Employment Lawyer Speaks On Job Termination Possibility For Vaccine Refusals

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When speaking of employment, many Canadians workers will view the double-dose shot of the pandemic vaccine as a welcome relief. For  business owners, the vaccine promises employers a return to normal circumstances.

Then, there is the “dark side” of an employee’s fate should they refuse the vaccine, or for medical reasons, they have been instructed no to indulge. 

A Canadian Employment lawyer has the following to say on the matter:

“Generally, no, an employer can’t force an employee to get vaccinated,” says Andrew Monkhouse, a Toronto-based employment lawyer.

“The question becomes, though, can an employer terminate an employee because they don’t want to take a vaccination. If the reason for refusing the vaccine is not for medical or religious reasons, the employer could choose to push it as far as termination.”

Far to say– in layman’s terms–that a Canadian employee can be fired from their job for refusing to receive the Covid vaccine. Seems to be case as far as the common eye can tell.

What to make of this? Many thoughts seem to bubble up all at once. For the legal-oriented, will this situation be considered a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

“Section 1 of the Charter gives a government a chance  to justify before a court a violation of a Charter right. If a government is able to convince a court that its law or decision is a justified violation of a person’s constitutional rights and freedoms, the court will not nullify the law or overrule the government decision.”

Frankly, one does not have to be a constitutional lawyer to know this is exactly what will occur should Charter challenges arise  For CAP, this is a given.

Beyond this, witness how the pandemic is playing out according to the rules of post-modern society, as well as the Great Reset dynamic. In the beginning, the punitive repercussions are not mentioned at all by government or media.

Next, they are mentioned– but said repercussions are minimal. Then, once the vaccine becomes available, comes the information anti-vaccine advocates are dreading to hear– they can possibly be fired from their place of employment if they refuse the vaccine.

Astute Canadians should expect more along these lines–much more. If folks haven’t noticed, our government’s pandemic-related social policies contain a ominous sub-text.

Away from what CBC and corporate media have to say, the fact is that Covid functions as a form of social conditioning. See Canadians begin to adhere to stringent rules when going out in public. Witness as government control a progressively greater and greater component  of citizen’s daily lives.

In other words, it is arguable a secondary element in all of this is preparing Canadians for a giant social and political transformation. Students of 20th century history may recognize a certain correlation with pre-totalitarian government takeover. After all, to dump nation-changing social transitions on a citizenship all at once would surely create a panic situation.

Better instead to use the fine art of “subterfuge”–a substitution of a hidden objective with a superficial modus operandi.  Could it be that our nation is about to morph into a form of pseudo-dictatorship in which government control all aspects of the lives of its citizens?

Hyperbole? Acute Paranoia? Perhaps–yet no one cannot say this has never occurred previously. Media complicity was essential in these historical situations. Fair to say that in terms of “post-modern” Canadian society, mainstream media are in full compliance with government policy?

On an emotional level, the number one feeling that all this is cultivating is one of fear. Add anxiety, stress, financial instability, deficit, debt to this, as well as both mental and physical health.

Sound anything like the “sunny ways” proclamation PM Trudeau hit us up with upon ascendancy to the throne of Canada in 2015? Indeed, the exact opposite is the result. Media say nothing.

A recent poll from Angus Reid Institute has Mr. Trudeau currently leading in the polls by six points–when and IF a future federal election actually occurs.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(2016)









27 thoughts on “Employment Lawyer Speaks On Job Termination Possibility For Vaccine Refusals”

  1. WARNING TO ALL CANADIANS !!!! Fellow Canadians, I was born in Communist country and lived there for 30 years before I escaped with my wife and kid and came to Canada so we could live in freedom and peace. As I can see now, Communism came to Canada and is getting well established and embedded in our daily lives. I do not blame you for not seeing what is happening here since you never lived under Communism and therefore you have nothing to compere life in Canada to. However, I am pissed off beyond control when I am trying to tell many of you that Communism is here, that Communist assholes, being it Trudeau and his gang of criminals, are stealing this country from you, stealing your freedoms and stealing your future and you still do not believe it ! No matter what I am trying to tell you you act like you were deaf and blind ! But I think you are just properly brainwashed by the systems, which I have seen in many cases during my life under Communists, and you are just lazy suckers who do not want to be disturbed by anything while watching your stupid sports and reality shows ! And all this while Communist criminals are stealing your kids’ future ! Wake up you lazy bastards and start doing something about it, it is almost too late today ! Unless you revolt and unless you drag the entire Communist Liberal government out of the office and arrest them nothing will change here ! When the hell you finally get this? No protests, no petitions, no begging or reasoning will help you ! This whole Covid bullshit is here just to enslave you, to take your freedoms completely away ! You still do not see that? Wake the **uck up finally !

