Evidence Suggests Foreign Influence Propelled Liberals To Majority Govt

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Groups have explicitly said their goal was to get a government in place that would do what the U.S. billionaires want – cripple and ULTIMATELY DESTROY Canada’s energy industry . Groups like CorpEthics and Tides were actively involved in the campaign, with Tides in Canada campaigning explicitly for the DEFEAT OF THE CONSERVATIVES.


1 thought on “Evidence Suggests Foreign Influence Propelled Liberals To Majority Govt”

  1. Outside influence bought Justin Trudeau because they know how easy he can be swayed to do their bidding, which he is doing. They have him wrapped around their tiny finger They know he will sell out his country for his own personal gain.
    The media helps Justin to accomplish his mission against their own country Canada.
    Andrew Scheer, if elected will undoubtedly be held responsible for Justin Trudeau’s damage to Canada. Why do you think the media is not all over Justin for his mess? They are saving it so they can pounce on Andrew Scheer, to blame him for Trudeau’s disaster.


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