Escape Artist: Why Justin Trudeau Survives Every Liberal Government Scandal

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has escaped so many scandals he qualifies as the Harry Houdini of Canadian politics. No matter the quantity or magnitude of the investigations, Mr. Trudeau remains the Rock of Gibraltar of prime ministers.

Last week, the opposition Conservative Party requested that the RCMP reopen a probe into Trudeau’s 2016 Aga Khan vacation. Naturally, they are wasting their time. In terms of investigations into misconduct, a consistent theme emerges: Canada’s prime minister has been classified an “untouchable.”

A recent enquiry into our federal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act sets the tone. Demanded by law to occur within 60 days of lifting the Act, the inquiry is a testament to Liberal Party cronyism.

Justin Trudeau has placed Liberal Party donor Paul S. Rouleau in charge of going through the motions to clear the Liberals of wrong-doing. Esteemed journalist Rex Murphy referred to the investigation as a “farce of an inquiry.”

We pivot to what is known as the “Winnipeg-Wuhan Covid Scandal.” For two years, Conservatives have hounded the Liberals to give up the goods on a shipment of pathogens from a Winnipeg lab to Wuhan, China. The incident involves the firing of two Chinese nationals, who have since disappeared. The inquiry calls for exposure of documents related to the pathogen transfer of deadly Ebola and Henipah viruses to the Wuhan Institute in March, 2019. More than two years later, not a shred of progress has been made.

Throughout the time period, there has been whispering in the wings of a tangible connection to the PMO. As there has been regarding the murders of Barry & Honey Sherman. In this case, over five years have passed, and not a single suspect has been identified.

At the time of the murders on December 15th, 2017, Barry Sherman was under investigation by the Federal Government Lobbying Commission. Central to the case was a Liberal party fundraiser at the Sherman home in August, 2015. The guest of honour was Justin Trudeau, who has recently become Liberal candidate for prime minister. 

Other cases flesh out our theory. WE Charity. Jody Wilson Raybould. SNC Lavalin. In each situation, incriminating accusations have been made toward PM Trudeau. In each case, all evidence was tossed aside to enable Trudeau to remain prime minister. 

Three strikes and you’re out? Mr. Trudeau has hit ethics violations statistics out of the park. In every case, the Ethics Commissioner cleared him of culpability.

What gives? One could argue there are two types who can accomplish such a feat: Marvel Comic Superheroes, and Totalitarian Dictators. While Trudeau and his Bollywood outfits reduced him to a cartoon figure on many occasions, CAP go with the latter.

Seems that nothing can bring Trudeau down from his neo-dictatorial perch. Those with insight may draw a reasonable conclusion: there is something entirely unnatural about these circumstances.

The immediate observation is that Justin Trudeau rules Canada in the same capacity as do dictators in communist nations. Such affinities suggest that Trudeau was selected for the role of prime minister. On this basis, he would have been groomed for the position. Once in office, he became omnipotent.

A more pronounced transition in relations between the PM and the people cannot be found. In the beginning, promises of “sunny ways,” government transparency, and electoral reform flavoured government idealism.

Today, Canadians stand witness to silent ways, frozen bank accounts, and jail time for protesters. At present, Trudeau has zero relationship with the public– a condition common to all dictatorships. Degree to which media articulate the transition? Try zero percent.

What an oddity it is. An article this week in the Hill Times speaks to the issue:

“Near-absolute Cabinet Immunity Needs Judicial Oversight To Protect Against Possible Abuse Of Power”

The article informs readers that Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet maintain the least transparent policies of any western government. Getting the picture, are we?

Not really. Certainly not in a manner commensurate with our nation’s transformation to a neo-dictatorial society. Now for the bad news: they’ve only just begun. All signs point to a continual clamp-down on individual freedoms and erosion of democratic governance.

To solidify the process, we turn to the “next big thing.” A recent Western Standard News article speaks to the future of society:

“Canada One Of Two Countries Participating In WEF Travel Digital ID Pilot Program”

As obscured by mainstream media, Justin Trudeau has positioned Canada as an early adopter of Digital ID. Positioned as a benefit to people-kind, the technology enables government to track personal activities of citizens. Based on degree of cooperation with government, citizens receive a “social credit” score. The program was originated in communist China.

The global leader of Digital ID is the World Economic Forum. PM Trudeau is a WEF member. CEO Klaus Schwab recently heaped praise on Trudeau for his evangelism related to WEF global policy.

Could this be the source of Justin Trudeau’s indemnification from all scandal? Can it be that rather than elected, Trudeau was selected for his role? And as long as he advances WEF policy, he cannot be removed from office under any circumstance?

Does Justin Trudeau as prime minister of Canada qualify as the hood-winking of the century?