    • Bruno
      I am with you, I grew up in Europe.
      And I don’t get how they can be all so blind.
      It’s literally dangling in front of them yet they can’t or don’t want to see it.
      The liberals need to be removed one way or another.

    • This is the same as a womans right to abortion. It’s my body my choice and if others take the shot and I dont then they are not at risk as they have been vaccinated so why should I as a citizen with rights under the charter be forced and or sanctioned by threats to take a vaccine that may do irreparable harm to me.

    • Excellent comment. I have seen it coming for a long time. People just do not see it, they are brainwashed. Can you please post this exact comment on facebook and anywhere else possoble.

      • Thank you, but Fascistbook deleted both my profiles at once since they did not like when I was posting comments like this over there. Unfortunately, we are already beyond the point where things could have been changed peacefully. But the problem is that so many born Canadians were so badly brainwashed that even they will fight against those who woke up and see what is going on here. In order to completely change the whole direction towards Communist (read Globalist) enslavement Canada is heading right now, it will take nothing short of brutal revolution and total collapse of economy, leading to civil unrest and basically civil war where majority of the braindead citizens will have to vanish so the rest of people can start rebuilding this new society. It is very bad that it must come to such extreme situation but no other means will help to change it anymore. As a former Commander of Special Forces, duly trained by Communist army, I am leading group of real Patriots and we are all ready to do whatever it takes to protect our families and freedom in this country from these Communist predators. I was trained by Communists to defend the “beautiful socialist country” against the “western aggressors” but now I pledge to use all the tricks and skills I learned in that Special Forces training to defent this beautiful country of Canada, which is my homeland now, against these Liberal- Communist bastards who are doing everything possible to destroy it !!!

    • Thank you for pointing out our dire state. Do you really think arresting them would do anything since likely the courts are also corrupted and will go along with this global take over.Trudeau is a mere puppet even if he were removed,yet another globalist puppet would take his place. Doug Ford is just as much a tyrant in Ontario, so there is little hope a Conservative government would do anything different.

      • Yes, courts are corrupted and justice system is not functional. Same as Police and Military. However, people have to completely get rid of all politicians and politics. Country MUST be run and lead exclusively by top professionals who were selected from the best of them. This worked flawlessly for Millenia in past and it was abandoned only after some sneaky, incapable and lazy bastards invented politics and political parties. The ancient way of ruling the society in Slavic countries was called “KOPA LAW”. This below may be not the best translation but gives you an good idea what that means:

        The Law of Law and Self-Government of the Slavs as an Inspiration for Today

        Law of Law – a term whose meaning almost fell into the abyss of oblivion. Indeed, like most of the meanings that the construction of the knowledge of the world and the universe by our ancient ancestors was fulfilled. In the consciousness of today’s man, this building did not remain stone on stone. This is due to Christianity, its worship mission to establish a new civilization on the ruins of the culture, knowledge and wisdom of pagan antiquities.

        Civilization comes from the Latin word “Civis” – a citizen. In the order of the Roman Empire is meant a citizen of a supranational state, in other words, a world citizen. If the world citizen is an expression of a member of the world community, the parallel of the world government necessarily ties to it. It was, and still is, the Catholic Church who, throughout its existence, has been striving for a world dominion, who has historically introduced the idea of ​​the Roman Empire as a patron of civilization. And it leaves no doubt that it is a Christian civilization. Civilization, the process of civilization, civilized society, these are the concepts that refer to Christianity as a refining and state-forming force. Today’s concept of history does not hesitate to claim that the civilized world has existed only since humanity experienced the awareness of Christianization. This must be agreed. If civilization is a name for the world domination of the elect and the subjugation of the entire population of their parasitic power, then we are dealing with an era of the deepest decline of human freedom and slavery.

