Europe At Point Of Transition To “Right-Leaning” Political Domination

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You won’t be hearing about it from federally-funded state broadcaster CBC News, but a “right-leaning” political realignment in Europe looks as if it’s ready-to-roll.

While Canada’s uber-globalist Toronto Star has touched on the topic, thus far they stand alone. It makes good sense that few media outlets in our country will touch this topic. Our ruling Liberal government are the financial life-blood of mainstream media, and they do not want Canadians getting wind of changing political tides in Europe.

“EU Parliamentary Elections Are Approaching And Populists Are Planning A Frontal Assault On The Establishment”

Make no mistake, prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau wants as few Canadians as possible to comprehend the magnitude of the development. Pourquoi? One reason relates to his socio-political priorities.

Since becoming prime minister in 2015, Trudeau has worked toward his goal of a social inversion within society. Under the Liberals, priority communities are defined as those who qualify as the “suffering and oppressed.”

Sikhs, Muslims, Homosexuals, Transexuals make up government’s primary demographic priorities. At the bottom of the barrel are Trudeau’s nemesis communities. Anglophones, Christians, and others of European extraction constitute those whom government would rather see go “gentle into that good night” of demographic decline.

Developments in the European Union stand counter to the Liberal’s woke globalist imperative. Rather than prioritize illegal refugees as Trudeau does, European leaders like Italy’s Meloni and France’s Le Pen place their multi-generational peoples at top priority.

It’s one reason why media in Canada sublimate the goings-on. Identical to the Feds in political orientation, media advocate what Trudeau pines for: a post-modern, “no-core-identity” Canada.

Any sensible citizen can figure out where this leads. When a nation is devoid of cohesive identity, a new one will come along to take its place. It’s what our PM wants, in spades. Will it be fundamentalist Islam, Sikh nationalism, LGBT domination, or a combination of all of them?

“Political machinations already seem to be underway among some establishment parties to create cooperation with this newly powerful bloc.”

Cultural Action Party [est.2016] find this entirely fascinating. It appears as if  momentum is so strong, the woke left are beginning to capitulate. If anything can make ears of Trudeau burn, this would be the one.

The thing about this Trudeau character– an observation omitted by media– is that in terms of fanaticism, he is every bit as vehement as so-called “right-leaning” politicians in Europe. Fanaticism can come from the left or the right, as 20th century history validates.

In Italy, the far-right is in power, in Sweden the center-right government is backed by the far-right. In Austria, center-right and far-right have been in a coalition, and the latter is polling ahead of all others in the run up to national elections. In France, Marine Le Pen is leading the polls, and in Germany, the conservatives have hinted at future cooperation at a regional level with the far-right AfD.”

And in Canada, the entire situation is covered-up by media. What are we, living in China? The question is not as absurd as many may believe. Over in PM Trudeau’s hero-nation of the far-east, they operate the same way.

Placing 1.3 billion citizens in a political vacuum, the communist government of China permit only what they want in terms of news dissemination. To qualify, the information must fit with ideological principles maintained by government. Over nearly nine-years in power, Trudeau has been working to transition our domestic media model to a replicate of that which exists in China.

“The best example of how the EU commissioner validated the far-right’s worldview, Kundnani argued, was when she created a post for an EU commissioner to promote a European way of life.”

To juxtapose this approach with that of Trudeau’s Liberals is little more than child’s play:

“Systemic racism is an issue right across the country, in all our institutions, including in all our police forces, including in the RCMP. That’s what systemic racism is,” Trudeau said.

“We have to remember and get reminded on days such as this and every day, that Sikh values are Canadian values.”

Our PM wouldn’t put Canadian heritage on a pedestal if it meant he could rig a future federal election. Based on our colonial founding– one for which not a single living Canadian is culpable– Trudeau hates our national heritage.

If it reasonable to state that one day, Liberal government masochism toward our country could fall, as it now appears is occurring in Europe? Nothing can be guaranteed, but it is possible.

In the meantime, the Liberals and their media partners continue to thwart any sign of what Justin Trudeau hates most of all– pride in one’s own country.

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2 thoughts on “Europe At Point Of Transition To “Right-Leaning” Political Domination”

  1. Trudeau’s contrived kingdom is full of holes. Like the fabled Dutch boy; he won’t be able to stop all the leaks. (Keep out unwelcome news.) The dam will burst. Canada won’t become completely insulated; although that’s probably Trudeau’s hallucinatory vision for his seemingly never ending “current year.” Time is Trudeau’s enemy. His invisible wall around Canada will fall like the real one in Berlin. Humpty Dumpty fell off his wall; Trudeau will go down; along with the ideological bricks of his artifice.


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