Fearful Of Muslim Take-Over In India, Govt Pushed To “Control Population”

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Across northern and central India, a campaign advocating for a population control LAW is gaining momentum. The movement ostensibly seeks to raise awareness over the need to restrain India’s population of 1.34 billion, second only to China’s 1.39 billion.

Yet its subtext reflects a core belief of right-wing Hindu organizations: that Muslims are trying to “overtake” Hindus. The campaign, underpinned by “Islamophobia,” [quotation marks from CAP] is being promoted in the real and online worlds.

“If we don’t bring in a law now, India will see a civil war very soon,” said Chaudhary, the head the NGO, in an interview with Al Jazeera. 

Civil War? Come on…Diversity is their damned strength! After all, according to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, multiculturalism is Canada’s greatest strength. Yet, over in India this does not appear to be the case.

CAP Hypothetical Question: If civil war actually did break out in India, and the conflict was verified to be rooted in Hindu- Muslim conflict, would Trudeau admit that diversity is not always a strength? Would establish media in Canada allude to the idea that multiculturalism can result in major societal conflict?

Yes–on a cold afternoon in the Sahara desert. Certainly this would never occur under a Trudeau-led government, or any other Liberal dominated government body.

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Multiculturalism in Canada is an untouchable. It is fully sacrosanct within  society. Why? It’s not like the Canadian public ever asked for such a thing. Nor was it ever approved by the people of Canada. It is an enforced, non-democratic agenda of social and cultural trans-formation. Yet the decision was wholly unilateral in nature–no public input whatsoever. How Trudeau Dynasty this is.

Another hypothetical: If  Canada was on a path to replicate the demographic destiny of India, what would Canada’s Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen have to say about it? Would this half-Canadian supremacist-type issue a warning, or alter immigration policy to circumvent the development?

NEVER–and this is why the Somalian should never have become immigration minister. This character is a biased, unfair, victim-card playing religious supremacist refugee from Africa. He is the last person appropriate for his job, and therefore a perfect selection for the role as far as Mr. Trudeau is concerned.

If these two were a cake recipe, they would be perfect ingredients for an “upside-down” cake. These men have flipped Canada upside down. Third  World Canada are first priority citizens. Christianity trans-fers to secondary status. Islam is religion number one. The .0001% of Canadians who are transgendered are the kings(okay, queens) of the castle, while the 99.9 who are not are homophobic heterosexuals.

Obviously, CAP think Justin Trudeau is an idiot. But it’s much worse than this in reality, for Justin is a DANGEROUS idiot. Big difference.

Leave this character in charge of Canada for another four years, and watch as the Liberal-Globalist agenda changes not one iota. 

Immutable, “Like-A-Rock.” Cast in stone, never ending, all-encompassing–just like Trudeau’s hero-religion itself. Coincidence? Not for CAP.





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