13 thoughts on “Escape Artist: Why Justin Trudeau Survives Every Liberal Government Scandal”

  1. I blame, not just Trudeau, but all those that allow his criminal activities to go unpunished! Do they not see that when their usefulness is fullfilled they too will be eliminated?

    • Like Hitler, an evil person that couldn’t have murdered millions without help from so many other participants, Trudeau falls into the same category! Look at who is providing the funds, the means and methods to keep him from being answerable to the public he is supposed to represent! A criminal like no other breaking the laws whenever it suit him! Buying off people with our own taxpayers money to run free to abuse his power whenever he chooses to do so! Bravo Spineless Canadians that are willing to sacrifice their own freedoms to protect this Bastard!

  2. is there not some sort of organization that can bring down this corrupt government. people have to realise one thing, big brother is watching very closely now. no way in the world will the americans will deal with this dictator. maybe he can join the wef and his klaus, because neither one is wanted here

  3. Now that there’s a very good chance Twitter will hold up, people should gather there to express our dissent about the abuses of our government.

  4. Defund the RCMP as they apparently don’t do their job.
    Trudeau clearly committed a criminal offence and they don’t do anything?
    This is considered fraud on the government. Truly Trudeau should be investigated for treason.

    • Unfortunate thing is they’ve tried to investigate that a****** and somehow it always gets brushed under the carpet so I mean quite honestly he has got to go we all agree with that he’s got to go you know we’re never going to get ourselves back on our feet again for years he’s done so much damage and as far as more people coming in the country right now I say no more no more until our people are taken care of the way they should be because that money was put in there by Canadians to be used for Canadians not to be handed out every Tom Dick Harry and terrorist that happens to want to live in Canada or maybe I should call it.

      Trudeau he will never see the inside of a prison cuz he’s got too many places he can f*** off too it’s at some but I think as of right now he should not be permitted to get his hands on the piggy bank nope that should be all Frozen like he throws people’s bank accounts and everything else the only thing that comes out of that account is pensions etc no giving millions and millions of dollars to China or this island that he went to or even this swab guy I mean honestly how do people follow them I couldn’t I don’t honestly believe I could live like that and if anybody out there thinks that’s a fantastic life then go ask them go ask Korea go ask China go ask some people in Japan cuz they might tell you or even Russia Germany the middle East I’m sure they’ll tell you that if they weren’t being listened to but they’re not happy now there is one thing that I’ve under the impression because this is Canada is still owned by England or the queen she can step in at any time and put a stop to this now I know she’s not well yada yada yada okay so are they telling us that they’re okay with that f*** faces doing that Charles what am I saying oh my God Charles is as bad as he is maybe William would be better let William step it or better yet like Kate step in you know I’m not a I’m not a fan of royalty if you look back in their history they’re not exactly squeaky clean but some of the things they did was pretty disgusting too and I don’t just mean England I mean anybody out there that has the title of royalty oh crap anyway that’s it for me for the moment until something else pops in my empty space between my ears and I honestly hope this ends like now because if it doesn’t.

      He’s had what 6 years to get this all in place action longer but it’s been the last 6 years that we’ve actually seen a lot more you know they don’t tell you what’s in the needles they won’t tell you what their meetings are and as far as I’m concerned I’m a taxpayer you’re a taxpayer they work for us so if they’re having a meeting there’s no secrecy involved with that no no no secrecy at all because they should be telling us everything that happens it shouldn’t be all cloak and dagger well maybe true s*** might learn his lesson when he finds out that the so-called people he thinks are backing them when they get what they want he’s laughing to them.

      He thinks he’s Rich he thinks he’s an elite well he’s not no he’s got money but he’s no Elite by any means and the fact that when he was at that one meeting of the heads of state in Europe and he was snubbed by the heads of state and the look on his face was precious honest to God.

  5. “Canada One Of Two Countries Participating In WEF Travel Digital ID Pilot Program” *Western Standard*: “The federal government has committed Canada to participate in the World Economic Forum’s Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI) pilot program.

    Pilot partners include the Government of Canada, the Government of the Netherlands, Montreal-Trudeau airport, Toronto Pearson airport, Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, and air carriers KLM and Air Canada, as listed on the KTDI website.” Read the source article; resist the urge to tear out your hair.,listed%20on%20the%20KTDI%20website.

    This is only the beginning.

  6. Harper called Canadian govt a “benign dictatorship”. He also practiced his role in that capacity. And apparently the only way actiin van be taken against a PM is if a parliamentarian makes a filing for investigation. But then again, Raybkuld was top Lawyer of Canada and we saw what the WEF via Trudeau did to her and her courage to report malfeasance.

  7. STOP VOTING in all elections.
    All elections are rigged.
    All of them.
    In every country, at every local.
    Do not vote in the upcoming Ontario elections.


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