Establishment Media In Canada DENY Justin Trudeau’s Islamic Conversion

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“Thou doth protest too much”

— William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Actually, the line is the lady doth protest too much.” CAP have altered it for our purposes. So CTV, one of Canada’s premiere media outlets, are attempting to dispel a long-standing rumour regarding the religious affiliation of the current prime minister of Canada.

While validation of Trudeau’s conversion remains elusive, it is entirely factual that since the day Justin Trudeau became PM, he has consistently supported, funded and indemnified the Islamic faith within our borders. Not so for the Christian faith-or any other major religion in Canada.

Yet, according to mainstream media, the idea that Mr. Trudeau converted to Islam  is a preposterous notion.  CAP will not state the conversion is factual. However, either will  deny it to be truthful.

Taking a look at the behaviour of PM Trudeau, one notable element is the manner in which Justin’s behaviour aligns with that of his Islamic MP’s in parliament.

Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen has never pointed out the injustice of religious practises such as female genital mutilation. Same thing with Justin.  Minister of Status of Women, MP Maryam Monsef, has never spoken of the criminal code-breaching practice of child marriage in Canada. Nor has Justin.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs,  half- Canadian  Omar Alghabra, has never condemned Islamic terrorism , or called out militant organizations such as ISIS and Al-Queda. Ditto for Trudeau. MP Iqra Khalid, dual citizen drop-in from Pakistan, labels Canadians who question Islamic practices as racists and bigots. So does Justin Trudeau.

Recognizing a pattern here? CAP is, and more than likely so do millions of sensible Canadians. Yet, establishment media say otherwise. More succinctly expressed, mainstream Canadian media say nothing at all.

Ubiquitous support for Islamic causes. Refusal to confirm any wrong-doing- illegal or otherwise. Funding Islamic non-profits while denying the same for Christian organizations. Remaining deaf and dumb on FGM. Throwing billions of tax payer dollars at theocratic Middle Eastern and African governments. Are Canadians to beliebve every penny goes toward thew poor and suffering? Additionally, Trudeau sings Muslim prayers in Canadian mosques, while refusing to show his face at a Canadian church.

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Let’s get real here. We do so, because it will never happen within the pages of establishment media in Canada. Justin Trudeau’s behaviour is at every turn pro-Islamic. Not only this, his behaviour emulates that of confessed religious Islamics with the Liberal cabinet and caucus. also reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office for comment on the story. In a statement, a spokesperson for the PMO said “this is false.” Perhaps a different line of questioning would be more revelatory in this regard:

Is Mr. Trudeau’s behaviour regarding Islam not aligned with the beliefs and behaviours of Islamic-Canadian MP’s, IMAM’s and community leaders? Here we come to a major stumbling block for those attempting to indemnify Mr. Trudeau from the accusation.

What does this tell us? It informs that establishment media will never ask a question of this nature. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are high that it is a duck.

Regardless of truth–which CAP believe will slowly be revealed after this curious specimen of a prime minister is no longer in office– Justin Trudeau is the most biased and divisive Canadian PM in history. Worse than his father, Pierre Trudeau, by light years.

Playing favourites with the religious heritage and future destiny of religious power in Canada is not the role of a Canadian prime minister. Justin Trudeau does it regardless–even to the point where religious tradition breaches Canadian law, our criminal code, and father Pierre’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This is not a person who should in any manner be making decisions on behalf of a nation which is 95% non-Muslim.



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