Failing Anti-Racism Programs Promote Prejudice Against White Canadians

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According to a report by associate professor of digital media and journalism at Wilfrid Laurier University, “a critical examination of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training programs suggests they often make racism in the workplace worse.”

“Anti-Racism Training Increases Racism, Report Finds.”

“A growing number of high-profile cases suggest that diversity workshops and their supporting materials regularly promote questionable claims — particularly about the overarching, malicious character of the majority white population.

The paradoxical nature of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training as perpetuated within academic circles exists as a microcosm for race-relations within general society.

Bitter and vindictive professors and academics want their “white pound of flesh,” and DEI exists as a vehicle to get the job done. How many common sense citizens of our country believe in the “malicious nature” of Canada’s Anglo-European communities?

These people simply love to conflate the issues. Indulging in the fine art of de-contextualization, neither the woke brigade, nor government institutions and media who support them, ever point toward a fundamental truth:

Whatever racial injustices these people whine about, the responsibility doesn’t fall on shoulders of contemporary society. Thus, at a fundamental level, there exists a mis-labelling of the perpetrators of these so-called “crimes.” DEI brands the innocent guilty, and it’s no surprise that government at all levels back this misnomer.

PM Justin Trudeau and his partner-in-politics, New Democratic leader Jagmeet Singh, work out of the same bag. In this regard, not once has our PM made a distinction between days of present, and days of old. Utilizing ambiguous terms like “we failed them,” Trudeau aims to maximize the degree of “white guilt” within general society.

Putting the fallacy on steroids comes with another example of neo-Marxist political deception. Sad it is that mainstream media never allude to historical context when dumping their hubris on the heads of white Canada

What country wasn’t racist in the year 1905? What foreign nation from which millions of migrants from 3rd World countries come to Canada holds a superior record in terms of racial oppression? Iran? Nigeria? India? China? On an historical basis, as well as in contemporary terms, they’re infinitely more racist than Canada.

Not a word from CBC. Not a tweet from Toronto Star. It’s as if our entire institutional infrastructure one day decided to transition Canada from a relatively peaceful and accepting society to a bastion of virulent hatred of the “other.”

Why? Search the historical records of the founding of Pakistan, and you will find extreme cases of mass murder, racial hatred, and religious bigotry. What’s this really all about?

CAP will attempt to pinpoint the difference, which comes in the form of the colonial imperative. It’s through this stain on society that the woke warrior contingent are working toward stealing our country away from its rightful democratic owners, “the people.”

Chairman Mao may have wiped out tens of millions. Ditto for Joseph Stalin during the years of the Russian Revolution. The government of Iran may persecute, and in some cases murder homosexuals, but they share one common piece of national heritage:

None of these nations were founded by way of colonial imposition. We uncover the silver bullet currently aimed at the heart of Canadian society. Government, media, academia: all aligned in ideological warfare systemically perpetrated against our government’s “post-modern” unwanted class.

This is why DEI initiatives don’t have to make sense. Although ineffective, and even counter-productive, the battle in certain to rage on indefinitely. The walls of Canadian academia are today an impenetrable fortress of neo-socialist sentiment.

“Operating under the assumption that society is overrun with intolerance, the expressed goal in DEI workshops is to generate harmony amongst diverse populations.”

Like hell it is. The outcome has been the polar opposite, which shows no signs of abating as time passes.

As with Trudeau and his team of eco-fascists and LGBT-fanatics, social harmony is the last thing DEI purveyors are after. The goal is the opposite of their claim. What these people are really after is a tacit form of social revolution.

Whites to the back of the bus, “racialized” in the driver’s seat. With the colonial imperative for weaponry, perpetrators are gunning for a post-modern form of socialist revolution. As with historical examples of this nature, from Stalin to Mao to Hitler, a “fall-guy” community is critical for revolutionary success.

This time out, the targets are white. It’s what Justin Trudeau alluded to in his branding of Canada as a “post-modern” society. In-between the lines of the PM’s “no core identity” proclamation comes an ominous condition.

If our country has no core identity, then Canadians can be certain a new one is coming along to take its place. This is what they’re after– from academia to Ottawa, from First Nations land claims to “Critical Race Theory.”

“To that end, independent consultants or in-house DEI staff lead participants through a curriculum focusing on such concepts as implicit bias, white privilege and micro-aggressions.”

Who are these people even talking about? Implicit bias? Micro-aggressions? What a pile of hokum. Canadians in 2023 are fretting over food prices, inflation, housing costs, medical care and myriad other practicalities of life.All of which renders the reverse hatred little more than a social construct designed to demonize white Canadians. At the root, at its very core, stands one simple concept:

Revenge. That’s what they want. The degree of culpability within contemporary society makes not a speck of difference.

“DEI instruction has been shown to increase prejudice and activate bigotry among participants by bringing existing stereotypes to the top of their minds, or by implanting new biases they had not previously held.”

Blimey– it’s just what the “woke doctor ordered.” The short term goal is social division; the long term an inversion of identifiable community power and privilege.

As George Orwell wrote in his paean to communist revolution, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

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