Female Trudeau Government Cabinet Member Continuously THREATENED, Harrased

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Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says she was recently walking outside a movie theatre with her children when a car slowly pulled to a stop beside them. The driver rolled down his window and then he let fly. “F*** you, Climate Barbie,” he shouted.

McKenna says as the heat around climate change continues to grow, that abuse is going from anonymous online vitriol to terrifying in-person verbal assaults.

The incident at the movie theatre is just one of several times her kids have been with her when someone in public began to yell at her. She has been called the C-word, a traitor, an enemy and a “communist piece of garbage.”

Her family’s safety has been threatened more than once. Some people have wished she and her children will get fatal diseases. She has received sexualized messages so hateful they could be enough to make even the hardest of hearts skip a beat.

Welcome to post-modern Canada. For sensible Canadians, it seems like light years since the incompetent, immature Justin Trudeau seized control of Canadian society in 2015.

As we approach the upcoming election on October 21st, 2019, what has changed in Trudeau’s approach to governing our nation? In what manner has Justin Trudeau tweaked his economic and ideological approach to society? To what degree have the Liberals altered or augmented their decision-making and legislative goals?

Answer: Nothing–not one iota. This speaks volumes–the volumes CBC refuse to articulate in news reports. The stasis proves that Trudeau’s goal is not proper governance–it is based upon a pre-meditated, fixed agenda. In no manner does anything change as the Canadian majority push back against such idiocy as re-instatement of citizenship for convicted Islamic terrorists.

So Catherine McKenna is afraid. She should be. Like boss-man Justin, she is despised. Not by all, however. The animus is mainly rooted in opinions of Old Stock Canada–the Liberal government’s post-modern nemesis Canadian community.

This is CAP’s label for these “contenders” for a second term in office. The Globe & Mail think differently. Each day, the editors of the Globe, Toronto Star, National Post and Global News insult the intelligence of Canadians by positioning Mr. Trudeau as a competent nation leader.

How bogus– it’s a flat-out lie. “Tick Tock, Barbie B****,” one comment  read. “You’re a stain on this country and I hope you rot in hell,” said another.

The threats have become real enough that McKenna sometimes now requires a security detail, a level of protection even cabinet ministers don’t usually get. Blimey–our PM needs security as well.

Security details. A hated national leader and cabinet. Sound familiar? It should. After all, previous governments have been hated too–just never to the degree being experienced by Trudeau, McKenna, and rest. CAP will add a few to the mix: Number one, Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. MP Iqra Khalid would be another–absolutely despised by Old Stock Canadians.

Thinking historically, what form of national leadership generally result in hatred of government? Is it not logical that this occurs within nation’s with a non-elected leadership? These are non-democratic nations, where the people have zero say in government decision-making. The people never chose them, so why should they like them

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CAP Question Of The Moment: Is Justin Trudeau a leader who values public opinion? Not one speck of it–public opinion is meaningless. Justin Trudeau runs Canada like a dictator, and therefore, the people hate him.

Salient point: Trudeau emulates communist governments, and the general public hate him for it. Not all Canadians, of course. What type of Canadian falls outside of this condition?  Let’s take a quick look:

Sikh Canada. Trudeau and the Liberal love Sikh Canada. As a community, they are highly motivated to vote for Canada’s “King of the Third Word.” Why not– in terms of representation within our federal government, their community is entirely over-represented. Transsexuals also love Trudeau–he goes to bat for them no matter what the age of the pending sex change person. 12 years old? No pablum, says Trudeau.

Who else? Islamic Canada is a no-brainer. Gay Canada, multicultural and immigration not-for-profit organizations. Why wouldn’t these people adore Justin? It was his father who served as the impetus for billions of Canadian tax dollars to be taken from tax-payers and handed on a platter to organizations such as National Council Of Canadian Muslims, SUCCESS Immigrant Services, Mosaic, and thousands of other myopic Third World organizations.

Certainly immigration and refugee lawyers don’t hate the ruling Liberals. It was Papa Pierre who set up a veritable gravy train for them in the form of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982). Ever since this time, fringe groups have successfully pushed around the Canadian majority. You cannot get more “Trudeau” than this.

So what will occur if Gerald Butts and Katie Telford successfully seduce voters into putting a “X” by the Trudeau name next month? Considering that Justin is a robotic automaton of globalist cultural decimation, a sensible Canuck should expect four more years of the exact same agenda: a further erosion and incremental assault upon 152 years of Canadian heritage and identity.

After all, this is what King Justin Trudeau was hired to do, It’s his finest–or perhaps only–political “skill.”






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