Even BOWING TO IRAN Isn’t Enough For Canadian Media To Condemn Trudeau

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The footage of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bowing was captured on Iranian state TV, and was later shared throughout social media.

Readers were outraged to see what they see as subservience. “A bow. A happy grin. A 15-second handshake. I can’t even begin to imagine how the families of the 57 Canadians on that plane would feel seeing this.”

After a thorough web search, CAP found just two Canadian media articles on the topic. CBC is not on the list, of course. Nor is the Globe & Mail. In fact, from CAP’s observations we hereby conclude that in typical fashion, Canadian media are underplaying this most revelatory situation.

Therefore, we will lay it on the line: Justin Trudeau will pander to the Nation of Islam for as long as he holds the PM position in Canada. After all, if this political charlatan can bow low to Iran after their country murdered 57 Iranians holding Canadian passports, he will prostrate himself before anything.

As it happens, it isn’t just “anything” that King Justin chooses to bow down to–there are very specific entities which qualify:

At the top of the list we have the United Nations and Nation of Islam. At the bottom, Anglophone and Christian Canada. As far as Trudeau’s relationship with Islam, the man has been working  for the benefit of worldwide geo-political Islam from the very first moment he took office.

Obvious, tangible, undeniable— the exact reasons why CBC will not expose the truth regarding Mr. Trudeau’s holistic dedication to all-things-Islamic.

What to conclude? On a basic level, how about this: PM Trudeau is a political aberration. The first PM in history who truly hates the history of our nation. The first PM to unilaterally entrench an international religious community within government and society.

First prime minister to work for non-Canadian entities above and beyond the people of Canada. First to actually punish a specific religious community–the one he claims to be his own–Christianity.

No other PM has ever stated that Islamic terrorists should get to keep their citizenship. Justin is the only PM to permit and endorse illegal refugee intake to Canada. Justin Trudeau raised immigration and refugee quotas to their highest levels in history.

All this–and so much more–and still the CBC and mainstream Canadian media are backing  the cretin. What to conclude? How about this–that both our prime minister and our state-controlled CBC work on behalf of the Nation of Islam. CAP cannot see any other logical conclusion to draw.

CAP Salient Question Time: If all of the above is so damn obvious, why is Justin Trudeau still prime minister of Canada?

Our response: because of Canadian establishment media. Simply put, if even half of Trudeau’s dedication to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq and dozens of others was exposed,  Canadians would be so outraged even our normally sedate population would demand Justin Trudeau’s resignation.

“The pictures of Trudeau and the Iranian delegation were taken by an Iranian state photographer as Canadian journalists were prevented by the Prime Minister’s Office from witnessing the event. Iran insisted that no Canadian journalists could take photographs.”

How entirely “fascist” of them. Yet, informed Canadians should expect no less. Justin Trudeau is gunning for Canada to trans-ition from democracy to dictatorship-– therefore he wants to learn from the very best.

What has subsequently developed within mainstream media? You got it–they are actually rationalizing Trudeau’s behaviour as we speak. In other words, making excuses, spinning and obscuring Trudeau’s traitorous behaviour.

As it happens, his oily Quebecois Foreign Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne has gone to bat for globalist boss-man Trudeau:

“Champagne said he also discussed the topic of compensation with Zarif, something he said he raises at every meeting with the Iranians.”

“We have been adamant, and I think the Iranian counterpart understands, that there should be full, fair compensation for every citizen that lost life on that plane,” he said.

Iran, however, has not been willing so far to go beyond an initial offer of $80,000 ($106,000 Cdn) per victim, an amount dismissed by other countries as completely inadequate.

Earlier this week, Zarif dismissed a private lawsuit brought by a Canadian family for $1.5 billion dollars,  saying it “lacks any legal basis.”

In other words, the oily one is spinning Trudeau’s gaffe into an act of altruism. How typical. This is what all Trudeau-clones in Cabinet do. After all, one has no choice of they are going to reach this level of success within Canadian politics.

Witness the irony! In order to reach the pinnacle of Canadian politics in “post-modern” Canada, one must fully dedicate themselves– to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Islam, China, Sikhism and Africa–otherwise, say no-go Mr. Liberal-Globalist destroyer.

Any other patriots notice this particular media trend? Over and over–ad nauseum–Justin Trudeau screws up on the world stage, and time after time CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail smooth over the rough waters.

Truly, it’s a “tag-team” event. Establishment media versus THE TRUTH. Like this:

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Hidden By Media: Canadian Banking Holds $18 Billion In SHARIA MORTGAGES, Growing Rapidly
Not exactly a “minor” cover-up, now is it? No, CAP would say it more like a replica of media style found in Trudeau family-hero nations of Cuba, China and Iraq.
When government controls media, communism has entered the political arena within a dying western democracy. Canada-that’s you.



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