EU Victories, Foreign Interference Spell End Of “Woke” Trudeau Era

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As the old saying goes, “when it rains, it pours.” Such a circumstance is now unfolding in Canada, though media are doing their best to obscure the developments as an anti-woke cyclone begins to permeate western society.

“Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s arch-conservative Brothers of Italy group won the most votes in the European parliamentary election over the weekend, boosting her standing both at home and abroad.”

“With almost all ballots counted, Brothers of Italy won 28.8%of the vote, more than four times what it took in the last European Union election in 2019.”

In response, western media spin the results, applying terms such as “a loss of democracy,” et al. In reality, it’s the opposite– a victory for democracy, in addition to a resurgence of that lost long political relic– Nationalism.

Important it is to comprehend circumstances from a “50 thousand-foot view” perspective. In our era, a dichotomous relationship exists between globalism and nationalism. As exemplified by Italy’s Giorgia Meloni and Marine Le Pen in France, we have examples of a resurgence of nationalist sentiment. Both leaders maintain an anti-immigration, “closed-border” regarding their respective nations.

Then there is the media– internationalist in orientation, globalist in ideological positioning, perpetually working to erode national borders in favour of a “one-world” global marketplace.

Add to it woke leftist politicians like Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and we come to understand the nature of “soft ideological warfare” which has permeated the planet. Or at the least, western democratic nations, whose governments have spent the last decade peddling their wares as purveyors of “social equity.”

We see the way they roll. First, create a definable “oppressed class,” as Trudeau did with accusations of “systemic racism.” Next, establish a new, “post-modern” class of oppressed, as found in the LGBT movement, and government’s advancement of it as a victimized identifiable community.

To be followed by the Liberals positioning themselves as an antidote to the social maladies. This way, government appear as working for the oppressed, the persecuted, the racialized and so on and so forth.

CBC won’t tell you, and Toronto Star won’t tweet it, but the roots of the methodology are drawn from the tenets of Marxism and its application as communism. As in, nationalism versus communism.

“Europe’s far right gained historic ground in continent-wide elections, with devastating losses forcing French President Emmanuel Macron to concede that the threat from nationalists could no longer be ignored.”

“The rise of nationalists and demagogues is a danger for our nation and for Europe,” Macron said.

To be expected, the statement is a fallacy. Open-door policies, perpetual refugee intake and their ramifications are the real threat to democracy. In terms of advocacy, few [try none] can hold a candle to the Liberal government of Canada.

An blatant example comes in the form of foreign election interference and its accusatory position toward Canadian members of Parliament. China, India, Iran and Pakistan are named in the NSICOP report as the primary purveyors of the phenomenon.

“Canada’s Parliament Rocked By Allegations Of Treason”

“The capital of one of the world’s most stable democracies is gripped by growing panic about foreign agents working in elected office.”

“A bombshell report by Canadian lawmakers has unnerved Parliament Hill, alleging that unnamed politicians have been covertly working with foreign governments.”

In reaction, Liberal Public Safety Minister Dominic Leblanc continues to beat-around-the-democratic-bush, throwing up a litany of rationalizations and excuses.

“Far-right” election victories in the European Union, in tandem with accusations of Canadian MP’s colluding with foreign governments, should spell the end of Justin Trudeau’s “woke saga.”

Still, let us have no illusions. Government will continue to spin the foreign interference findings, while at the same time minimizing exposure of a change in political tides in Italy, France, Netherlands, Hungary and other European nations.

As Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] has pointed to in the past, it’s essential to keep in mind the changing face of government-media relations in Canada. As it exists in Trudeau hero-nation of China, the Liberals and media function today as a team.

In this regard, one may want to think of an upcoming federal election in Canada in this manner:

The Conservative Party versus the Liberal Party, the CBC, and corporate media.

The battle lines drawn, we shall see what transpires as democracies take a walk on the wildside away from wokism as promulgated by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

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