Euthanasia, Gun Control: Trudeau Policy Echoes 20th Century Fascism

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Seven years of PM Justin Trudeau’s political reign over Canadian society has brought about the greatest of social transformations. Promising “sunny ways” for our citizenship, the result can be found in the dark clouds of neo-communism. Or should we call it neo-fascism?

Either way, Mr. Trudeau is approving legislation which echoes the Nazi era in mid-20th century Europe. We look to two examples: Euthanasia, and Gun confiscation.

“When France fell to Nazi invasion in 1940, the New York Times reported that the French were deprived of rights such as free speech and firearm possession.”

Deja vu time, fellow patriots? With Bill C-11 and C-18, the Trudeau government are set to erode freedom of speech on the internet. By way of the Liberal’s gun confiscation policy, government will seize firearms from hunters and other legal gun owners.

We move to assisted dying, aka Euthanasia, known in Canada by the acronym MAiD. Forbes Magazine in the United States put it like this:

‘Canada’s New Euthanasia Laws Carry Upsetting Nazi-Era Echoes, Warns Expert’

What a statement it is. Direct, no-holes-barred branding of PM Trudeau’s policy for elderly “degeneration” in Canada. The Canadian press go nowhere near such a sentiment. In 2022, the Liberal government fund–and therefore control– critical media output. The Nazis did the same, like this:

“The Euthanasia Program was the systematic murder of institutionalized patients with disabilities. It aimed to eliminate what eugenicists and their supporters considered ‘life unworthy of life’: those individuals who, because of severe psychiatric, neurological, or physical disabilities, represented both a genetic and a financial burden on the state.”

Returning to the sunny ways of Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” Canada, we uncover the following:

A Liberal government study released Oct. 20, 2022 provides economic and financial analysis of legislation to improve parliamentary debate and promote budget transparency and accountability.

‘Doctor-assisted suicide could save Canada up to $139 million each year’

“A Canadian report has put a dollar figure on legal assisted suicide, claiming that legalization has saved millions of dollars in health care costs-and that a looming expansion of legal assisted suicide, known by backers as “aid in dying,” would save millions more.”

We witness the parallels between “progressive” Liberal government legislation, and Nazi-era government policy. That is, for those who eyeballs hit this article. As for a majority of Canadians, they will not be picking up on macabre similarities between the Liberals, and the Nazi Party.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star— forget about it. When it comes to social policy, media permit Justin Trudeau to continue to transition Canada to an authoritarian state. Publishers, editors and journalists seem to have no qualms about it at all.

Or rather, is it a case of their hands being tied? As it is China, as it was in Nazi-occupied Europe.

What a travesty. No matter how outlandish, Justin Trudeau remains atop the Canadian throne. How obvious does it have to be that Canada circa 1867-2015 is dead? As for Cultural Action Party, we had the good fortune of recognizing our country’s slide to  authoritarian status from day one. That being the moment that an under-qualified ex-drama teacher became prime minister of Canada.

‘Largest Gun Ban In Canadian history’: Bill amendment could criminalize millions of hunting rifles’

If you had a plan to convert Canada to a dictatorship against the will of general society, would a gun ban of this nature not fit into your schematic in a practical manner?

Is this the bottom-line on the bottoming-out of freedom and democracy in Canada? Disempower the public. Take away our ability to react in a militant manner. 20th century fascists found it highly effective. Now, the concept has come to our country.

One day, all of this may be well understood. A pre-conceived plan for Canada to transition to North America’s novel authoritarian state will gain public awareness, as citizens recognize in retrospect what really occurred by way of PM Justin Trudeau.

It will arrive at exactly the proper point: when there isn’t a damn thing Canadians can do to prevent its inevitability. It’s what occurs when government control media, transitioning accurate reporting to propaganda campaigns based on public deception.

O Canada– you have been hoodwinked. Perhaps one day, even the catalyst for the transformation will be understood: Justin Trudeau was planted into office to complete the “Great Woke Revolution” of the dying Great White North.

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