Exposed: The Trudeau Government’s Financing Of RADICAL ISLAM In Canada

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In recent times, several mosques in Canada have been found to have  incited hatred towards our nation.

An example of such a figure is Imam Aly Hindy of Salaheddin mosque in Toronto. The  IMAM  has referred to  the 9/11 attacks a joint CIA operation, refused to sign a statement condemning the 2005 London bombings and referred to the Toronto 18 terrorists as “good people.”

A former founder of the mosque, Hassan Farhat, left Canada to join an Al-Qaeda-linked group in Iraq, where he allegedly commanded a squad of suicide bombers. Ahmed Khadr, a senior Canadian Al-Qaeda figure, visited the mosque when he was in Toronto and his family worshipped there.

A political theory states that many mosques in Canada are, in fact,  Muslim Brotherhood platforms acting as places of worship which then receive tax-payer funded status as charities.

Enter Justin Trudeau. Or perhaps more accurately, father Pierre Trudeau. Which federal statute has resulted in millions of Canadian tax-dollars being handed  to non-profit  3rd World multicultural non-profits such as National Council of Canadian Muslims?

Correct Response: The Multicultural Act of 1988--a direct outgrowth of prototype globalist Pierre Trudeau’s dastardly plans to decimate English Canada.

According to the report, “Canada allows receiving grants and donations to religious organizations but then these organizations transfer the money to Muslim Brotherhood-associated accounts. For example The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is listed as a recipient of a grant worth $125,000.

This grant was given to MAC in spite of the fact that this organization has transferred a lot of money to IRFAN-Canada, the fund collector for HAMAS in North America. IRFAN’s financing of a terror organization led Canada to remove its charity status.

The same Muslim Association of Canada  also received grants through the Community Spirit Donation Grant Program, a sum adding up to more than $250,000.

That’s the “spirit,” PM Trudeau.

HIDDEN BY MEDIA: Despite EVERYTHING, Justin Trudeau Sends IRAN $2.5 Million Dollars In Foreign Aid

Know what CAP call this back-room hustling and globalist malarky? We refer to this as “post-modern” Canada– the term our PM uses to describe the end of 153 years of democracy within our society.

Folks, hate to break it you, but the above data is your nation. This government-non-profit collusion is Justin’s Canada.

Call CAP sentimental, but we can recall a very different Canada from years gone by– all five years of it. Once upon a time, our country did not exist for the purpose of funnelling tax dollars to the Nation of Islam. Indeed, the maintenance of our nation as a free and democratic nation was front-and-centre within Canadian society.

Then Pierre Trudeau became prime minister. Ever heard the term “game over?” This is how CAP describe the advent of original globalist ideologue, Pierre Trudeau.

Fast-forward to 2020, and spawn Justin is making Pierre looks like Canada’s premier nationalist. Justin is here to destroy, and he’s doing a bang-up job of it.

What to conclude? Frankly, based upon close observation since the day Comrade Justin seized control of society, it really does appear that the Nation of Islam is today our Liberal government’s number one concern.

Media say nothing. The source article here is from the New Delhi Times–not the CBC, or any other Canadian media source. In Trudeau’s Canada, government and media work in total collusion to deceive 37.7 Million Canadians into believing their fake, hollow mega-concern for the world’s under-privileged.

It is nothing of the sort. The globalists and Canadian conduit Justin Trudeau are working to destroy democracy in Canada. With the help of CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail, the powers that be are trans-forming our nation from a democratic nation into a socialist dictatorship.


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  1. I don’t want to give my tax money to the Trudeau government, nor make terrorists rich either. Time to pack and leave this country as it is corrupted and destroyed beyond recognition! Trudeau can go to hell

  2. This government has lied and deceived the citizens of what used to be Canada long enough…Living in Trudeaulandia is like living in a communist state..Trudeau and his lapdogs need to be gathered up and stripped of everything they own,throw in the streets naked and forgotten


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