Ex-Canadian Military General Romeo Dallaire: Trudeau “Wrong About First Nations Genocide”

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Radio Canada questioned Romeo Dallaire about the use of the term “genocide” in the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Dallaire said he had a problem with the use of the word “genocide” to describe what happened to First Nations.

“Is that an act of genocide? Is it?” he said. “My definition of genocide, I read it very deliberately at the start of the Rwandan genocide, and it was a deliberate act of a government to exterminate deliberately, and by force and directly, an ethnicity or a group or an entity of human beings.”

Numerous media outlets picked up Dallaire’s comments. Most establishment media did not. Surprisingly, CBC picked up on the story– after smoothing out the rough edges, of course. No Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Global News, or any other of Canada’s state-controlled media outlets followed suit.

In a related incident, Canadian Senator Linda Frum asked why Justin Trudeau said Canada is committing genocide while he refused to say the same about ISIS. In 2016, Justin Trudeau and most Liberal MPs voted AGAINST a Conservative motion that condemned ISIS’s actions as genocide. NDP members, Bloc members, Conservative members, and some Liberals voted for it, but Trudeau and the Liberal majority knocked it down.

So despite mass murder of Christians in Africa and the Middle East, ISIS ARE INNOCENT of an act of genocide, while Canada is a genocidal nation due to the murder of 1800 Aboriginal females. It makes NO SENSE AT ALL- therefore it must be a Trudeau-ism.

This is what Trudeau said about the Rwandan Genocide::

“We don’t feel that politicians should be weighing in on this first and foremost. Determinations of genocide need to be made in an objective, responsible way,” said Trudeau.

“We will not trivialize the importance of the word genocide by not respecting formal engagements around that word,” added the PM.

But Justin, this is EXACTLY what you have done regarding the Missing Indigenous Women debacle. See what a FRAUD this guy is? Here is the outcome of his reckless behaviour:

Justin Trudeau has  TRIVIALIZED the meaning and essence of the “genocide” label. This effectively opens the door for other cases similar in nature— those which transcend the spirit and meaning of this most delicate terminology.

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Trudeau has expanded the meaning of genocide to be inclusive of any incident which is arbitrarily labeled as such. Informed Canadians will recognize this pattern in many examples of Trudeau’s commentary of social issues.

“Racism” in Canada now applies to non-racist acts such as questioning government regarding the costs of illegal border crossing. ANYONE who questions mass immigration from the Third World(the only form Trudeau permits) is a “xenophobe.” If a Canadian questions Sharia Law, female genital mutilation or child marriage, they are a “bigot.”

See how government OWNS THE TERMINOLOGY? This, simply put, is a sign of communism at play–the form of government control George Orwell wrote in his classic treatise on totalitarianism, “1984.” In, 2019, courtesy of King Justin of Canada, these political manipulations are now entrenched within Canadian society.

As Canadians, we now face the disturbing situation of having a sitting Prime Minister who accuses his own nation of absolutely horrific crimes, while refusing to accuse ISIS  of that same crime.The message? Trudeau sees Canada as worse than ISIS.

What will that do for Canadian pride? What will that do to Patriotism? Answer: It will DAMAGE these things in a profound manner. This is Justin Trudeau. This is Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen. These two, as well as the Liberal Cabinet and Caucus, are working to DAMAGE the nation they were elected to lead.

And who, pray-tell, are the most negatively affected Canadians? Why, that would be those who perpetrated the so-called genocide: Anglophone, Francophone and Christian Canadians. This is the BOTTOM LINE GOAL of the entire affair.

Apologies to “minorities”(nothing minor about them at all as Sikhs, Chinese and Muslims are now at the top of our social food chain) and special interests groups. Pandering for votes by reaching back to century-old historical incidents and condemning Canada AS A WHOLE for the incidents. Running down Christian Canada with punitive measures(Summer Jobs Programs) while pumping tens of millions into non-profit Islamic organizations. Elevating Islam ABOVE Christianity by way of M103.

Outcome: Anglophones are evil, nasty, bigoted and genocidal Canadians. Thank you, King Justin. So YOU HATE ENGLISH CANADA. But not everyone does. Some people take pride in our European heritage, but Trudeau won’t have this. By way of Mr. Trudeau. Anglo-Christian Canada MUST TRANS-SITION to the nemesis community of Canada. The genocide narrative pounds the idea into the consciousness of our nation.

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In 1993, Ex- Military General, and former Canadian Senator Romeo Dallaire received a commission as the Major-General of UNAMIR, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda. The man knows a thing or two about genocide. He says Trudeau IS WRONG.

So do many other authorities. But we won’t be hearing much from them, as establishment media will side with government propaganda. Now that Justin Trudeau is prime minister, they always do.

Trudeau has deceived the people of Canada while branding Anglos and Christians genocidal maniacs. Yes, he HATES US THAT MUCH. It’s all part of a plan to TRANS-form Anglo-Christians into the designated villain community of Canada. Still planning to vote for the cretin on October 21st, 2019?


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