        But let us turn to the ancient, uncivilized, pre-Christian times. Unfortunately, we have little information about our past before the advent of Christianity. The evangelization of our ancestors was carried out with devastating consistency. By the genocide of the ancient people, the total destruction of the pagan sources of knowledge and faith, the erasure of human memory by interfering with the own language of the Slavic nations – remember Cyril and Methodius, their work that eradicated their sense of belonging Slavic – and then rewriting history according to the lies of Christian priests and preachers. Contemporary Western civilization is a legacy of it all, both by content and by name.

        From the true history of antiquity of our peoples, only the influence of Hellenism remained, its philosophical roots falling into the beginnings of the historical era of rationality burdened by myopic idealism and stoic asceticism. Above all, however, the genesis of the gradual alienation of man to family and spiritual roots and its subjection to the state body of power, which aims to enslave spiritual and physical. In this respect, the Catholic Church – the guardian of all education – has kept enough documents in its libraries. Everything else was baptized by fire and covered with ash.

        But back to looking into the days when people still had the truth, the right to self-determination and their own conscience. The word TRUE is a combination of the terms TRUE and DA. The PRAV refers to the higher dimensions of the PRAVI world where our gods and forefathers of the Slav-Aryan ROD originate. According to the Vedic knowledge of our pagan ancestors, we are in the four-dimensional world of JAVI. Above it, far higher into space, extends the higher worlds of NAVI and RIGHT. The PRAVI world represents the highest developmental stage of living existence and a place of higher intelligence bringing into our world JAVI the light of knowledge. The expression DA in the word TRUTH means Russian YES, that is to say to this light of knowledge. The result of Vedic tradition and rule in the ancestral possessions of our ancestors was therefore wisdom and deeds based on the highest form of conscience, in other words, Vedic knowledge (Conscience = to be with the Vedas). The organization of our families was later governed by the Law of Kicking. I would like to focus on this concept in the following lines.

        Ancient Slavic families were sufficient in their organization with a council of elders and customary law. Later, however, there was a mix of genera and concentration of a larger population in a smaller area. This necessitated the introduction of a representative system of administration and decision-making on the future of the possessions. The law of law is derived from the word Kopa, which means a unified community of citizens sharing a common destiny of existential and spiritual. To this day, the expression cheerful or hilarious heap has been preserved. Here, one can see clearly the unification of the individual with the whole to which the concept of a lot refers. The right to express the united will of the whole (kicks) through an elected representative who had to be approved by all esteemed men of the family.

        This has nothing to do with contemporary democracy. Not all citizens were entitled to vote, but only respected men of such a community. The esteemed man was a real householder, remembering the welfare of the whole family and his own family. Women did not have the right to vote. There is no discrimination. According to the moral principles of the people at that time, the woman entered into marriage pure and unclean. Our ancestors believed that in this case a man would give her a picture of blood and spirit under the law of telegonia. This will create a higher unity of opinion and thought, and the two voices will naturally merge into one, with the spokesperson responsible as a man as a patron and guardian of the family.

        The esteemed man was a householder who took full responsibility for his family and the living space entrusted to him (settlement, field), and these are proof of his correct way of life fully in agreement with the Conscience (Vedas).
        Dear men of the family therefore had to unanimously and inconsistently elect their representative to the higher assembly. There the same process of electing representatives to the High Council was repeated, from which the elected prince came. At each stage of the election, the right to vote was based on the assumption that the elected representative had the mandate of all voters of the Assembly. Naturally, therefore, the law of the court ensured the delegation of powers to the best and most capable representatives of the people who had no hidden defects and side intentions.

