Farms, Firearms & Free Speech: Justin Trudeau Establishes A Seizure Society

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Mainstream media in Canada has adopted a most annoying habit. Simply put, they fail to bring together the ties that bind our nation to its political and social degeneration.

CBC may speak of firearms seizure. Globe & Mail will write about nitrate taxation for Canadian farmers. Toronto Star might touch on internet censorship.

But never do legacy media bring it all back home to convey what should be obvious to all: PM Justin Trudeau has transitioned Canada to a “seizure society.”

Trudeau wants our guns. The Liberals want our farms. As we speak, they are working to control free speech on the internet. Why is this situation not being interpreted as a critical loss of personal freedoms as perpetuated by government?

Historical examples of political parallels abound. Personal gun confiscation was a standard during annexation of European nations by the fascists in World War II. The Russian Revolution brought government farmland confiscation to the Soviet Union. The government of China has deployed what they call the “Great Chinese Firewall” to shut out foreign infiltration on the internet.

Not a single mainstream media journalist in Canada has written of a link between historical totalitarianism, and the Liberal’s replication of fundamentals of authoritarian governance.

Pourquoi? Because in emulation of these political systems, our Liberal government today control establishment media– another replication of communist governance.

In the meantime, individual freedoms within society are slipping away at a rapid pace. If readers believe that Cultural Action Party is steeped in paranoia, consider the following commentary:

‘Liberal-Appointed Senator Compares Bill C-11 To Nazi Germany’

As reported this week in Western Standard News “a Liberal-appointed Senator compared a cabinet bill to regulate YouTube to George Orwell’s 1984, Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.“

“This law will be one of scapegoating all those who do not fit into what our bureaucrats think Canada should be,” said Senator David Richards.

How swiftly PM Trudeau’s sunny ways transition to dark clouds of communist control. Not according to CBC, Toronto Star and National Post, of course. In media-land, Canada is not a broken country. Rather, we are a shining light of democratic governance.

It’s a pile of hogwash, but does it really matter? In Trudeau’s Canada, the medium is the message– as well as the answer. As long as Canadians buy these lies, government’s mission of national conversion will continue unabated.

“I have a good deal of problems with this bill,” said Senator Richards. “I think it is censorship passing as ‘national inclusion.’”

CAP think net zero is government control passing as environmental righteousness. We think a recent appointment of religious fundamentalist Amira Elgabaway as “Minister of Islamophobia” will only accelerate racial discord. We believe Trudeau’s “Just Transition” ploy is part of an agenda for a transition to a neo-communist state.

In other words, we believe all of it is based in “subterfuge”– the fine art of substituting true goals with secondary and superficial behaviour.

Senator David Richards: George Orwell says we must resist the prison of self-censorship. This bill goes a long way to construct such a prison.” 

Right. The inverted nature of Liberal government wordspeak is hereby exposed, at least to a limited audience. Political subterfuge and Orwellian “news-speak” is government’s attempt to control the behaviour– as well as thought processes– of our citizenship. Incrementally edging our nation along a path of political and social transition, general society has fallen for the charade.

Thus far, that is. Even a sleeping giant tends to wake up after a certain amount of time has passed. It is appears this is presently occurring in Canada. Hence, the fine art of internet censorship.

Positioning internet censorship as benevolent to society, under the surface its intention is to muzzle citizens who disagree with government. In Trudeau-land, nothing is what it seems.

The result is fear, paranoia, anger, resentment and community fragmentation. This is how you bring down a healthy society. Karl Marx understood it, and Joseph Stalin implemented it.

It is methodology for transforming a democracy to an authoritarian state– the modus operandi of our ruling Liberal government.

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  2. Very slowly is the awakening.

    Bill Clinton believed firmly in weakening the floorboards one drop of water at a time. Once there was enough water absorbed in the wood, the foundation would be afflicted with dry rot. Once there was enough weight on a specific section of the floorboard, it would collapse under the weight and become impossible to repair.

    In other words, he used guile and subterfuge to achieve his ends.


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