Euthanasia, Transgender For Minors: Is Nothing Sacred For Trudeau?

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“Canada’s assisted dying laws should be expanded to include minors, a parliamentary committee has recommended in a report tabled in the House of Commons.

 “The special joint committee of MPs and Senators concluded that minors deemed to have the appropriate decision-making capacity should be eligible for assisted death.”

Ah, the innocence of youth. Traditionally a time for fun and play, Canada’s “progressive” political arena wants little, if anything, to do with this concept.

Conversely, institutional Canada wants the children of our country to assume a tag that has become a standard in assisted dying circles: “mature minors.” Canada’s ruling Liberal government flaunt the term, as applied to an equally controversial government-endorsed policy: Transgenderism for youth.

Seems PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals cannot wait for Canadian youth to flower into their full beings. In Trudeau’s post-modern nation, transgender promotion within our public  education system has become a de facto standard.

What’s it all about, Alfie? Parents who won’t let their children choose their bedtime, but have no qualms about their decision to transition from boy to girl? Is something rotten in Denmark? In truth, William Shakespeare’s Denmark has transitioned to Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

Within the structure, citizens of all ages exist as widgets within the machinery of woke globalist transformation. Like big brother China, our Liberal government today treat its citizenship like commodities on a Huawei factory assembly line.

Media won’t tell you, but the tactics are pure communism. Beyond individual citizens, identifiable communities have been assigned a role to play in Justin Trudeau’s “Great Woke Experiment” agenda.

When stealing a country from its citizens, the last thing a government wants is a unified citizenship. To circumvent the structure, specific wrenches are thrown into the engine of society.

Mass immigration is one. Too much too fast guarantees elevation of social dischord. Through morphing the non-political into the political– a socialist government finest skill– the result is community fragmentation. While Canadians are occupied with inflation, carbon taxation and simply putting food on the table, government creates a clash among specified communities.

East vs West. Alberta vs Ottawa. Pro-life vs. Pro-choice. Christians and Muslims. Heterosexuals vs. Homosexuals. Immigrant vs. Old Stock. Conservative vs. Woke.

Anything and everything to undermine community harmony and pride in national identity.

But when it comes to the children, shouldn’t Canadians have a right to draw the line? The answer is yes. The problem comes when no social or political vehicle exists to get the job done.

Government versus the People. This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada in 2023. Crickey– even shades of totalitarianism found in assisted suicide for children can’t seem to rally common sense Canadians into action. A sad truth it is.

Upon which CAP delve a bit deeper. Does the dynamic not provide tangible evidence of the death of morality within our society? What lies beneath can be discovered in government’s abandonment of the western moral imperative.

Ancient Greece was the birthplace of Western philosophical ethics. Christian ethical standards introduced a sense of the equal moral status among human beings.  From the earliest days, Christian leaders condemned abortion, infanticide, and suicide.

We pick up on a certain dichotomy. Western Judeo-Christian values are antithetical to Marxist ideology, as manifest in China, Cuba, former Soviet Union and other communist societies revered by Justin Trudeau.

Christian ethics promote reverence for life, particularly in the form of childhood innocence. Then we have Trudeau and the Liberals. Upon scrutiny, we recognize the “value system” being applied by government to Canadian society at present.

Western morality is Christian in orientation. It repudiates abortion, infanticide and suicide. Our Liberal government support and promote all this life-negating negativity.

“Western culture, and all that we enjoy as a result of it, has at its foundation faith, family, property, and justice.”

Faith: The Liberal government are anti-Christian. 

Family: The Liberal government is pro-LGBT, pro-gay marriage, pro-transgender.

Property: There is no private property in communist societies. More than ever, Canadians are unable to afford homes. Carbon taxation on farmland has the potential to bankrupt Canadian farmers, potentially transferring ownership of the property to government.

Justice: It ain’t what it used to be. Trudeau’s Liberals confiscating guns from the innocent, while reducing the length of jail sentences for the guilty. The advent of Covid permitted the Liberals to circumvent Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and they haven’t stopped yet.

All one giant, coincidence, eh? Not on your life– or the lives of our children. Has government gone and transferred Canada to a utilitarian state? Is life-and-death today nothing more than a cost-benefit analysis?

If it is, one can bet their last loonie that these social and political dynamics are imported from the Trudeau family’s hero-nation of China. Media won’t say so, because they a part of the procession.

Is nothing sacred in Canada? Is nothing sacred for “confessed Catholic” Justin Trudeau?

CAP Confession: from our perspective, our prime minister is the most ungodly politician in Canadian history. His moral virtue can fit on the head of a pin. When government cross over to targeting innocent children, battle lines must be drawn.

But how can they be, when the vehicle from which to fight back is non-existent? Fifty years in the making– pre-planned from day one- the socialist seduction of Canada continues to roll.

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  1. So true Brad. We became socialist the day Trudeau Sr. took office in 1968. Pierre worshipped the ground Mao Zedong walked on, was cozy (especially Margaret) with Fidel Castro and, seemed just fine with whatever the Soviet Union did.


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