        Is it possible to apply the court’s right to contemporary society? Naturally, yes. This is also why we do not read about the right of lien. It is in the interest of the current parasitic elites to keep the slave system of democratic states and manipulate their citizens to demand even more democracy, even more equality, and, as a result, more injustice and subjugation by the people of the people. Today we do not have a social structure here. However, the right to apply the law to the professional communities. It is possible to organize a system of professional chambers and councils, where the right to vote belongs to all regular members of the state who responsibly and selflessly perform their craft. The supreme and legislative assembly can then be the Senate, where they delegate and from where they also remove their representatives of the Estates Chamber on the basis of the collective will of individual states.

        Of course, no just representative system can support the morally spiritual sphere of society. The spiritual and moral state of society is the responsibility of the spiritual state. It is understood that priests possessing the highest degree of knowledge and knowledge. I do not mean here Christian clergymen. The dignified states of citizenship do not need a shepherd begging for mercy of God and salvation of Christ for their lives or for the spiritual orientation of the shepherd. For salvation from what, or from what? From this world? In front of themselves? People do not need to beg for forgiveness and kneel in humility before God Almighty if their life is just. The only true spiritual light is the light of knowledge, the light of truth, the light of sovereignty and individuality, and the light of pure conscience. Christianity, as we know, brings mostly lies, darkness and sheer ignorance on these issues. Finally, the pitiful moral state of this society fully corresponds to the way the Christian priests act on people’s consciousness.
        Kopa – A meeting of the gathering members of a separate Slavic settlement or clan for decision-making on pressing current issues of society together (all together, unanimously).
        Law is a collection of Commandments and Rules by which our Ancestors lived. Of course, in different communities there was something of their own, generic, primordial.
        Kopa and Veche – there is also a place of Assembly, as well as a place where the Wisdom of the Clans, which governs all the standards of life of Slavic society, is accumulated (collected). Very often, Kopa and Veche gathered in a sacred place – on a shrine or in a sacred oak grove, where the Wisdom of the Clans not only accumulated, but also multiplied many times, for its guardians were the many-wise priests and wise men that Trebs and Glories brought to the gods.
        The organization of society on the principle of cop law was the most advanced community management system.
        The meaning of this term is more clearly disclosed by the root words: in bulk, aggregate, congestion, mop, save, get to the bottom of the truth. Kopa gathered in the center of one of the villages of the community, which was called KOPovische, KOPische or KAPische. Kopa was going to a meeting or Veche.
        The right to vote on the Cope was enjoyed only by householders who had permanent settled. These were family elders – heads of clans. They were also called “judge judges”, “husband society”, i.e. community men. Sons and brothers who did not have separate households, as well as women, did not have voting rights and appeared in the assembly only upon Cope’s special request for witness testimony.
        The elders were also present at Cope, whose opinion was asked when it was necessary to pronounce the verdict on the basis of old decisions: they did not have the right to vote on Cope, but their advice could be crucial. Mop law was based on the rule of unanimity – coming to a consensus of all members. Perverting the law of unanimity, the Slavs were forced on the democratic principle of elections based on the percentage of the vote, because in any collective the worst is always the majority.
        On Cope, all aspects of the community’s working life were settled and criminal trials were conducted. Cope’s customary law violations and its decisions have never been observed, and if they did, they were an emergency. This is due to the fact that in a democracy a person, seeing any violation of state law, has the right not to take measures to combat this violation, without bearing any moral or criminal responsibility.
        But under the autocracy, every Slav, faced with some kind of injustice, violation of custom or cop law, was obliged to make every effort to suppress and eliminate this violation. If he did not do this, then he was considered an accomplice to the crime, of which he was a witness, and was fully responsible for this along with the violator.
        The importance of broad self-government was strengthened by elected posts: ten deity – one each from 10 yards and one hundred – from 100 yards. The rural communities in Kopa formed a parish. At the Kopa gathering, a volost foreman (usually for 3 years), as well as a volost government and a volost court, were chosen. If necessary, public affairs intercessors were chosen – petitioners to the capital city. To protect their lands from an external enemy and maintain proper order within the country, Kopa princes were chosen from among the representatives of the most influential and strong families of hereditary warriors who made up the Honor and Glory of our Fatherland. At the Vsezemsky Council, the monarch — the head of the whole country — the Grand Capital Prince of All Russia — was chosen from among the most worthy princes.
        For the Slav, the opinion of Cope was the highest spiritual and moral reference point. Russian people said: “The worldly glory is strong”, “The world will sing, the stone will crack”, “You cannot argue with the world”, “There is no judgment on the world”, “The world is settled and unshakable”, “God judged what the world ordered” , “What the world is supposed to do, so be it.”
        They lived in obedience to the commandment of God Odin: “It is impermissible to forgive the one who intentionally commits evil, for the evil that remains without punishment is multiplied, and the guilt for the multiplied evil lies with the one who left the evil unpunished and did not bring it to God’s righteous court.”
        Such a manifestation of Kopnyi Law is possible only with perfect publicity and love of the people. At Cope, the full independence of the opinions of Skhodotayev was ensured. Everyone had the opportunity to open their Soul. Everything went straight on Cope, questions were posed: “the truth was a womb”, and if someone tried to get away with silence, he would be ruthlessly taken to clean water.
        The most humble men, who at another time couldn’t even say a word against anyone, on Cope, in moments of general excitement, completely transformed and gained courage, managed to outstrip the obviously brave men. Cope was made open by mutual confession, mutual exposure and repentance, the manifestation of the widest publicity. In these minutes, the private interests of each reached the highest degree of tension, the public interests and justice, in turn, reached the highest degree of control.
        According to the Right-Glorious tradition (not to be confused with modern “Orthodoxy”), the sons and younger brothers of the householders, as well as women, did not have voting rights and appeared in the assembly only upon special request of the Cope for testimony. The Veduni (sorcerers) were the custodians of the Right-Traditional traditions of their ancestors, but on the Cope there were also elders, whose opinion was asked when it was necessary to pronounce a sentence on the basis of ancient traditions. The elders did not have the right to vote on the Cope, but they were sure to listen to their advice.
        Respect for elders is a distinctive side of the ancient Orthodoxy, and it remained among the Old Believers. Mop law was exercised on the principle of consent – coming to a consensus of all descendants. “As our grandfathers acted, so we will act” – this phrase was highlighted by a centuries-old tradition, and therefore it was relatively easy to settle not only the issues of the working life of the community, but also various kinds of conflicts.
        The principle of the election of princes, clergy and elders, consecrated by the centuries-old Right-Glorious tradition, served to develop community self-government and, naturally, offended the interests of hereditary princely and then tsarist authorities. That is why Kopnoj Pravo (the opinion of the Cope), based on UNITY, justice (Laws of the Great Vedas) and the experience of their ancestors.

