Euthanasia Advocates In Canada Justify MAiD On Financial Grounds

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Based on their rhetorical output, one would think that Euthanasia advocates in Canada are promoting candidates for participating in the Olympic Games.

In Canada,  non-profit organizations funded by the ruling Liberal government love to speak of their vast “accomplishments” as extinguishers of human life. As if stockbrokers reporting on increases in stock values, advocates deliver the news:

“In 2022, the total number of MAID provisions increased by 31.2% (2022 over 2021) compared to 32.6% (2021 over 2020). The annual growth rate in MAID provisions has been steady over the past six years, with an average growth rate of 31.1% from 2019 to 2022.

Glory Hallelujah, retort Cultural Action Party. It’s damn exciting news, no? Just to think, by the year 2030 we could “progress” to knocking off 5%-10% of living Canadians.

And what, pray-tell, serves as motivation for a collective of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to minimizing the quantity of living Canadians?

According to a cost-analysis report from the Canadian Medical Association, “the implementation of assisted suicide will save the Canadian health care system between $34.7 and $136.8 million per year.”

Joy to the world. Canadians who value human life begin to comprehend related repercussions. Systemic assisted dying is being justified on purely pragmatic terms. If a life is too costly and the individual serves no purpose in society, then their existence on earth can be terminated.

“The Trudeau government legalized assisted suicide, under the name of medical assistance in dying (MAID), in 2016. Parliament again passed another bill in 2021 that further expanded the country’s assisted suicide laws, allowing those suffering from exclusively mental health problems to also apply for MAID.”

CAP can’t help but conjure up historical examples of a pragmatic application of life-or-death political policy:

“Aktion T4 was a campaign of mass murder by involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany.”

“Physicians were authorised to select patients deemed incurably sick, after most critical medical examination and then administer to them a mercy death.”

 “In October 1939, Adolf Hitler signed a Euthanasia note which authorised his physician Karl Brandt and Reichsleiter Philipp Bouhler to begin the killing.”

Taking a step beyond pragmatism, let us contemplate more subtle aspects of systemic citizen removal within PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

What MAiD pushers advocate reeks of undermining the value of human life. Reducing human beings to “widgets” is what occurs in authoritarian nations like China.

The agenda casts off the concept of morality as found in Judeo-Christian ethical philosophy. The societal implications of Euthanasia reach well beyond a binary condition of life-versus-death.

Canadian media has no interest. Nor do our Liberal government, vehement advocates and financiers of our degeneration toward a utilitarian, neo-communist society.

Transitioning to the particular opens a can-of-worms entirely cast aside by government, media, and the MAiD fanatics themselves.

What type of Canadians are on the receiving end of this “contribution” to society? Are they mainly immigrants from Asia? How about our quickly growing Sikh or Muslim communities?

Or, as can be predicted, are the primary recipients in the main multi-generational “Old Stock” Canadians? Logic says the latter is the case– 3rd World migrants communities having a far lower median age than those born on Canadian soil.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, depression, schizophrenia. Look into it, and the lion’s share of the sufferers are Anglo-European and First Nations citizens. These communities constitute a majority of those who fall into the category of what government describe as an “aging population and workforce.”

Media say nothing. Likely it is that to do so would constitute “racism” in the eyes of an army of Canadian woke warriors.

“Medical assistance in dying could reduce annual health care spending across Canada by between $34.7 million and $138.8 million, exceeding the $1.5–$14.8 million in direct costs associated with its implementation.”

Wunderbar. Those down at Dying with Dignity must be thrilled-to-pieces. Upon which we explore another element of the post-modern regime eschewed by media.

Who are these advocators for the destruction of human life? A bit of elbow grease on the internet finds that, in general terms, the boards of directors of the non-profit groups are females educated within Canada’s neo-Marxist university system.

Advocates in government are mainly female, and to no one’s surprise, they are Liberal MPs. As published by the Canadian Campaign For Life Coalition:

MP Ya’ara SaksLiberal Party, York Centre, ON.

RatingPro-abortion, pro-LGBT ideology, pro-euthanasia.

“In one of her first major recorded votes as a recently by-elected MP, Saks supported the dramatic expansion of the euthanasia killing regime in Canada under Bill C-7 (March 2021), even extending it to people suffering from mental illness alone.”

A dual citizen of Canada and Israel, Saks was born in Toronto to an Israeli father and has lived in both Israel (1995 to 2006) and Canada,” says Wikipedia.

Frankly, you would think that Saks and others of her ilk would know better– but they don’t.

“Liberal Government Promoting A ‘Culture Of Death’ With Medical Assistance In Dying Law, Conservative MP Says”

“Tory MP Ed Fast tables a bill to repeal doctor-assisted death for the mentally ill.”

It failed.

Informing gullible, naive citizens that the agenda is all about “caring, compassion and respect for life,” the MAiD pushers overlook moral, ethical and philosophical implications of systemic Euthanasia implementation.

The Nazis did it too, and look how that turned out.

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  1. Government of Canada: Prospectus. “In 2022, the total number of MAID provisions increased by 31.2% (2022 over 2021) compared to 32.6% (2021 over 2020). The annual growth rate in MAID provisions has been steady over the past six years, with an average growth rate of 31.1% from 2019 to 2022.” Disclaimer: Do not take this for financial advice. MAID Inc. is not yet listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (TSE.)


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