Features Of Fascism Permeate Trudeau’s Transformation of Canada

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“Fascism is characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, bigotry against a demonized ‘other,’ and strong regimentation of society.”

 — Trudeau government suppress opposition by demonizing Canadians as racists and bigots. Government and media create community of “others” among anti-Vaxxers. Society  regimented like never before via Covid pandemic edicts.

 “Fascism is hostile to classical liberalism and its individual freedoms of expression, conscience, association and peaceful assembly. Fascism creates a divide between ‘us and them,’ to deny equality to members of the bad minority.”

 — Trudeau government utilize Covid to suppress individual freedoms. Government and media establish “us and them” society through Vaxxer versus anti-Vaxxer communities. Denial of equality established through Emergencies Act and its “frozen bank account” measures.

 Canada’s Justice Centre of Constitutional Freedoms has delivered some very harsh accusations in regard to these developments.

 In his book How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them, Yale University professor Jason Stanley describes how fascist regimes normalize the intolerable:

 “What normalization does is transform the morally extraordinary into the ordinary. It makes us able to tolerate what was once intolerable by making it seem as if this is the way things have always been.”

How many times has Cultural Action Party alluded to mainstream media’s habit of transforming the unprecedented into the mundane? While Canada undergoes a veritable Marxist revolution at the hands of ruling government, media position the phenomenon as adherence to liberalism and democracy.

There is good reason for this. Over the past six years, the source of media income has shifted from advertisement-based to government-based. It is, in effect, a buying of media for the purpose of propaganda dissemination.

The structure is a replica of government-media relations within communist nations. The result is media protectionism for  government agendas. Hence the presentation of nation-transforming edicts as banal social developments.

 “Consider how, since March of 2020, laws have been imposed on Canadians by unelected and unaccountable medical doctors, rather than laws being debated and voted on in Parliament.”

Anyone else notice the power now wielded by the non-elected, unaccountable Dr. Theresa Tam? At present, Canadians are being told that Covid mandates may ease up in the spring, but could return in the fall of 2022.

Read between the lines to witness how a non-elected immigrant from Hong-Kong has been positioned to control Canadian society. Media have not once alluded to this fact. Under Canada’s “new Trudeau order,” anytime government wish to tighten the vice around individual freedoms, they simply play the “Covid card.”

 “In 2019, Canadians would never have imagined that it would soon become illegal for families to gather for Christmas dinner.”

Fascist and communist states have strict rules surrounding religious participation. China oppress Christians on a perpetual basis. Endlessly harassed by police,  Christian Pastor Arthur Pawlawski sits in jail as we speak.

Tying all of this together, we search for the word which legacy media use to describe Canada’s social condition. We discover that the word is “Liberalism.” According to media, the majority of citizens agree with the pseudo-totalitarian decrees of Justin Trudeau.

There is one of two possible reasons for this. The first is that it is a lie. The second is that multi-decade propaganda campaigns have been wholly successful. Canadians agree with Liberal neo-authoritarian rule because they have been conditioned to do so.

Leaving the best of all possible worlds for Justin Trudeau and his Liberals. Which is preferable? Enforced political revolution that results in riots in the streets? Or a placid, complacent body politic who agree with government? The latter is, in fact, the very reason why Trudeau primed Canadians for complacency by running down national self-esteem. Ours is a racist country. Citizens must not take pride in their heritage. The result is the death of patriotism.

How much easier it is to steal a nation from its people when the people have no sense of pride in their country. We arrive at an ominous conclusion. Under the agenda of the Trudeau government, the Liberal Party of Canada is wholly devoid of Liberalism.

What we have on our hands is a converted Canada. As a neo-totalitarian society, it can only go up, up, up from here.

4 thoughts on “Features Of Fascism Permeate Trudeau’s Transformation of Canada”

  1. John Lennon; “Imagine”. Imagine there’s no Trudeau; it’s easy if you try….” Seriously; I wish we could finally close this horrid chapter in our history. Almost seven intolerable years later; It’s been a never ending cycle of bad news–under the odious; wannbe Fidel. Adding insult to injury; polls indicate that two-thirds of Canadians approved of his invocation of the “Emergencies Act.” (Seemingly contradictory; Trudeau’s approval rating simultaneously took a steep nosedive. Go figure.) Would that Canadians had their socialist mindset blasted from their craniums. Apart from the usual banal stereotypes; too many Canadians take pride in using the insipid mantra “We’re not Americans.” Yeah. It shows. USA: “Life; Liberty; the Pursuit of Happiness.” Vibrant; life affirming. Canada: Peace; Order; Good government.” Yawn. Go back to sleep; nothing to see here. Who/what are you? Please let us know. Sadly; Trudeau’s “no core identity” may have a ring of truth.

  2. Ukrainians fight to the death for freedom.
    People of Belarus fight to the death for freedom.
    Syrians fight to the death for freedom and on and on.
    Canadians?…….Many protest but many more line up behind the enemy within, trudeau and his junta, who would steal our country from us and our children just as surely as putin steals the countries of others.
    The Ukrainians have the opportunity to pick up arms and fight back.
    Soon, Canadians who cannot live without freedom will have to make a choice.

    • It is my belief that the hacker(s) who stole the database of Givesendgo were ‘working’ for Trudeau. If Trudeau did not find out WHO donated to the Freedom Convoy, he would not have known WHOSE bank accounts to freeze – and that all came down VERY conveniently for Trudeau – even the posting of donors’ names and addresses on the streets of Ottawa to complete Trudeau’s ‘punishment.’ Had Trudeau NOT hacked the database of Givesendgo, he would carry out his MISERABLE act of repression on all Canadians – I have little doubt. ‘Destroy dos gews.’

  3. In September I saw Justin Trudeau threaten to lock Canadians out of their bank accounts – that’s all I needed to see. The next day I was at the bank signing necessary papers to withdraw my invested money. As soon as the investments were withdrawn, those funds went into a Tax Free account that was withdrawn in cash a day after it was deposited. My account rep at the bank started off questioning Trudeau locking people out of their accounts – until I told her I HEARD Trudeau threaten it – she had nothing more to say, probably because I was not alone in heeding Trudeau’s ‘warning’.

    Much later, after Trudeau DID lock Canadians’ bank accounts, I was informed that the banks tore a strip off Trudeau because many Canadians moved theit money out of Canadian banks immediately. In fact I have been informed that the actual cause behind Trudeau abandoning his ’emergency Act’ goon show was the BANKS, not the ’emergency’ he concocted being ceasing to exist – it din’t exist in the first place.


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