious campaign Tuesday to stop it taking two of France’s most important regions in elections starting this weekend.

As Prime Minister Manuel Valls called the party a “menace to the economy” and business leaders warned of the “ruin” it could cause, two of the main newspapers in the north launched an unprecedented campaign to stop its leader Marine Le Pen taking control of the region.

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1 thought on “Fierce campaign to stop far-right victory in France elections”

  1. Even if they slow down the Front Nationale they won’t stop it. The French people are tired of the immigration disaster that is destroying their nation and culture. Voting for Marinne Le Penn is the nation’s way of saying “enough is enough!!” Isn’t it interesting though, how so many people are trying to stop someone who is just trying to preserve France and its people and culture. No end to the left’s delusional thinking.


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