Erasure Of History Is The Motive For Trudeau’s Passport Redesign

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Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre denounced Canada’s new passport designs in the House of Commons this week, charging PM Justin Trudeau with attempting to erase Canadian history.

He’s right. Fathers of Confederation— gone. Vimy Ridge— vamoose. Iconic Canadian Terry Fox— not to be found. While Canadian media fret over these facts, essential elements of the picture are being kept from the purview of general society.

It comes in the form of conversion– a calculated transition of our nation into a condition no Canadian asked for, or approved of. CAP speak of the structure found in authoritarian states. By way of  Justin Trudeau, this has now arrived in Canada.

Karl Marx conceptualized these ideas in his 1867 publication Das Capital, ideological foundation for conversion to communist statehood. In his classic book, 1984, George Orwell reminded us that “who controls the past controls the future.”

CAP add a corollary: those who erase the past pave the way for a future of their own design.

Justin Trudeau: “Canada is a country with no core identity.”

We pick up on the plan. For starters, Canada as it has been known since its founding in 1867 is finished. A core component in a process of decimation is an erasure of national symbols which form the essence of Canadiana.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau famously described Canada as a ‘post-national’ and ‘pan-cultural’ country. The symbols are now catching up with that description, where culture and history have disappeared in favour of the watery identity of a melting snowflake.”

The imagery inside the new passport paints the picture: parks, ducks, rainbows and snowflakes are the new standard. Generic imagery it is, as opposed to traditional symbols from Canadian history.

Political activist Marcus Garvey is famously quoted as stating the following:  a people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.” 

Given time, a tree without roots dies. This is what Trudeau is doing to our country. With full intention, the Liberals are cutting out the roots of Canadian culture. Other elements of death and dying permeate the picture:

Death of free speech on the internet, death of freedom of the press, and ultimately, the death of democracy itself. The running down of Canadian heritage and identity by PM Trudeau over the past eight years fits neatly into this political package.

If our history is infused with shame, our past genocidal, and our heritage racist, why would citizens value our historical symbols? Our Liberal government has weakened pride in country for the purpose of severing modern society from its historical identity.

It’s classic communism, plain and simple. With a few “progressive” measures thrown in for good measure:


“One of the main aims of the Lenin period[communist revolution in Soviet Union] was to abolish the bourgeois family.  The Bolsheviks advocated for the abolition of differentiated gender roles.

Hello, Justin Trudeau, obsessional advocate of LGBT/Transgender politics.

“The family unit perpetuates class inequality through the transfer of private property through inheritance. Following the abolition of private property, the bourgeois family will cease to exist.”

Hands up, those who say it is easier than ever for Canadians to afford to buy a home.


Marxist scholars adapted their revolutionary theory to the social and racial unrest of the 1960s. Abandoning Marx’s dialectic of capitalists and workers, they substituted race for class and sought to create a revolutionary coalition of the dispossessed based on racial and ethnic categories.”

Even Canada’s woke liberal snowflake contingent couldn’t deny a contemporary truism: the advent of Justin Trudeau as prime minister coincided with the rise of racism to the top issue on Canada’s social totem pole.

Not content with the status quo, Trudeau began to endorse the concept of “systemic racism,” thereby placing the issue on steroids. The outcome? A tangible increase in social chaos, elixir of communist revolutionary thought.

Exacerbation of race and gender conflict increases social division within a society. This agenda, drawn from communist ideology, ensures that Canada’s citizenship remains fragmented– essential in a war on freedom and democracy.

National Symbolism:

“The Four Olds was a term used during the Cultural Revolution in the People’s Republic of China in reference to the pre-communist elements of Chinese culture they attempted to destroy.”

“The Four Olds were: Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Customs, and Old Habits.”

The new Canadian passport removes historical images of the Fathers of Confederation, the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, and the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Classic communism in action? Cultural Action Party go all-in on this concept. CBC won’t say it, Globe & Mail won’t print it, and Toronto Star won’t speak of it.

Of course not– show CAP an authoritarian society, and we will show you a country in which government control their media. Is this not what Mr. Trudeau has accomplished by transitioning control of Canadian media to the CRTC via Bill C-11?

The signs are everywhere; the discussion is nowhere– quintessential signs of a nation’s political transformation.

The Liberal’s explain away the passport transition. “It’s all for the purpose of improving security features.”

Bollocks to that. It’s subterfuge, plain and simple. The passport re-design represents another incremental step toward Canada’s conversion to an authoritarian state.

8 thoughts on “Erasure Of History Is The Motive For Trudeau’s Passport Redesign”

  1. Since Canada is now made up of Rainbow and snowflakes, seems fitting to put them together on the new passport. Looks more like his coloring book.

  2. I must say, it is incredibly offensive to see these closet commies wearing a poppy.
    All those soldiers who gave their lives to protect the world from rise of tyranny, to protect us from what the entire political class in canada now supports. Every major party in this country carries parts of the communist plan to destroy us in their platform. No matter who is in power the plan will continue to advance, as it has for the last five decades.
    If we don’t acknowledge the weapons that have been deployed against us, we can not hope to win.
    Every major action by the governments of canada is designed to cause harm, we are being bled out by the death of a thousand cuts.
    Weaponized migration, the war on carbon and now nitrogen, mass censorship, fiat currency, the war on the family, promotion of terrorism, promotion of the rainbow alphabet cult, the list goes on and on. If there is a wrong choice to be made, you can rest assured the elected servants in government will make that choice, on purpose.

  3. Yeah bub; that’s the ticket. The squirrel eating nuts is one sign a sign of a true Canadian–I’m sure that the late Terry Fox; whom you have deemed unworthy of a place of honor on our passports–would agree. Note to Trudeau: Your efforts are futile. The roots of our heritage lie deeper than your scheming little brain can imagine. Time will tell. Like a dandelion root–We’ll keep reappearing. And–like Lady MacBeth in *Hamlet*–No amount of handwashing will remove the blood from your dead hands.

    • Message to Rich: The opening line “Yeah bub; that’s the ticket” was aimed at Trudeau. I didn’t give it an immediate context.

  4. I’d rather see an image of a great big honking truck on the Hill. I bet that would get tons of ground-level support.


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