    • I know because my dad was in the 2 WW.
      I know because i read history and the ways of tyrants.
      I am sad because i cannot convince my grandkids .

    • So very true, I’m a born and raised Canadian and I have seen this happening since Trudope took office. Some I know agree and see it also, but as you stated most are too blind to see it.

  2. CAP has spoken to many new Canadians from communist societies such as Poland–they are ALL fearful that Canada is heading in this direction.

  3. UPDATED: $$$debt is now much higher then when the below was written
    Now instead of around $1700 of interest to central bankers, each Canadian now pays about $26,750 each year to central bankers on interest for money the BOC borrows from Central Banks.
    In case you forgot:
    Page 7 from 2008
    “Due to the cost of the Globalist-backed Vietnam War, President Richard Nixon was forced off the gold standard in 1971 so that the Rothschild-owned U.S. Federal Reserve could print more money and throw America into debt slavery. In 1974 Pierre Trudeau VOLUNTARILY surrendered control of our Bank of Canada to Rothschild. Now instead of provinces and municipalities borrowing interest-free loans from the BOC, they had to borrow with interest from the private banking system. Because of Trudeau’s treasonous act, we now pay over $60 billion dollars per year of interest to private bankers ($1,700 per Canadian), ballooning our debt to unmanageable levels.”

  4. I wonder if the Ontario Nurses Association’s lawsuit against St. Michael’s hospital where they won a second decision on the controversial vaccinate or mask (VOM) policy, striking down the policy in effect at St. Michael’s Hospital and several other hospitals that form the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) can be used as a precedent to strike down future Vaccine or mask or lose your job policies .


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