Established Immigrant Families Have Greater Wealth Than Canadian-Born

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StatCan has come out with a new report that finds “established” immigrant families are doing better than Canadian-born households are, beating out generational Canadian households by nearly 10%.

They also have more accumulated wealth than Canadian-born families, according to the same data released on Tuesday by StatCan. For established immigrant families, nearly 70 PER CENT of all wealth growth between those years came from real estate. On the flip side, only 39 PERCENT of Canadian-born families wealth came from real estate.

All of which bring a question to mind: Why are immigrants to Canada perpetually depicted as the down-trodden, while generational Canadians are depicted as racists and bigots? And this label is not coming from hooligans at a B.C. Lions football game. It comes from the PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA, not to mention(but we will) MP’s Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid and a host of others.

Within contemporary society, the term “minority” is a misnomer. In fact, it is better described as a WEAPON. Ever since Liberal PM Lester Pearson(with Pierre Trudeau waiting in the wings) altered immigration policy to open the floodgates to the Third World, the term “minority” has been associated with the troubled and oppressed. Indeed, it has been woven into the brain matter of Canadians–and this is no mere coincidence.

At some point in time Canadian demographics will render Anglophones in Canada a minority. When the time comes, will this community suddenly receive a gold star from government for minority community status? Highly doubtful. Certainly Trudeau will never use that term to describe these Canadians. How do we know this? Because Justin Trudeau NEVER MAKES reference to English Canada or Anglophones PERIOD. Indeed, they is the invisible community of our era.

How about the THOUSANDS of tax payer funded non-profit immigration, refugee and multiculturalism in Canada? Will these folks TRANS-form their rhetoric to accommodate the minority status of Anglophone Canada? YES–on a chilly afternoon in the Sahara desert. 

Minority status is a precious commodity that results in BILLIONS of dollars taken each year from tax payers and handed to Third World Canadian not-for-profit organizations. Has the establishment media ever informed citizens this is the case? Of course not–yet this is exactly what the Multicultural Act of 1988 explicitly imposes upon society. Founder of multiculturalism in Canada– Pierre Trudeau.



7 thoughts on “Established Immigrant Families Have Greater Wealth Than Canadian-Born”

    • All of us tax payers should stop paying taxes and teach Trudeau that he cannot do theses types of things to Canadians. If all Canadians didn’t pay there taxes Trudeau might see we are serious about our country and he can’t put us all in jail now can he . We need to stand up for our country because we know our government wont

  1. Trudeau disgusts me. He’s actually doing nothing but doing more harm to society and has to be stopped ..but then there allowing this Idoit to do shit he does. He’s a disgrace to Canada ..amd he’s not even Canadian that fn kicker he a French man a bloody French man I’m true blood Canadian right to core through ancestors and more and I’m disgusted to say I’m Canadian but the what really Canadian anymore there is no Canada

  2. I am a senior on a very limited pension. VERY limited. Have the great good fortune to be in a lovely building with rent subsidies. Everyone drives a beater if they can afford a car. Last year a lovely older Syrian couple moved in. Not a lick of English and none YET. Not even Hi. How do they end up with a brand new golden Jaguar within months of being here? Trudeau wants me and my kind gone. Old Stock Canadians are just a problem. HE is the problem but my generation has sucked up so much of his father’s damaging policies that they really don’t know any better.

    And there is no one in the wings to clean up the mess.

  3. I am a senior and born Caucasian Canadian.
    My father and mother were the same.
    I now class myself as a visual minority with no rights.
    Paid taxes for 65 years and am treated by our government as a second class citizen.
    I see the corrupt government we have in Ottawa and Victoria and it is hard to say I am a proud Canadian.Most of The politicians do there job for what hey can get out of it for there selves.
    Jody Reubel is the first one that I have seen is what a politician should be like.
    Justdone Trudope should. Be in jail for raping the country.


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