Ethics Commissioner Receives 1000 Requests To Investigate Liberal-WEF Connection

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“The federal ethics commissioner’s office was flooded with over 1,000 emails, calls, letters and even faxes this winter from people asking it to investigate a conspiracy theory claiming some parliamentarians and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland are beholden to the World Economic Forum.”

A conspiracy theory assume Justin Trudeau’s media mongers. Back in the day, mainstream media presented the daily news. In 2021, our press present right and wrong, truth and falsehood, correctness and political incorrectness. CBC and corporate media are today the arbitrators of morality. What a difference a few decades make.

Upon which Cultural Action Party pose a question. If the number wasn’t 1000, but rather 100,000, would media hold the same position? Likely, they would. It’s what they are being paid to do– maintain the pseudo-dictatorship of the Trudeau government come hell or high water.

“In February and March 2022, the Office received over 1,000 requests from members of the public asking the Commissioner to investigate the participation of Members and ministers in the World Economic Forum,” as stated in the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner’s annual report.

The document notes that the requests “did not provide sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation.”

Isn’t that the shock of the century? If the number was 1,000,000 would an investigation be warranted?  Of course not. These are requests from the general public. Canadian-born citizens may recall a time when “the people” could make “a difference.” Those days are long gone.

“The CIEC is just the latest government institution to see its email and phone lines flooded with people driven by “misinformation” or conspiracy theories demanding impossible action such as dissolving government or removing members of Parliament from their posts.”

So other branches of government have been receiving similar requests. What a revelation. To be followed by the thought that every government institution in the country could be inundated with such requests, and it wouldn’t make a speck of difference.

Why not? Because government and media have branded all dissent from government positioning “misinformation.” It’s like something out of George Orwell’s “1984” and the Ministry of Truth:

“What phrase does the Ministry of Truth use? The Ministry of Truth has three slogans: War is Peace, “Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.”

Let us ponder this for a moment. CAP wonder if the following will resonate with readers:

Justin Trudeau tells Canadians that free speech on the internet is a threat to democracy. Upon discovery, we find it is PM Trudeau that is a threat to democracy, while free speech on the internet is an exercise in democracy.

An inversion of reality it is. Let’s hear it for “War is Peace.” Out of the dynamic we come to a realization. “1984” speaks to systemic mechanization of society. One in which government control all aspects of the nation– inclusive of the thoughts of its citizens. It is achieved through dissemination of propaganda.

Ringing any bells, fellow patriots? The National Post does not know the degree to which the World Economic Forum has penetrated the Liberal government of Canada. They print what the Liberals instruct them to print:

“The conspiracy theory claims that WEF’s influence extends to the Canadian government and that it controls the Trudeau Liberal government — and even the prime minister directly.”

A complete bald-faced lie is it?

“What we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau. Yesterday I was at a reception for Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half, are Young Global Leaders.”

— Klaus Schwab, WEF Founder.

The group of Young Global Leaders consists of 800 people chosen by the WEF organizers as being representative of contemporary leadership, coming from all regions of the world and representing all stakeholders in society. After five years of participation they are considered alumni.

— World Economic Forum website.

Articles on the WEF website outline its organizational policies. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have been advocates of every initiative they offer. Climate Change, Digital ID, LGBT, Zero Carbon Footprint, and of course, the Covid Pandemic. For nearly seven years PM Justin Trudeau has pushed every WEF initiative with an unprecedented degree of fanaticism.

But of course, there’s no connection between the Liberals and WEF. Only fools and non-university graduates would believe such a thing.

“There will only be more of these kinds of campaigns if authorities and governments across the world don’t seriously begin to address the rampant spread of disinformation and misinformation online.”

Translation: media are justifying our Liberal government’s pending internet censorship policies.

“It’s something we should absolutely be concerned about, because what we see with conspiracy theories is a lot of xenophobia, we see a lot of racism, we see a lot of classism that’s happening.”

Translation: at the core of these issues is racism. How typical. Or rather, how strategic. This is our Canada. Witness as personal freedoms fall to a new Canadian order. Not only do government want to control citizen behaviour. They are presently hard at work to control our thinking.

All of it breaking down to a common theme: the loss of individual liberty, and its replacement with authoritarianism of which George Orwell described in his classic works on communist governance.

