Former PM Brian Mulroney Pushes ONE MILLION Yearly Immigration Quota

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“Ideally, both Liberals and Conservatives at the federal level would express support for an[immigration] target of 100 million through votes in the House and Senate.”

If so, “that would become the new objective of Canada in this area,” former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney recently stated.  “All governments would be bound to strive to achieve it.”

Mr. Mulroney is asking Canadians to embrace “a new national policy” that will commit our country to reaching a population of 100 million by the end of the century.

As a recurring media pattern, what is not being expressed is every bit as relevant as what is printed. The source article includes not a word regarding the demographic impact on Canada’s pluralist identifiable community make-up. No surprise really– no mainstream media article ever has.

How will this affect Canadian demography? What will be the impact on what our constitution refers to as Canada’s “identifiable” communities? How will this affect our nation in terms of pluralism based upon Canadian multicultural policy?

None of this is alluded to within this mainstream media article. Now for the bad news– no matter how many media articles are published on this theme, these issues will never be addressed.

Let Cultural Action Party cut to the chase: The 100 million population initiative will render Anglophone Canadians a minority community. Is this so benign a  development as to be wholly disregarded by media?

For CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest– it surely is. This we know because pending minority status for white Canadians has not once been prognosticated by establishment media.

The irony in this situation could not be greater. After all, it is British governance served as the foundation upon which Canada was created.

In 2021, current and former prime ministers want to utilize one fundamental– immigration policy– to transition “Old Stock’ Canadians into a minority community.

Think this to be the full extent of trouble for Anglophone-Canadians? Not quite. A deeper form of concern is found in the area of multiculturalism-based civil rights.

Speaking of multiculturalism, we discover another aspect eschewed by government and media: how diversity functions as an “exclusive club.”  On the outside looking in, we have Canadians of European origin. Can one truly deny that multiculturalism in our present era is the exclusive property of “3rd World” Canada?

To what extent are Anglophone-Canadians part of the diversity family? Try zero percent. Additionally, “systemic racism theory” has branded our people racists and bigots. As a majority population, this is damaging enough.

But what happens when Anglo-Canadians transition to a bona fide minority? Will society suddenly bring us into the multicultural fold, as white Canada becomes privy to diversity rights?  This will never occur.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is quoted as saying that “people tend to see things from different perspectives.”

Here is CAP’s perspective: never in a million years will Anglophone Canada obtain the rights 3rd World Canada now hold in the areas of diversity and multiculturalism.  Does this scenario not potentially open the door to to second class citizenship for our so-called “Old Stock” communities?

CAP has coined a term for this. We call it “Second Nations” Canada. Justin Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, and establishment media call this nothing at all.

Notice how government and media never project into the future status of society? CBC, Globe & Mail, and rest have a grand total of nothing to say regarding the state of our society in fifty-years time– or any point before this.

Considering the ominous fate being set up for Anglophone citizens, it doesn’t take Professor Stephen Hawking to figure out the long-term fate for our Old Stock communities.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

4 thoughts on “Former PM Brian Mulroney Pushes ONE MILLION Yearly Immigration Quota”

  1. Brad, you’re right on the money with this! Every time Trudeau speaks, he criticizes Anglo-Canadians and every announcement regarding immigration? Same thing!! If ANYBODY dares to criticize his immigration policy, they’re automatically branded a racist!

  2. Mulroney foreshadowed today’s fake conservatives like Andrew Scheer and Erin O’toole. He increased immigration from 90K to 250K, and called for “stamping out the ugly head of racism wherever it is found”. And now he calls for our country to be dissolved into the sea of multiculturalist globalism.

    I encourage CapforCanada readers to check out my Youtube where I will be exposing this type of thing. Currently I am doing a series exposing propaganda in my town’s library.

  3. Ah yes….Lyin’ Brian Muldooney. The hated GST guy. Also known derisively for being the late American president Ronald Reagan’s lapdog. Father to the unctuous; ubiquitous; Ben Muldooney. Can’t these “old White guys” stay in their rocking chairs, and enjoy the lavish pensions they gave themselves?? What business does the aging Mulroney have in making outrageous immigration comment? I’ll hazard a guess: He–and his ex-prime minister brethren–(i.e. the wretched crime boss Jean Cretin)–live in posh; gated communities. No Third World gimmegrants within fifty miles of these “White privilege” fellows. Let’s see….Multicult/exorbitant taxes/overpriced goods/A Chinese; African, and Muslim invasion/A phony “Charter of [no] Rights and [no] Freedoms.”/Rejection of our British heritage/LGBT++/A phony; colorless; meaningless (commie red) flag/A reduction to an impotent; below average; uncompetitive; washed up nation/A weak; impotent “military.”

    I’ll end here. The list can continue ad infinitum. It all began with the flaccid; closet communist prime minister “Mike” Pearson. He gave the baton to his darling P. E. Trudeau; the alleged sperm donor for the wretched; poisonous Justine Trudope–China’s “useful idiot” boy. Indeed; a literary giant! “[D]rink-box, water-bottle sorta things.” “Speaking moistly about peoplekind.” What a colossal moron. I’d (almost) prefer Mulroney over this twerp.


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