England’s Ban On Puberty Blockers “In Your Face” Moment For Trudeau

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In 2022, Canada’s Liberal government announced that it would earmark $100 million to benefit 2SLGBT people.

Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity, said “the strategy was long overdue,” adding that more support is needed in public schools.

She said Canada has lagged behind many other countries, such as the U.K., Ireland and the Netherlands, which already have government action plans.

Standing in direct contrast to transgender policy in Canada comes the following news, currently being played down by mainstream media:

“Children in England will no longer receive puberty blocker prescriptions, the National Health Service (NHS) of England said, confirming that the medicine will only be provided to youth who were taking part in clinical research trials.”

Sublimation of the information should come as no surprise to astute political observers. For the past two years, legacy media in Canada have been burying similar trends south-of-the-border:

“As the issue of trans rights has become more political, states are increasingly banning gender-affirming care for trans minors.”

Did you know? Georgia, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Montana, Nebraska and fourteen other American states have put measures in place to restrict elements of transgender surgery, including limitations on puberty blockers for minors.

CBC say nothing. Toronto Star tow the Liberal-NDP LGBT line. What makes Canada this way? Why is it that our society has been deemed “transgender-central” by those in control of our national destiny?

The general public never asked for it. Not were they offered an opportunity to do so. As it is with every significant piece of social policy in our country– immigration, multiculturalism, abortion, Euthanasia– government just up-and-did-it.

A political dynamic devoid of democratic process? Of course it is. The Liberals form the federal government, and a Trudeau-family member sits atop the totem pole of social policy. Say no more, say no more.

Turns out Liberal funding  pledged to invest up to $10 million per year in 2SLGBT projects in countries other than Canada.

Marci Ien, Minister of Women and Gender Equality, welcomed the action plan alongside Trudeau, commenting at the time that “this is for the black queer people who are fighting every day to justify their place in this country.”

Of course she would play the victim-card. Several Liberal MPs qualify as the most virulent LGBT-pushers on the planet— Edmonton MP Randy Boissonnault being downright militant about the issue.

“We have concluded that there is not enough evidence to support the safety or clinical effectiveness of [puberty blockers] to make the treatment routinely available at this time,” an NHS England policy document released on Tuesday read.

Holy Cow– Trudeau must be crying into his rainbow-coloured coffee cup. In a highly nuanced(not) comment in recognition of International Transgender Day, our PM delivers this gem:

“Trans women are women.”

PM Justin Trudeau

End of story. What makes a competent political leader?  That would be a politician with a deep understanding of a social issue as complex as transgenderism for Canadian youth. What a cop-out this is.

Transitioning to partner-in-wokism leader of the NDP Party, we uncover his attitude:

“Today and every day we celebrate transgender and nonbinary communities that have fought to create safer and more welcoming spaces across Canada!”

—  Jagmeet Singh

What– every day of the year, Jagmeet? You want all Canadians to live and breath transgenderism 365 days a year, eh?

Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] cough up our retort:

Dear Justin & Jagmeet,

Apart from a tiny sliver of academics, no one in Canada asked for this. No one voted for it, nor approved it. No referendum has been created. Input from general society is non-existent.

Now, much of the free world is turning away from one of your “core beliefs.” How about you and political partner Jagmeet Singh do the same?

Never– it won’t happen. Locked into a woke globalist playbook, one can be certain that Liberal “progressives” will fail to progress along with most of the western world.

“From 2021-2022, more than 5,000 youth were referred to the Gender Identity Development Service, a national health clinic in the U.K., compared to less than 250 a decade earlier. The clinic is closing at the end of March.” 

There it is– an allusion to what is arguably the most pertinent question within the transgender debate. It comes as no surprise that establishment media in Canada wouldn’t touch this with an 88-foot pole:

Organic, or Conditioned?

Is the spike in adolescent desire for sex-change transition a natural result, or can it be said that a highly profitable “Transgender Industry” has stimulated impressionable youth to consider physical “realignment” of their body parts?

If concerned, don’t go to Justin Trudeau for an answer. He’s already said all he has to say on the issue:

“Trans women are women.”

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  1. The fruitcake Marci Ien, “Minister of [Rainbow Peoples/Giraffes/Cats/Rabbit Peoples] welcomed the action plan alongside Trudeau, commenting at the time that “this is for [all three] black queer people who are fighting every day to justify their place in [white homosexual parades.]”

  2. Marci Ien, another in a long tradition of appointments from Canadian politics
    ( part of that ” colonial system ” ) that is too often based on quotas.


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