Exposed: Fundamentalist Islamic Regimes Funding Mosques In Canada

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Daniel Pipes is an American commentator on foreign policy and the Middle East. He is the president of the Middle East Forum, and publisher of its Middle East Quarterly journal. He is also publisher of Focus on Western Islam, who in early 2022 exposed a connection between the government of Qatar and their funding of mosques in Canada.

The current ruler of Qatar is Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who “holds nearly all executive, legislative, and judicial authority in autocratic manner under the Constitution of Qatar.”

“Leaked documents confirm that a number of Canadian-based Islamic organizations have been receiving financial support directly from a major Qatar regime organization for over a decade.”

We focus in on the reason why the information is derived from leaked documents. Neither Canada’s ruling government, nor the media they are funding, have made a choice to expose nefarious developments of this nature to Canadian news consumers.

If they did so, it may well be that Canadians would conclude that theocratic governments of the Middle East should not be permitted to indulge in these practices. And they would be bang-on in their assessment. Therefore, the financing rolls in a clandestine manner, away from the knowledge of general society.

“The Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad Al Thani Charitable Foundation, also known as Eid Charity, was founded in Doha, Qatar.

“The organization’s founder, Abdulrahman al-Nuaimi is recognized by the U.S. government as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT), and Eid Charity is  reportedly a U.S. Treasury Department designated terrorist entity which has provided financial support to the Hamas terror organization.”

Alarmingly, we uncover a related piece of news overlooked by the Trudeau government-funded media outlets:

“At least eight Canadian entities have been beneficiaries of the foundation’s philanthropic efforts, including the Salaheddin Islamic Centre, Islamic Society of British Columbia, Abu Haraira Center, and Assunnah Muslims Association.”

Leading us on a path to this recent development:

The town of Brantford, Ontario is considering an acceptance of Qatar-financed Mosque development:

“Resident Pitches Brant Councillors On Islamic School”

“Longtime Brantford resident Anwar Dost is hoping to build an Islamic community centre, school, gym, and place of worship on five acres of land he co-owns in Brant County.”

To be followed by this gem:

“He figures it will take around $20 million to bring this plan to fruition, but indicated they’ve been in talks with the State of Qatar, who he said helped sponsor the project in Cambridge.”

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] pipe-in with our politically incorrect “two-cents” worth. This situation speaks to a plethora of social issues in desperate need of comprehension within general society.

First of all, in our opinion, this financing scenario should be against-the-law. Beyond this, we witness the incredible naivete on the part of Brantford City Council.

CAP checked these people out, and draw a conclusion: these small town folk wouldn’t know Halal chicken from a Kosher hot dog. The chances of them having even an inkling of insight into the circumstances described herein range from nil to nothing.

It’s one of the main reasons why Canada is so successfully transitioning to “post-modern” society status as advanced by PM Justin Trudeau. The root source is the Liberal Party of Canada, and their embracement of ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau’s “multiculturalism” in the early 1970’s.

From there, a steady globalist path resulted. The rise of 3rd World community political power, as advanced through “diversity” policies created and financed by  a succession of Liberal governments. Today, we recognize the result of Liberalism and it’s “open-door” policies.

The policies are so open that alleged terror organizations from autocratic Middle Eastern nations can waltz into our country to finance Canadian mosques from coast-to-coast.

But in a way, who can blame them? If Canadians law permits an ability to do so, why hold back? In this we come to the crux of the problem, in the form of our federal government, and the “holes” that they permit in terms of a breakdown in national sovereignty.

That’s the thing about hypocrites like Justin Trudeau, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland and the rest of the Liberal Globalist political contingent. Sovereignty is all well-and-good in homogenous countries like Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Yet back in Canada, the doors must remain open to foreign accumulations of power, as well as empowerment of diaspora communities from Third World nations.

“In 2017, it was reported that the Eid Foundation maintained some level of control or influence over the affairs over the Islamic Society of British Columbia (ISBC). Noticing this link, the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) expressed its concerns and declared that ‘the Eid Foundation is alleged to have provided support to terrorism.’” 

To recognize the existing state-of-our-nation, we contrast this with a dozen hay-seed city councillors in Canada and their clueless approach to the issues.

A sad and pathetic story it is.

3 thoughts on “Exposed: Fundamentalist Islamic Regimes Funding Mosques In Canada”

  1. Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds?
    Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
    Croupier: Here are your winnings, sir!
    Captain Renault: Thank you.
    CBC will be all over this I’m sure.
    What do you think this gradual infiltration will lead to in the future?
    Maybe we should look at the countries over in Europe that are 10-15 years down this path and what they’re experiencing?
    And when what’s happening over there begins to happen here as a critical mass is reached?
    We’ll all be shocked, shocked to find homegrown terror happening in Canada.

  2. Trudeau, the liberals and Singh
    Are the most distrustful, destructive government that Canada has ever experienced. They all need to resign.
    Stop destroying Canada!


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