Expert AMAZED At Degree Of China’s Government Influence On Canadian Parliament

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Clive Hamilton, professor of public ethics at Canberra’s Charles Sturt University, claims the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in EVEN HIGHER in Canada than in his native Australia.

Subtle but intense influence of China on Canadian institutions— parliaments, provincial governments, universities, the intellectual community, the policy community — are making him “deadly” worried.

And why not? Ever since Pierre Trudeau opened the door for China to get its geo-political hooks into Canada, a covert agenda of political, economic and social influence has gone on largely undetected. Why would this be? One reason is because media NEVER INFORMED Canadians of what has been occurring. How many Canadians have heard of the Canada-China Business Council? Five?  This organization was established by Pierre Trudeau and the powerful Desmarais billionaire family of Quebec. Did you know? Son Justin Trudeau appointed a FORMER HEAD of the CCBC as leader of  group of “independent” Senators. All in the family, it does appear.

As it happens, there are many Chinese-Canadians who would like to BLOW THE WHISTLE on the whole affair. Yet, there are SEVERE CONSEQUENCES for those who dare to do so. And this is not only the way China’s government does business, it has also become the TRUDEAU WAY–muzzling dissidents in the same manner Justin is attempting to gag Canadians who speak out against the socialist brand of tyranny currently permeating society.

The Trudeau family– Pierre, Justin and communist brother Alexandre have all expressed admiration for communist China and former despot Chairman Mao Tse Tung. Clearly, their admiration goes as far as emulating the tyrannical methodologies of China’s ONE-PARTY ruling government– a style of government Justin Trudeau would gladly emulate– if he could.


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  1. This has gone on too long.He and liberals need to be gone to some other place like maybe cub or China and never come back.Our late vets who died for Canada must be rolling in their Graves
    As they say.Hopefully looking down from above with angry tears at this disgrace for PM


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