Fall of Canadian Christianity: 9000 Churches To CLOSE In Next Ten Years

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A national charity that works to save old buildings estimates that 9,000 religious spaces in Canada will be lost in the next decade, roughly one-third of all faith-owned buildings in the country.

“Neighbourhoods are going to have multiple churches closing,” Pajot said. “Some people qualify this as a crisis, and I kind of agree. It is going to hit everybody.”

Really, Mr. Pajot? How does this prognostication end up affecting “everybody?” Sound to CAP like it is an exclusive– namely, toward the erosion of the Christian faith and heritage in Canada.

As if this isn’t annoying enough, it gets worse: the source article title is “From sacred to secular: Canada set to lose 9,000 churches, warns national heritage group.”

Now this angers CAP even more than the basic news. We follow issues of this nature consistently, and notice a recurring pattern as such:

Every establishment media article which touches on an erosion of Christianity in Canada ALWAYS mentions society’s trans-sition to a “secular”non-religious— nation.

Know what CAP have to say about this? It’scompletely bogus. This is, in truth,  a pre-conceived piece of liberal-globalist propaganda. Ask yourself this–when opining on this deterioration, has even one Canadian media article made reference to a corresponding rise in Islamic religious presence in Canada?

Quick answer- never, not even one time. Pourquoi? Because CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star do not want the “Christian erosion-Islamic growth” dynamic to be properly understood by 37.5 million Canadians.

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Which ethnic communities have the highest birth-rates in Canada? CAP Response: We have no idea. The data on birth-rates by ethnic community are not something to be found on government websites, or in a general web search. CAP can see why.

Therefore, we must move to international birth-rates. Here are the top five nations with the highest birth-rates on earth:

Niger, Angola, Burundi, Mali, Somalia, Burkina Faso. All African, all Islamic in the main.

No wonder Justin Trudeau is all over immigration from African and Middle Eastern nations–he wants to flood our country with migrants and refugees from these “wonderful” places.

How much foreign aid has the Trudeau government provided to these nations? How about $300 million dollars in 2018 alone.  So what’s the plan, Stan? How about pumping hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars into the fists of these “trustworthy” despotic governments.

So what are the scheming globalist liberals up to here? Are they developing these nations and improving the lives of their poor citizens in preparation to import them to Canada at some future point in time? It’s all so very sketchy— and all so very buried by Trudeau’s media puppets.

So Christianity is dying in Canada, while at the same time Justin Trudeau has entrenched Islam within society, while increasing immigration and refugee quotas to their highest levels in over a century.

What is the breakdown of religious affiliation of the millions of migrants Trudeau & Co. are bringing into Canada? We have no idea. Government won’t even inform our citizenship of which nations we import migrants from–let alone reveal religious affiliations.

As of 2011, it was predicted that the world’s Muslim population will grow twice as fast as non-Muslims over the next 20 years,  fertility rate, (median age of 24) compared to other religious groups.”

Remember reading about this in the Toronto Star? Don’t think so, mate. The fact is that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Here in Canada, new mosques pop up on a regular basis. IMAM’s continue to inform us that they are “packed to the gills” and require larger premises as a result.

There are 12 known mosques in Ottawa alone. The largest mosque in North America is found in the northern Alberta town of Fort McMurray. It cost $50 Million dollars to build it, complete with manicured hedges and pristine gardens.

Is the point here to state that Muslims are awful people? No, this is not the point at all. What we are driving at is that within Canada, Christianity is a dying religion, while Islam has just “been born”-– meaning the Nation of Islam is thriving in Canada like never before.

Now, fellow patriots, help CAP understand a specific element of this equation. Why would establishment media– an entity managed by Anglophone Canadians– publishers, editors and leading journalists— sublimate this Christian/Islamic dynamic within their publications?

Globe & Mail, Toronto Star. Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson, Christine Blatchford— old stock Canadians of religious or secular Christian heritage. Chantal Herbert, leading CBC journalist of French-Catholic heritage.

Is this not odd-ball as heck? C’mon, fellow Old Stock Canadians– do the people of Canada not deserve to understand where our nation is headed is terms of demography and religion in Canada? After all, we have the highest per-capita immigration rates on earth. Does this not warrant a government statement regarding the future social conditions in Canada?

They NEVER do it. Not once have Canadian media written about the future of Canada on this basis. Why? Because they do not want Canadians thinking about these issues. Why? Because our ruling government want our people to walk blindly as sheep into the future of our nation.

So what does this future look like? Non-Christian seems like a fair call. Minority Anglophone is another inevitability. The rise of Islam to Canada’s dominant religion seems a likelihood.

All benign, irrelevant social issues, eh? Don’t think so, fellow patriots. This is, in fact, the “Great Liberal Globalist Hoodwinking Program” of the Trudeau government. For them, Canada is not a nation, it is a “social project,” and the blueprint reads as follows:

Disempower English Canada. Trans-form “whitey” into a minority community. Brand our people racist, bigots and xenophobes to keep us in line. Advance Islam, erode Christianity.

Flood Canada with Third World migrants from communist, non-Christian and Muslim nations. Bring in a large in enough quantity to overwhelm our people–thereby insuring that Justin Trudeau takes his pre-conceived place as Canada’s “Fidel Castro.”



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