Breach Of Federal Elections Act Could Hold Key To Murder Of Barry Sherman

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In November, 2016, Canadian organization Democracy Watch filed a complaint to Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepard, requesting an investigation into an August 2015 Liberal Party fundraising event hosted by Barry Sherman, Chairman of Apotex Inc.

Specifically, Democracy Watch requested an investigation of whether Mr. Sherman had violated Rule #8 of the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct.

The fundraiser in question was held in Sherman’s home on behalf of Liberal MP’s Justin Trudeau and Liberal MP Michael Levitt – both election candidates at the time.

An investigation was launched after an administrative review “found evidence indicating that Mr. Sherman engaged in political activities that risk creating a sense of obligation on the part of one or more public office holders.”

Rule #8 held that lobbyists “shall not place public office holders in a conflict of interest by proposing or undertaking any action which constitutes an improper influence on a public office holder.” The rule has since been replaced.

According to iPolitics, federal lobbyist ethics rules specify that it is “illegal for anyone to help a party, candidate or politician with fundraising or campaigning and then be involved in lobbying them any time within the following five years.”

Making a federal party donation– then lobbying that party– constitutes an illegal act. This is the essence of the claim.

Potential illegality of Sherman’s fundraiser constitutes a possible breach of the Canada Elections Act. If convicted, a political candidate could potentially be  disqualified from contesting in a federal election.

CEA, 477.9 (1) No candidate shall accept any gift or other advantage that might reasonably be seen to have been given to influence them in the performance of their duties and functions as a member of the House of Commons if the candidate were to be elected.

The fundraiser took place at the Sherman home in Toronto in August, 2015. A conviction could potentially prevent a candidate from running for office– in this case Justin Trudeau— in the October, 2019 federal election. Barry Sherman and wife Honey were found dead of strangulation on December 15th, 2017.

Not that other motives for an elimination of the Sherman’s did not exist. Such was the nature of the man’s competitive personality as Chairman of pharmaceutical giant  Apotex, Inc. His involvement in the early stages of Covid 19 remedies may have also played a role.

Still, the fact remains that Justin Trudeau was at the time a candidate in the October 2015 federal election, and Barry Sherman was a registered lobbyist.

CEA, 502 (2) Every person is guilty of an offence that is a corrupt practice who:

(h.01) being a candidate, knowingly contravenes subsection 477.9(1) (accepting prohibited gift or other advantage).

Resources deployed to solve the murder detailed 51 officers working the case, combing through more than 2,000 hours of security footage. A total of 474 investigative actions were “vigorously pursued,” with 240 people being interviewed or identified to be interviewed.

The investigation came up dry. As a result, the chances of the murder case being resolved are practically nil. Media in Canada have put the story to bed.

Yet, the food for thought lingers on, as the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman  stand as the greatest unsolved murder case in modern Canadian history.

13 thoughts on “Breach Of Federal Elections Act Could Hold Key To Murder Of Barry Sherman”

  1. There are no laws that affect Justin Trudeau he brakes them all and answers to none.

    He frauded the election with the help of the globalist who back him.
    Canadians are weak and stupid and will not stop him on his way to total communism and dictatorship.

  2. Does anyone not think it’s more than a coincidence that Barry Sherman’s company Apotex Inc., had announced (at another fund raiser for Trudeau organized by Bill Morneau – Liberal Finance Minister) just months before their murder that the company Apotex was going to produce the medications involved in preventing the “flu” as a “generic” medication.

    As a result the mRNA technology stolen by the private company that Trudeau had just invested money in and was in the process of licensing the technology to Pfizer would have lost significant value.

    People have been killed for a lot less. It’s called “contract killing”. Who had the most to lose. Follow the money. Unfortunately, the Toronto Police do not know how to do that, or are unwilling to do that.

    • Maybe…maybe the finger points to the Clinton’s involvement with Haiti and the Sherman’s being in said country at the very same time?

    • It seems pretty coincidental. I am finding the timeline kind of confusing, the last paragraph states that other motives could have been his early involvement with COVID-19. They were killed 2 years before the first reported case. Seems an extra coincidence that the company produced, and still does, hydroxychloroquine.
      Yesterday I read a similar article that stated this drug may have been the motive.

  3. I totally agree with you. Myself and many others or aware of his plot, but too many believe that our government would never do such things. The media’s also playing a major role in covering everything.

  4. Sounds like what happened to JFK Jr when it became clear he would be chosen to run for the Senate in NY and win. The same Senate seat Killary was after. There are not accidents in politics. The Cabal will remove any problems to get their puppets into power.

  5. Awesome investigative reporting Brad, from the very beginning of Shermans murdered, I called it, definitely a cover up from the RCMP, as I have heard the tie’s on the hands were RCMP issued.

    Quite frankly how is it that after 5 years there murders are not found. It is pretty obvious the judges, RCMP, National Securities are all in Trudopes pocket. Between the Winnipeg lab, Shermans, Covid, it is pretty obvious that Canada (Trudope, Freeland) USA (Fauci) are responsible for the release of covid the bio weapon.

    Now we have the Ominicron variant like really of course we do it is winter, we need more fear, of course it came from Africa, as soon as the reports came in that only 6 % are vaxxed and no real cases, plus a African doc came out and that the vaxx is a bio weapon and poison, Africa uses Ivermectin same as India and Japan all have no cases, oh right I forgot they renamed the flu. Now that they are putting this bio weapon into Children. Of course everyone seems to forget 99% survival rate.

    The Canadian media will have a hard time keeping parents quiet when their child gets maimed with side effects or worse dies. I do believe that this will blow up real fast. It is beyond me that parents would jab an experiment into their children.

    Right now all Canadian provinces are out and out murdering people by not allowing ivermectin or hydrochyroline to treat Covid, which takes us back to Barry Sherman, Apotex and his cheep alternatives. I will look forward to the day when all the Nuremberg trial 2.0 nails these people to the wall.


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