End Of Democracy: Trudeau, Liberals, Media, LGBT, China, Middle East VERSUS The Conservative Party

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A Liberal Party agenda to lockdown governance in Canada for all-time is the “silent revolution” of our era. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a national leader like none who came before him. Media’s job is to ensure Canadians never come to comprehend the task placed before him.

The goal isn’t to win a federal election. The goal is to win every federal election. The results are manifold: a transition of our nation to a “one party state.” An entrenchment of a form of pseudo-dictatorship. The elimination of all competing parties–save any that can serve to prop up the Liberal dictatorship.

How to accomplish this formidable task? How about instead of a purely domestic focus, we expand the boundaries to include the entire world. Hence, the introduction of a globalist political agenda.

It works like this: Bring key foreign players on board through funding, pandering and supporting their anti-democratic ideologies. In this capacity, there is no political leader on earth more skilled at this than Justin Trudeau.

In all truth, this man is the king of political grovelling. See Trudeau on his knees before the Sikh Council of Canada. Witness Trudeau prostrate himself before the Foreign Minister of Iran. Watch as our PM perpetually tows the line of communist China.

Why? The answer is surprisingly simple. Putting this into a “boxing-federal election” format, this is how Trudeau’s Great Reset agenda plays out:

In the left-hand corner, wearing the rainbow trunks, the Liberal Party, Trudeau, Media, Academia, Big Business, International Banking, United Nations, China, Iran, LGBT, Punjab and Transgenderism.

In the right-hand corner, wearing the red and white trunks— the Conservative Party of Canada.

Projected outcome: the Liberal Party of Canada never again lose a federal election. Are there any additional strategies to ensure success?

Damn right there are: the ace-in-the-hole comes in the form of immigration policy. Via Justin Trudeau, Canada now maintains the highest immigration quotas in history.

Playing a supporting role, media refrain from pointing out that 90% of new arrivals to our country vote for the party in power at the time they enter the country. Family members vote in unison, and in fact, so do entire ethnic communities.

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This political agenda has been in place since the day Justin Trudeau seized control of society. Naturally, for a complex program of this nature to succeed, long-term planning must exist. CAP maintain that Justin Trudeau was groomed to become the grand decimator of Canadian democracy.

Trudeau’s psychological make-up is ideal for the role. An under-achiever by trade, the role of PM served to fulfill every narcissistic need  Justin could ever crave. Addicted to power and control, the mania he inherited from mother came flying out of the gate upon elevation to the throne of Canada in 2015.

His sheltered, coddled upbringing served to create a highly impressionable character. Whisper messages of glory into his ear, and he is yours for life. Such was the influence of Canada’s multicultural lobby, which resulted in Mr. Trudeau jumping off the deep end in terms of support for 3rd World Canada.

The end game is simple in conception: to transition Canada from a functioning democracy to a socialist dictatorship. A consolidation of the powers of the planet into united political vehicle to fulfill Justin Trudeau’s megalomania– as well as his backers desire for end of democracy in Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

4 thoughts on “End Of Democracy: Trudeau, Liberals, Media, LGBT, China, Middle East VERSUS The Conservative Party”

  1. This is bullshit, We need this bloodsucker Trudeau out of office.

    But so many Canadians keep voting for this ass over and over. It’s like a drug there addicted to this scumbag for reasons that are crazy bordering on insane.Come on people– he’s killing our country.

    • You have to go after the new voters: anyone that’s voting in their first-ever election qualifies.

      You have to appeal exclusively to their emotions. “Electoral candy” is one term for something like this.

      There is no way in the world to defeat the allure of “spending without consequence.” You have to figure out how to short-circuit their long-term rational thought process long enough to get their approval. But once they give him what he wants, Trudeau can’t be bothered with them.


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