Ex-Liberal Advisor Omer Aziz SLAMS Anglophone Canada After Trudeau Blackface Incident

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The inevitable outcome of the Justin Trudeau Blackface debacle– leverage the situation to throw Anglophone Canada in the trash bin.

This is what has occurred by way of ex-Liberal Party advisor, Omer Aziz. Based upon his commentary, the man hates white Canada. Samples:

“Wearing brownface is an intentional act, satiating the white man’s fetish for appropriating the colour and the attire of the dispossessed, to serve his own fantasies.”

“Fetishes and fantasies?” Sounds more like a day with Justin Trudeau’s tickle-trunk than any semblance of reality.

“This is also textbook neo-colonialism: The white man will govern us for our benefit, and anyone who opposes him will be slandered, or worse.”

But Mr. Myopic Multiculturalist–the only communities Trudeau has trashed over the past for years is our Anglophone and Christian communities. Please provide an example–even one –where King Justin has trashed our Third World communities. It hasn’t occurred, buddy-boy.

“As soon as I got there [Ottawa],I felt that something was fundamentally wrong.”

“Everyone with real power was white and looked the same – unacceptable for a movement pledging racial diversity as a core principle.”
Sounds like Omer Aziz is repulsed by white people. Kindly note, fellow patriots, that our current Immigration Minister is in no manner white. He is a Somalian refugee, a Muslim, and a dual citizen. MP Ahmed Hussen is 100% Third World-focused. The immigration portfolio is one of the most important and powerful positions in government. Aziz has his man in the position–a co-religionist who favours Islamic migrants.
Sound like the white man is in full control? Not to CAP. In fact, since Justin gained control of society, the Nation of Islam has rocketed to prominence within our nation. In tribute to this, Mr. Aziz proceeds to rip white Canada to shreds. How positively Liberal of him.
“The sociology, the history, the economics, the privilege, the power, the whiteness: None capture how racism dislodges the body, cracks bones, shatters identities, turns the minority into an alien in his own skin.”
Damn, does this guy ever despise white people. No wonder Globe & Mail gave him a front-and-centre position to espouse his racial hatred. Quite the privilege, eh? Publisher, Editors, Journalists of Globe & Mail are Anglophone in the  main. Interesting the way Liberal-Globalist Canada operates, isn’t it?
“No one is free from their history,” says Omer Aziz. Finally, something CAP agree with. Within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, it is impossible to be free from our history.
Why? Because our history has been trans-formed into a political weapon. Justin established this with a plethora of apologies and crocodile tears regarding Canada’s hard-done-by non-white communities.
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So Omer Aziz wants white Canada to be punished. He is not alone. So does Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Iqra Khalid, Senator Ratna Omidvar, and a motley crew of self-flagellating  snowflake Liberals.
Imagine this situation inverted, and a white Canadian ran down Islam in this fashion. What would occur? How about an absolute freak-out within society. Virulent “Islamophobia” of the lowest variety! “Appauling,” shouts Iqra Khalid.
Talk about a double standard–but this is a Trudeau Canada–hypocritical as the day is long in a Nunavut summer. CAP have some advice for patriots and nationalists– throw off the diversity yolk Mr. Aziz is attempting to place around our shoulders.
Do not buy what Globe & Mail are selling you–it is a calculated government/media weapon designed to disempower and marginalize our people.
From blackface to white trash can: this is the agenda of Omer Aziz, establishment media, and of course, the anti-Anglophone, anti-Christian government of self-professed “Catholic” Justin Trudeau.


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