Ethnic, Religious Communities In Canada Turn Their Back On Trudeau

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April 29th, 2016: “Of those who said they had voted in the 2015 federal election, 65 per cent[of Muslim Canadians] reported voting for the Liberals, with 10 per cent saying they voted for the New Democrats and just two per cent for the Conservatives.”

That was then, this is now. A new poll, ‘Religion and Vote’, condu­cted by the Angus Reid Instit­ute, illustrates how “the times, they are a changin'”.

The poll samples the political opinions of 2,450 Cana­dian adults, and includes 1,006 who identified as Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Sikhs.

“The survey revealed a notable decline in the support for Liberals among Canadian Muslims, 31 per cent of whom demonstrated the intention to vote for the party.”

It means that since the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister, support from Canada’s Muslim communities has dropped by more than half. 41% now favour the New Democratic Party (NDP), as opposed to 10% back in 2015.

“This shift was attributed to the growing discontent with the Trudeau administration’s handling of the Gaza conflict.”

According to the source article, “domestic issues have played a role in the declining support for Liberals. Muslim Canadians have voiced frustration over the perceived lack of meaningful action on issues such as systemic racism, Islam­ophobia and economic inequality.”

An interesting piece of information it is. Despite incessant support for the Muslim community, it appears their voters are turning their backs on the woke “king of kings.”

At approximately four times the population of Jewish Canadians, our PM has spent years playing a game of religious community preference. Muslims and Sikhs being the preferred choice, Christians and Jews secondary. It’s a wicked game that results in ethnic-religious community frustration and divisiveness. Based on his vehemence, a slightly paranoid person could believe the move is entirely intentional.

“Among Canadian Jews, the Conservatives have emerged as the preferred party, garnering 42% of the voting intention, while the Liberals trail at 33%.”

Caught between a “rock and a hard place,” Trudeau can’t seem to win either way.

“The community’s dissatisfaction stemmed from perceived failures by the Trudeau government to combat rising antisemitism and its response to the Israel-Gaza conflict.”

Upon which Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] deviate from mainstream media narrative. CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail. Anyone else notice how media avoid laying responsibility for the social conflict at the feet of woke warrior Trudeau?

In Britain, the media vibe is decidedly different:

“Justin Trudeau’s Woke Tyranny Offers A Warning Of Britain Under Starmer”

“His virtuous impulses have been visible everywhere from his big-hearted approach to refugees– a policy of welcoming tens of thousands of unvetted immigrants per year from countries with documented connections to terrorism– to his zest for apologising to the point of nationally-enforced self-flagellation for Canada’s racist past.”

Refreshing, isn’t it? To witness plain-speak of this nature– also known as “truth”– is a condition sadly lacking among our domestic media outlets.

To exacerbate the situation further, we look to a recent announcement from Liberal Immigration Minister, MP Marc Miller:

“Canada said it will issue visas to 5,000 Gazans, more than it originally pledged.  The visas for Canadians’ relatives living in the enclave represent a five-fold increase from the 1,000 temporary resident visas allotted.”

With conflict brewing in Canadian streets and protests taking place on university campuses across the nation, the Liberals make a decision to increase importation of refugees from war-torn Gaza. We turn to a glaring omission via the Canadian press:

“Why Egypt And Other Arab Countries Are Unwilling To Take In Palestinian Refugees From Gaza”

“As desperate Palestinians in sealed-off Gaza try to find refuge under Israel’s relentless bombardment in retaliation for Hamas’ brutal Oct. 7 attack, some ask why neighbouring Egypt and Jordan don’t take them in.”

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi stated that “the current war was not just aimed at fighting Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, but also an attempt to push the civilian inhabitants to…migrate to Egypt. He warned this could wreck peace in the region.”

So instead, peace in the Canadian region will be wrecked.

“Jordan’s King Abdullah II gave a similar message a day earlier, saying, “No refugees in Jordan, no refugees in Egypt.”

As it happens, Gaza borders directly on Egypt, and the refugees could probably walk there on foot.

See what CBC and the rest have gone and done? Nowhere to be found is a piece of reality purposefully eschewed by Canadian media. While co-religionist brethren nations refuse to bring the Gazans to their countries, the responsibility falls on Canada, a non-Muslim(for the moment) society with no tangible connection to the Middle East.

At least, it used to be this way. Of his own volition, utilizing Canadian tax-payer dollars, Justin Trudeau has brought “Islam to Canada.” Degree of public consultation or citizenship buy-in?

Nothing. This is what we hate about the family Trudeau— their arrogance, entitlement, narcissism and megalomania. Pierre Trudeau was the same way. Unilaterally forcing Multiculturalism upon Canada, the former Liberal PM planted the seeds to turn our country “inside-out.”

Our nation’s least woke legacy media publication, National Post, pipe-in with an affirmation:

“Regular-People Rules Don’t Apply To ‘Prince’ Trudeau: Full Comment Podcast”

CAP would alter the headline to read “Queen Trudeau,” but no need to get snarky. This form of entitlement should not exist in a democratic country. If it does, and lasts for too long, said country will not be democratic in the long run. Our PM’s position falls within the spectrum of the dictatorial, and this should not stand in a democratic society.

The Angus Reid survey indicates that Hindu and Sikh voters were increasingly turning to the Conservative Party, which they perceive as being more aligned with their values and concerns.”

Conclusion: PM Trudeau’s butt-kissing stance toward 3rd World Canadians is falling on deaf ears. At this stage, we’re all sick of the woke charade. In particular, ethno-religious communities are sick of the Liberal’s LGBT/transgender “revolution,” as witnessed here:

“Not Surprising: New Poll Finds Declining Support for Canada’s LGBT+ Community”

Yes– apart from the fringe, Canadians from all walks-of-life have turned their backs on PM Trudeau. Only problem is, he hasn’t turned his back on the prime ministership. The only thing keeping Trudeau on his political perch comes in the form of his direct competitor, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

What a disservice to our country– in addition democratic governance as defined in our constitution. Neither Justin nor Jagmeet appear to give a damn.

Why? We have said it before and will say it again: the true goal of government is not “management” of society. Rather, the goal is social revolution- the twisting and turning of Canada into a post-modern socialist state.

It’s the snow-job of the century, and it must come to an end before our society descends into complete social chaos. Then again, this may well be the “back-room” goal as orchestrated by the true controllers of our nation– whoever they may be.

2 thoughts on “Ethnic, Religious Communities In Canada Turn Their Back On Trudeau”

  1. allowing immigration from ethnic and religious nations and expecting them to vote for secular/atheist party is borderline mental illness

  2. I remember from just a few months ago, scanning the FIRST good headline I’d seen in months and months in Bananada’s state-owned msm;

    Nat Post I think is where I saw the headline — once upon a time they were still somewhat moderate while Christie n Rex were still alive, that is!

    Anyhow, the headline was something about how castreau-antoinnette’s cherry-picked “new canadians” were suddenly now royally pissed at Lord Fauntleroy,

    (who’d enthusiastically imported as many of them as legally, and illegally, as possible on “behalf of ALL Canadians”)

    And that a DECENT-sized horde of Trudas’s recent mass-imported replacement voters

    had actually forced the traitor-tot,


    his ever bold, small personal army of heavily-firearms-laden (and 100% taxpayer-funded) goons / rooftop sniper detail(s) to ACTUALLY break into a run and retreat MOST hastily for their own continued personal health and safety!

    Bravo — I say,

    to that very finest of recent moments in Canadian history.

    “Thank you sir(s)!

    — May I have another?”


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