“Feminist” Trudeau SILENT As 3rd World Migrants Vandalize Female Canadian Mass Murder Tribute

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Four Middle Eastern men have been arrested after a memorial plaque was commemorating the École Politechnique massacre was vandalized.

Police say on December 3, the plaque in the lobby of the Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies on Midland Avenue near Danforth Road was vandalized and damaged with misogynistic slurs.

Four days later, three of the men were arrested by police and the fourth was arrested the following day. Ahmed Sido, 20, Muhammed Nanaa, 19, Abduallah Al-Mosuli, 21, and Adnan Al Noumayri, 18, have all been charged with mischief.

CAP consider the lack of commentary from Canada’s ruling government to be a curious thing. Is it, or is it not true, that this incident would under different circumstances be utilized by government to deliver a profound message to the people of Canada?

For one thing, the mass murder of 14 Canadian women occurred in the Liberal-centric province of Quebec. Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is of Quebecois heritage.

Secondly, Mr. Trudeau is known around the world as a leading “champion” of feminism and equality for Canadian women. This mass murder incident more than likely qualifies as the most blatant example of woman-hating misogyny in the history of our nation.

What a perfect opportunity for government to speak out against the hatred of females. And really, it doesn’t even have to be PM Trudeau who does so. A perfect candidate for this is current Minister of Status of Women/Middle Eastern import, MP Maryam Monsef.

What has been delivered in this regard by way of the Trudeau government? Why, this would be nothing at all- not a single comment from Trudeau, Monsef, or any other Liberal member of Cabinet or Caucus.

On Dec. 6, 2019,  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in Montreal that people must strive to instill a sense of fearlessness unto their daughters, and raise their sons to be feminists and allies of women. He spoke during a memorial ceremony to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre, where 14 women were murdered.

CAP Hypothetical: If, rather than the four “Mohammeds,” the vandals were David Smith and Mike Johnson of Ontario, would the response, or lack of, become a different scenario?

Would the Liberals under this circumstance issue a public statement on the vandalism? Fine– we do not know. Yet, it is perfectly fair to state that the Trudeau government has a four-plus year history of indemnifying Canada’s Islamic community.

Two brief examples: The Toronto Danforth Killer(two young Canadian Anglophone girls), and the murder of B.C.’s Marrisa Shen, a 13-year old Chinese Canadian girl. Both are accused of murder, and both happen to be culled from Trudeau’s precious “Third World Migrant/Refugee” community.

Hey fellow patriots– ever hear the one about the Somalian migrant who attempted to blow up Langara College in a tony Vancouver neighbourhood? Turns out you are not alone– establishment media all but buried this incident– only one single article was published on this case(see above link). Seems protecting the reputation of the Nation of Islam has become a top priority for our ruling government.

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Here’s something CAP would like to understand: why these young men chose to vandalize the tribute in the first place. Do tell–what is so awful and terrible regarding the remembrance or commemoration of the mass murder of 14 Canadian women?

Furthermore, what are the chances this would have occurred if the 14 women happened to be temporary foreign students from Iran? Would these men behave in the same manner?

Of course, the answer is not a frackin’ chance. So is the vandalism in truth an act of racism? Is anti-white sentiment a prime motivator for this behaviour? Of course, we will never know. The topic will never be raised by government, media, or our academic world–including the hundreds of “feminist” professors working on behalf of equality for women.

Why? Is this because the perpetrators come from a “Middle Eastern” fundamentalist background? If so–and in no way is this a far-fetched concept– then the incident qualifies as a blatant example of “Islamic privilege.”

Now hold on just a cotton-pickin’ minute. According to our ruling government, so-called “multicultural” not-for-profit organizations, media  and globalist professors, the only form of community “supremacy” in existence is “white supremacy.” Likewise, the singular form of community privilege is “white privilege.”

Hands up, fellow patriots– do you see the hypocrisy and downright deception within this liberal-globalist dynamic? Turns out the opposite of government/media presentation is true, validating the idea that within Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, what’s “up is down” and vice-versa.

Frankly, “privilege is in the eye of the beholder.” For example, within our society racist acts are the exclusive property of a singular community– white Canada. Think of all those public forums, university round-tables and studies on the topic of racism in Canada.

Underneath all of it we find one common theme: the perpetrators are all Anglophone/Francophone Canadians, and the victims are all Third World Canadians.

True–or a deceptive lie?  Danforth, Marrisa Shen, Langara College, vandalism of the École Politechnique massacre commemoration. Not example of racism or bigotry toward Anglophones, Francophones or Christian Canadians?

Not according to Minister for the “Protection of Women and Girls,” Ms. Sharia-compliant MP Maryam Monsef--or Trudeau himself, for that matter.

True, or not true– since the moment King Trudeau attained his Canadian crown, has rule-of-law in Canada become more, or less of a priority for the ruling government.

CAP Response: Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott, SNC-Lavalin, Admiral Mark Norman Trial, Bombardier, First Nations, Imprisoned Canadian journalists,  Huawei executive Meng Wanzou, China, Libya, Saudi Arabia and on and on.

What form of governance exists when the interests of private individuals and large corporations trump rule-of-law within a particular nation?

Simple as pie–communism has come to town. This is the true Trudeau government, who now maintain the privilege of having mainstream media in their back-pocket to hide inequities and injustice from 37.5 million Canadians.








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