Ethnic Voter Banks,”Brown Files” Drive Justin Trudeau’s Plan For Re-Election: Ex-Liberal Advisor

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According to former Liberal government advisor Omar Aziz, part of his job,  was to handle “brown files” in the department.

According to Aziz, such racial insensitivity is quite usual in the upper ranks of the Trudeau government, and says he became used to such behaviour while working on Parliament Hill with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s policy team, reports CBC.

There you have it. Proof positive that Justin Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts and Immigration task-master, MP Ahmed Hussen have carved up Canada into ethnic and religious silos.

Result: Community fragmentation. Ethnic community vote-pandering. Virtue-signalling and social justice warrior hypocrisy. Welcome to the new Canadian order. Here, as we gain a much needed glimpse into the back-room, Butts-oriented Liberal government, Canadian voters can come to understand the truth about Trudeau.

That is–some Canadians. The source article here is published by Canadian independent media group Post Millennial--not the National Post. They are part of establishment media, therefor they work to get PM Trudeau re-elected.

Therefor perhaps 5-10% of media consumers in Canada would gain an understanding to this reality. 90% do not–because mainstream media buries the truth of the matter.

Winner? Justin Trudeau. Loser: General Canadian Society. Pourquoi? Because of what CAP call the “silo” effect. Carving voters up into separate and distinct voter blocks does not unite our various identifiable communities–it creates disunity and fragmentation.

But wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here. Justin Trudeay says “diversity is our strength.”

But is the truth not, in fact, the total opposite? Does this not reveal King Justin of Canada to be a hypocritical fraud. Pray-tell, where is the social cohesion within this political dynamic. There is none!

Futhermore, the Liberal Advisor Omar Aziz speaks of the racism he felt while working for one of Canada’s major diversity and globalism pushers, Foreign Affairs Minister, Liberal MP Christia Freeland.

He says: “I basically had to leave my dream job because of racist prejudices that went unacknowledged.”

Was this at a time when he was media liason for Yellow Vests Canada? Nope–he was working for the hyper-globalist, anti-racist Trudeau government of Canada.

Another look behind the commie-curtain of the Trudeau government, another glaring example of Liberal-Globalist hypocrisy. Good thing CBC did a feature on this situation–not! Over at the Globe & Mail, John Ivison waxed eloquently about this. Yes–in a patriot’s dreams.

Once again–ad nauseum– media cover up for the Liberals. They believe if they do so effectively enough, Justin Trudeau will be elected for a second term

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Another recent article adds credence to CAP concept: Sameer Zuberi, a former media coordinator of the Islamic group the Canadian Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Can), is now the Liberal candidate in the Montreal-area riding of Pierrefonds-Dollard.

Zuberi is a former employee and media relations coordinator of CAIR-Can that campaigned for Sharia Law as part of Canada’s Family Court system in 2004-05.

It was a branch of the American Islamist group, Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that was listed as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 2008 Texas Terror funding trial. In 2013 CAIR-Can changed its name to the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM).

Number of articles in mainstream media on this development? Zero. Getting the picture, fellow patriots?  Canada’s monolithic media are working not only for Justin Trudeau–they are working for the Nation of Islam.

Ode to joy! Isn’t die-versity just swell? Let us tell it like it is: Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada is a pro-Globalist, pro-Islam and anti-Christian government.

The evidence is out-of-control. Ditto for media obfuscation. Now, let’s consider the roots of such a set-up. CAP conclude that under King Trudeau, freedom of speech is at the nadir of its existence in Canada. The Liberal have tried–not always successfully– to bully the big social media players. He certainly failed with Zillionaire Zuckerberg.

Which government come to mind when it comes to limiting freedom of speech? China, Cuba, Iran perhaps? Which nations come to mind when thinking of those where government and media function as a single unit? China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, perhaps?

Which governments are most admired by Justin, father Pierre and commie-in-the-shadows brother Alexandre Trudeau? China, Cuba, Iran– younger brother works for the Iranian government as a film-maker.

Hello? Obvious as the back-of-your-hand– yet never been communicated in media. Strange, eh?

CAP Conclusion: Canada is being trans-formed into a pseudo-dictatorship by a formerly black-faced part-time Bollywood dancer. Oh, the shame of it all!

Clown-time is over. We as patriotic Canadians must trans-cend government and media lies, and kick Justin Trudeau out of government–permanently. This political charlatan has fragmented our various ethnic and religious communities.

Is there, or is there not, an increase in racism, bigotry and xenophobia under the iron clad-rule of the leader of the Liberal-Third World government of Justin Trudeau? Seems every day we are either reading about our PM getting his freak on with fancy costumes, or readers are viewing negative race-related articles

For Trudeau, Butts and Hussen, Canada is not a united country. Rather, we are a collection of distinct ethnic and religious voter blocks.

While feigning a flaked-out image of social cohesion in public, behind closed doors these charlatans have divided our people by race, skin colour, ethnicity and religious affiliation.

If this isn’t a perfect microcosm for the fraudulent Trudeau government, nothing is.


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