21 thoughts on “Ethics Commissioner Receives 1000 Requests To Investigate Liberal-WEF Connection”

  1. Disappointed in our Canadian Constitution that it’s not for the people but corrupt government.Things have to change!

    • Have you ever listened to George Carlin, “Why you never hear me complain about politicians”? Look up the YouTube video.
      Our government is a reflection of its people, at least to a degree.

    • He already is. The god of this world. His own brother Kyle said “He made a deal on the mountain.” Read Luke 4:5-8

  2. Canada was born and always been known to Canada as a Responsible Government for the people of this country to have Representatives that represent the Canadian people. Our elected officials have and obligation the people not have a government to demonstrates censorship and has an obligation to WEF who were not voted in by Canadians. If they need a way to express their discontent I am sure there is more than 10 million people unsatisfied but they are gagged and not being heard. Let’s put it to a vote. That is what a Responsible government can do.

  3. Please, please, please investigate “all” federal government leaders.
    Something is very wrong thatneeds to be fixed asap.

  4. Definitely there’s been a change.we the people need to take back out can the Trudeau election have been won when the counting was not done and a victory was declared. I know of some who worked it,victory declared before all votes counted. Disgusting.

    • Election Canada polls were open and the gov’t paid media were calling the election 40-minutes before our BC polls were even suppose to close. I believe there were millions of ballots that were never counted. Our Election Act needs to be revamped to ensure this never happens again. Ever seen video ‘2000 Mules?’

  5. Our government is rotten to the core!!
    Grass roots independence rises and the corrupt systems will come apart at the seams.
    Natural law if they will do corrupt things with you they will do it to you when the shut hits the fan. Greed is everyone for themselves

  6. Investigating this gov’t would prove “treason”. Too many are too corrupt to even go there. Handing over our sovereignty to some foreign cult is treasonous.

  7. Lies and threats abound…look Fintrac cleared the grassroots Freedom Convoy of any terrorist ties, etc.-of course they did! It was peaceful and gave Canadians hope (for those who wanted to see it-not through msm where it didn’t exist but for its’ true messages & to end ALL mandates) until our corrupt government and leader shamed our country once again, but not before the eyes of the world also saw the truths suppressed, even still holding political prisoners and freezing bank accounts.

    A good many of our politicians/government are in bed w WEF most definitely. As Rex Murphy and Jordan B. Peterson put it, The Catastrophe of Canada- youtube a most definite must watch. Censorship is just the tip of the iceberg. The future of Canada as we knew it, is sadly bleak now and broken…Is anyone in government honest and diligent anymore? And how do we get out😩

  8. We the people have to take back our country now as we can not let this happen to us I will not give up my sovereignty to the WEF who do they think they are and Justin Trudeau needs to be investigated asap today so the rest of our goverment wake up now do something for your own people prove to us that your not in on this to

  9. This corrupt government has to be stoped now and be accountable for there actions as I will not give up my sovereignty to no cult the WEF so the rest of the government what are you afraid of from Justin Trudeau?

  10. Please investigate the liberal party, we’re losing too much. They have no accountability for any of their actions. I’ve posted everything I can on Facebook but I am now blocked, I guess I’m a threat to the liberals supremacy.

  11. If they don’t investigate then they have been compromised. This runs deep. Be prepared for election fraud next election. Every day jt is in power we go deeper into a hole harder to climb from. Time is truly of the essence

  12. This government needs to be investigated and charged. We the people do not want a cult like WEF threatening our sovereignty. The Trudeau government needs to be investigated to find who all has drnk the coolaid and sold the Canadian people into slavery

  13. Where do Canadians turn to when the military, the RCMP and the judges have fallen and their government has embraced treason [NSICOP2019]. The Nation has been surrendered to a foreign NGO, which openly prides itself with, ‘penetrating more than half of the liberal cabinet’ (sic Klaus Schwab, WEF)[NSICOP2019].

    Canada’s constitutional democracy is at war with a totalitarian fascist opponent and has been forced onto its knees, while the defenders of the Canadian people stand by or collaborate in the theft of their fundamental rights and freedoms. The ethics commissioner received far more than 1000 pleas for help. Phone lines were jammed for weeks necessitating new staff allocation.


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