EU Nations REJECT Migration Pact As Trudeau Prepares To Sign

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A NEW United Nations initiative to class migration as a HUMAN RIGHT is being boycotted by European Union (EU) member states, including Italy, France and Austria, who have all REJECTED the proposals in favour of tougher border controls.




2 thoughts on “EU Nations REJECT Migration Pact As Trudeau Prepares To Sign”

  1. He is totally insane. He hates canadians, he hates canada. Not quite sure why he lives here. Ge is destroying our country. Bankrupting us. Putting us out of work and over taxing hard working canadians to pay for illegal immigrants and his party flights .

  2. Trudeau is an unhealthy leader with radical ideas and actions that separate him from his the Canadians he swore to protect and provide better opportunities for.
    He was a sheep in wolf’s clothing and has blindsided everyone with his incompetence..9ver spending on HIS interests outside Canada and twisting our laws to suit his own vision
    He is a traitor to Canada…he must go!
    Yellow Vests for Canada!


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