Ex-Liberal MP Candidate: Trudeau’s China Relations DIRECT THREAT To Democracy In Canada

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Richard Lee, a veteran Liberal MLA from British Columbia, has spoken out about the Chinese government, saying that they detained him, and that they are actively interfering in Canadian democracy, according to Global News.

Lee cited consular warnings that stop Canadian politicians from speaking out against China, as well as the continued detention of Canadian citizens, as evidence that China is undermining Canada’s sovereignty.

CAP Question: At what point, and who within Canadian political history, is responsible for the communist government of China getting their political and financial hooks into Canada?

In our opinion, there are three top players: Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau as the instigator, Liberal PM Jean Chretien as economic facilitator(Alberta Oil Sands, Real Estate), and Liberal PM Justin Trudeau as the founder of the ill-fated Canada-China Free Trade Agreement, and all-around puppet for the government of China.

Who else? Justin Trudeau-appointed Senators  Peter Harder, and Yuen Pau Woo. Harder is a former executive of another Liberal-Trudeau initiative, the Canada-China Business Council. Senator Woo is former CEO of Asia Pacific Foundation, a 100% China-centric non-profit organization founded by Trudeau close family friends, the billionaire Desmarais family of Quebec.

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? If no, let CAP spell it out for you. Within modern Canadian history, a Liberal Canadian government is a China-pushing entity of giant proportions.

Naturally, as is the de facto standard in China, political corruption begins to seep through the cracks, and our nation finds itself in the situation describes by ex-Liberal MP candidate, Richard Lee.

It is arguable that if the Trudeau family never existed, or never produced a prime minister, our country would not find itself in a position where the Chinese government is influencing our supposedly “liberal democratic” government. CBC and establishment media say nothing of this spurious development.

Recently, The New York Times released a disturbing report documenting ways in which the Chinese government has tried to influence and control the Australian government.

“Fears of Chinese interference once seemed to hover indistinctly over Australia. Now, Beijing’s political ambitions, and the espionage operations that further them, suddenly feel local, concrete and ever-present.”

“It’s become the inescapable issue,” said Hugh White, a former intelligence official who teaches strategic studies at the Australian National University. “We’ve underestimated how quickly China’s power has grown along with its ambition to use that power.”

How fascinating–both the information delivered– as well as the degree to which Canadian media have focused on the China-Australia dynamic, which is, of course, zero percent.

Equally as intriguing is how, despite the negative blueprint exemplified by the pariah nation of China in Australia, Justin Trudeau still attempted to entrench the “motherland” within the Canadian economy. . Did, or did not, Mr. Trudeau push for the Canada-China Free Trade Agreement regardless of the dire warnings exposed by non-Canadian media sources?

Of course Justin did. He’s a Trudeau–they all love and admire China. Father Pierre Trudeau, as well as commie-in-the-shadows brother, Alexandre “Sascha” Trudeau— so nicknamed after a high-ranking official in the former U.S.S.R.

What we have here is long-term, tangible evidence of corruption, collusion and espionage as it relates to China’s relationship with western democracies. Yet, despite all the proof, Justin Trudeau has not altered his stance in regards to the behemoth nation.

Has King Justin shouted out to the world that the two Canadian journalists currently on death row in China must be returned to our shores post- haste? Nope. Has Trudeau publicly condemned the communist government’s detainment of millions of Muslims in internment camps? Not at all.

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau is a globalist political puppet. Historically speaking, the Liberal Party of Canada are pro-China to the max. Despite all the accusations, insinuations, evidence and draconian behaviour of China’s leadership, not one Liberal PM has ever condemned the nation–least of all Justin, King Of Canada.

CAP Benefit Assessment: 

China in CanadaWinners: China, Liberal Party, China-Canada Business Council, Chinese real estate investors, developers. Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Senator Yuen Pau Woo– as well as the Chinese diaspora community in Canada.

Losers: Canadian citizens, Canadian business, Canadian tax-payers, those who value freedom, democracy and the rule of law. See the pattern inherent in this description? Perhaps this will help…

Second Benefit Assessment:

Foreign Oil Importation versus Alberta Oil Sands production. Winners: Middle East governments, Saudi Arabia, Nation of Islam, Iran, Trudeau family, Quebec,”Laurentian Mountain” Elites.

Losers: Canadian economy, Canadian oil workers, Alberta, Old Stock Canada, Western Canada, Canadian tax-payers.

BURIED BY MEDIA: “Champion”of Islam Justin Trudeau SILENT As China Detains,Oppresses MILLIONS of Muslims

The point of the matter is incredibly basic— Liberal government decisions perpetually benefit “the other.” The Justin Trudeau Liberals have a nasty habit called “working for everyone else in the world other than the citizens of Canada”–save Justin’s chosen few– Sikh and Muslim-Canadians. Oh, and let’s throw  transgendered Canadians into the mix.

Stir on low heat for the forty years since Pierre Trudeau created the catalyst for this scenario within his personal enforcement of multiculturalism upon Canadian society. Fair to say the situation would be far less extreme without this anti-Anglophone measure–or perhaps, non-existent period.

What a disgrace–as mainstream media has gone along for the ride for decades, and still do so today. Even a person as specious and dim as King Justin would recognize the damage inherent within this four-decade history. Yet, naturally, nothing changes.

Globalist-Liberalism is a never-changing affair. The erosion of the sovereignty of western democracies is the de facto result of these Trudeau-endorsed globalist agendas. Rather than protect Canada’s democratic integrity, as well as protecting our nation from espionage, spying and prying into domestic affairs, Justin Trudeau sides with China–just as he does with every powerful non-Canadian political and economic issue.

Then, millions of Canadians run to the polls to elect Trudeau for a second term as prime minister of Canada. Any patriot worth their salt wouldn’t vote for this political miscreant “for all the tea in China.”




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