Fake Liberal, False Christian: Justin’s Trudeau’s GLOBALIST SEDUCTION Of Canada

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Followers of contemporary politics are familiar with the stereotype: A  preening political figure steeped in the fine art of hypocrisy.

Makes little difference if the figure is male or female, North American or European—there is something about the game of politics which in due time reveals a “do as I say, not as I do” public image.

Within present-day Canada, there is one individual whose hypocrisy travels far beyond the stereotype presented here: Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

We begin with the concept of Liberalism. As portrayed by Canadian media, Justin Trudeau is a Liberal politician who advances liberal social policy within society.

CAP vehemently disagree. There is little about Canada’s PM that is liberal—at least in the classical sense of the term.

Liberalism is an ideology which champions the individual. Civil rights, human rights tend to be at the forefront of their thinking. This was the case for Justin’s father, former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

This became tangible by way of Trudeau’s Sr.’s “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”— entrenched within the Canadian Constitution in 1982. Additionally, Pierre’s multiculturalism was intended to accelerate rights for the individual citizen within the greater “macro” society.

The desired outcome was a “level playing field” among new Canadian citizens mainly from the 3rd World, and existing Canadian citizens.

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What Media Forgot To Tell You: 

For the past 35 years, equality has not resulted. As Pierre Trudeau should have anticipated, new arrivals established “multicultural” organizations with the tax-dollars government has sent their way.

For nearly four decades, multicultural groups have been pushing around the Canadian majority in no uncertain terms.

After Liberal PM Justin Trudeau became national leader, the entire program “went through the roof.”  Whatever equilibrium may have existed was betrayed, and 3rd World power-players began to control society.

Or more saliently stated— Trudeau and the Liberal Party—together with 3rd World political partners, began to control our society.

This CAP refer to as Liberal-Globalism, which for us equates with the inverted social phenomenon knows as multiculturalism, or “diversity.”

Please do tell, fellow patriot—are Canadians of European heritage included in Trudeau-brand diversity? Not at all. Are the power player communities that dominate society truly a collection of diverse communities?

Not at all— the situation is more of a “tricultural” denomination: Chinese, Sikh and Muslim. For CAP, there is no diversity at play here. The real situation—the one CBC bury from our knowledge—is that Trudeau-family multiculturalism has been trans-itioned into battle for “special interest” community social domination.

The results are decidedly non-diverse, and non-democratic. Instead of Liberalism, Canada is today saddled with pseudo-socialism. Justin Trudeau, rather than a champion of human rights, is today a pseudo-dictator.

CAP Opinion: If it were not for establishment media— CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, Calgary Sun and the pathetic Chronicle Herald, perhaps 90% of Canadians would understand this political deception.

Conclusion? Justin Trudeau—fake, deceptive “Liberal.” Now, let us trans-fer over to the topic of religion. As most are aware, Justin Trudeau has publicly stated that he is a Christian-Canadian.

To validate his assertion, let’s take a look at his Christian-oriented “track record” as prime minister:

In 2015, Justin informed his Liberal Caucus that they all must vote in favour of mass abortion. CBC happen to have hidden away one salient fact: Pierre & Justin Trudreau’s Canada includes the right to have an abortion at FULL term.

Sound like a model of Christian faith to you? Additionally, it was Mr. Justin who legislated Euthanasia in Canada. It wasn’t Stephen Harper, nor any Liberal PM of the past. This is 100% King Justin’s doing.

Anti-Christian as heck. LGBT promotion? Same. Sex-change for Canadians of any age group? Anti-Christian to the max.

Mr. Trudeau has given away approximately $2 Billion dollars to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, and dozens more.

Did you know? Afghanistan is rated number #1 nation on earth in terms of persecution of Christians. Ever read this in the Globe & Mail? Of course—they perpetually side with the Liberal Party of Canada.

Number #3 is Pakistan. Did you know that in Pakistan, a Christian must pay an extra tax to the government simply because they are Christian.

Ever hear about this from CBC News? The correct response is never. Guess CBC prefer Islam to Christianity—just like the Trudeau family.

To emphasize the absurdity, consider this hypothetical: 

A fellow named “David” claims to be a dedicated follower of the Jewish faith. David does not believe in monotheism, or the Jewish god.  He doesn’t like going to the synagogue. He hates Israel, loves pulled-pork sandwiches, and thinks the Torah is filled with nothing but lies.

Would Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson, John Ivison or Chantal Hebert—four of Canada’s leading journalists— refer to David as an “excellent example” of a person dedicated to the Jewish faith?

The idea is absurd—yet this remains the reality regarding Mr. Trudeau as far as establishment media in Canada are concerned. What a strange, oddball situation. 

Fact: During Mr. Trudeau’s first term in office, he did both a tour of Canadian mosques, and a tour of what CBC called a tour of “Church basements.”

For the Muslim tour, Justin wore Islamic outfits, prayed at the mosques, and recited the Islamic conversion prayer “Shahada” while sitting on a mosque floor.

For the tour of church basements, not once did Trudeau leave the basement, and head on upstairs to the Christian chapel. 

Degree of focus by way of CTV, Toronto Star and Montreal Gazette? Nothing—not a single mention of this most revealing behaviour.

What to conclude?  How about this— PM Justin Trudeau is not a Liberal, and is not a Christian. True or false: Canadian media are ostensibly controlled by non– Muslim, non-Sikh, non- 3rd World forces.

So why then to they perpetually indemnify King Trudeau in regards to myriad examples of hypocrisy, deception and subterfuge?

Because they feel the same, and behave the same. When government and media are “joined at the hip” an element of communism exists within society.

What do communist societies like China and Cuba feel about the Christian faith? They HATE IT.

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It is within this political and religious dynamic that Canadians can come to understand the type of person Justin Trudeau really is. Canada’s “post-modern” media exist for a singular purpose:

To ensure the most Canadians possible never come to understand this sordid tale of the deception of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist collection of political assassins.


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  1. So what are we going to do about it? Stop paying taxes and stop funding evil power? Shoot it out with single shots against the prostituted gov’t army with repeaters and other equipment? Thoughts??

    • Christian Canadians MUST organize politically, or Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will have these Canadians moved to second class citizenship status– which is what is occurring “as we speak”


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