Exposed: Trudeau Establishes Canada-China Cultural Partnership

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Cultural Agreement Between the Government of Canada and the Government of the People’s Republic of China:

Development of cultural relations between their countries, including the exchange of study and lecture visits by specialists in relevant areas.

Cooperation between museums, galleries, art centres, schools of art, and any other institutions involved in promoting the the agreement.  

Cooperation in the field of literature and between libraries, including for the exchange of books and other publications.

— Cooperation in press and publication, broadcasting, film and television.

— Statement of co-operation between Parks Canada and China’s National Development Commission.

How much more comprehensive can one get? Mind you, the agreement dates back to 2016. As in, it came into effect subsequent to Justin Trudeau’s ascension to the political throne of Canada in 2015.

While the time of the signing dates back to 2016, the details are a sight to behold. One must understand the nature of “culture” in China.

Simply put, culture is whatever government says it is. Upon the arrival of pseudo-dictator Trudeau, the same principle began to unfold in Canada. An excellent example comes in the form of the Liberal’s ethnic “heritage month” promotions.

In 2022, the Liberal government approved an establishment of Hindu Heritage Month.

“One among the earliest Hindu temples in Canada was established in rural Nova Scotia  in 1971. Hindu Sanstha of Nova Scotia was formed by some 25 families living in the area at the time.”

So Canada has no Hindu Heritage. What does it matter, when an ideologically driven government goal lies at the root of the development? The Chinese government indulge in the very same behaviour.

Chairman Mao Tse Tung didn’t call it a “Cultural Revolution” for nothing:

Mao’s revolutionary goal was “to transform education, literature and art, and all other parts of the superstructure so as to facilitate the consolidation and development of the socialist system.”

Approved by Justin Trudeau, the Liberal-China Cultural Agreement opened a door for China’s government to culturally influence Canada in every aspect of our cultural identity.

Canada is 156 years old. China is 5,000 years old. Canada has 38.8 million citizens. China has 1.3 billion citizens. it doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to deduce which government will have the upper hand.

With a Trudeau in power, China always does. It was ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau who originally instituted China’s penetration of Canadian society. Upon placement in office in 2015, Justin Trudeau immediately opened the door to China’s cultural entrenchment within Canadian society.

In late 2022, Canadians began to hear a nasty rumour. According to myriad media sources, the government of China influenced the outcome of 11 federal ridings in the 2019 federal election.

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Great to have China on board, eh? Not. If one wants to assign blame, CAP recommend you begin with the family of Pierre & Justin Trudeau. Communist enthusiasts to the bitter end, no individuals are more responsible for China’s assault on Canadian society than the Trudeau family of Quebec.

2 thoughts on “Exposed: Trudeau Establishes Canada-China Cultural Partnership”

  1. Photo: Xi Jump-in (sic) looking away; grimacing. He can’t stand to look at Turdo. Maybe Turdo needs some industrial strength mouthwash. His lying mouth is always so full of…ahem…ripe sheep manure; his breath must be deadly. Turdo; spewing barnyard scented halitosis: “Boss; Are you pleased with me? Your every wish is my command. Canada belongs to me–Say the word, and it’s yours. Does China need more money? I’ll cut a cheque right now. Just tell me how many zeros to write after the one. You have all of our gold, and all of our classified secrets. You shall have it all. My house is now your house. Mi casa, su casa.”

    • But seriously….Trudeau has violated Xi’s personal space. This is a Trudeau thing. Always trying to dominate people. Google: Personal Space: The Chinese tend to be comfortable standing just over an arm’s length from one another.” Turdo is about six inches away. We saw another example of this in the Xi reading Trudeau the riot act video. When finished; Xi tried to back away; Turdo kept trying to close the space. He sticks; People have to peel him away.


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