Ex-Liberal MP Brands Trudeau’s Diversity Agenda A GIANT FRAUD

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Former Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes is poking serious holes in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s in a diversity agenda given the green light by establishment media in Canada.

Caesar-Chavannes, woman of colour and former Liberal MP for Whitby, Ontario, has resorted to bitter, foul-mouthed accusations directed toward Justin Trudeau.

As Caesar-Chavannes puts it, Trudeau’s diversity platitudes are “fake as f**k.”

In an interview with Vice Media, Ms. Caesar-Chavannes alleges she was treated as a “token” and not taken seriously, despite Trudeau’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“I never had to use my brain at all.”  Apart from the idea that Justin Trudeau was in desperate need of like-minded company, this situation reeks of the hypocrisy CAP has insisted is fundamental to Liberal government policy.

The word which has continually come to mind for CAP since Justin Trudeau donned his Canadian crown is: hollow.

This is Trudeau in a nut-shell. From day one, his personal brand of governance has been a performance of voter-seduction. The human rights advocacy. The billions transferred to 3rd World nations. Refugee intake, racial equality–the entire package.

All this exists for one reason only: to win federal elections in perpetuity. Fortunately for Canada’s quasi-dictator, media revenues have remained paltry enough for CBC and the rest to be bought by government.

An indelible component of globalist seduction, media are instructed to disseminate the messaging Justin Trudeau demands.

“Caesar-Chavannes said she constantly felt undervalued and unappreciated as a Liberal, leading her to resign in February 2019. She met with Trudeau on the same day Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned from cabinet.”

When Caesar-Chavannes told Trudeau she wanted to resign, she alleges he told her that “he couldn’t have two powerful women of colour leave at the same time.” 

Stop the press. Genuine concern for the well-being of Liberal MP’s? Don’t make CAP cough into our Tim Horton’s cups.

Was PM Trudeau’s main concern not the way the resignations would appear to the public? Was the superficial element of the scenario at hand not top priority?

Of course it was. How do we know? Because it always is.

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Indeed, appearances are all that count as Mr. Trudeau has squirmed his way out of a plethora of political scandals to “lead the polls” in January, 2021.

Try Covid vaccines, GG Julie Payette, WE Charity, Aga Khan, Jody Wilson Raybould, Elbowgate, Mr. Dress-Up in India, and go from there.

And yet-miracle of miracles– Angus Reid  informs the public that Justin Trudeau is headed for his third victory as prime minister when a future federal election comes along.

Truly, the 1960’s “Twilight Zone” television program cannot hold a candle to the surreal nature of our ruling PM’s grip upon Canadian politics in 2021.

Here is something truly “post-modern”– a Liberal MP’s statement regarding her ex-boss, the current prime minister of Canada:

“I had to ask him, ‘Motherf****r, who the f**k do you think you’re talking to?’ I was so angry.”

So said former Liberal MP Celine Caesar-Chavannes. This she directed toward  two time winner and the man currently predicted to return to a majority government in a future election.

The Liberal Trudeau “Twilight Zone” continues to roll.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est,. 2016)


8 thoughts on “Ex-Liberal MP Brands Trudeau’s Diversity Agenda A GIANT FRAUD”

  1. Justin’s ongoing popularity in the “polls” defies all rational thought.
    In a bit of a twist on an old adage, nobody ever went bankrupt under-estimating the intelligence of the Eastern Canadian voter!!

  2. Trudeau is ” wooing ” the young naive voters ..,you know .,the ones he paid $ 2000 a month so they could party ! The older generation who can’t stand Trudeau , or his deceased father Pierre , can’t convince the younger generation of his devious ways because he caters to them .
    He’s losing his ” boyish ” good looks , hopefully the Throngs of females who voted for him in 2015 , will have matured enough to realize that he’s been ( weighed , he’s been measured , and he’s been found ( WANTING ) !

  3. Everyone I talk to is fed up with him and they want him gone, as usual the media is paid to protect him. time and time again the man has not been honest and giving contracts to people who do not deserve it even caught stealing money from Government and passing it to his mother and wife. I hope the young voters grab a brain and realize it is their future being taken away.

  4. Why else would this excuse of a man be meeting up with the monster Soros if it wasn’t for the fact that the elections have been rigged by Dominion voting systems for YEARS! Elections have been engineered and electronically stolen since before Trudeau popped his ugly mug out of the Sinclair cesspool.

  5. TRUDY was raised as both the son of Pierre AND Maggie. Take a minute to imagine what that was like given her reputation. He not only hates, but despises Old Stock Canadians and no amount of acting can disguise that.

  6. I just can’t believe that anyone would vote NDP or Liberal after the lies and scandals. Trudeau can’t even wrap up one scandal before there is a new one. As an Albertan, he has taken this province from a ‘have’ to a ‘have not’ province and he hasn’t finished with us yet. He loves the criminal company Lavalin while ignoring the collapse of Alberta and so many businesses here. I would like to hate him but it’s not worth the energy.


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