Employers Must Accomodate Five Daily Prayer Sessions Say Islamic-Canadian Organizations

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Prayer, fasting, religious holidays, pilgrimage, as well as dietary and clothing requirements form part of Islamic practice for many Muslims. Such religious practices are legally protected in Canada.

According to the National Council of Canadians Muslims website, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms “constitutionally guarantees the freedom of religious practice, in addition to such fundamental rights as the freedom of peaceful assembly, association, thought, belief, opinion and expression.”

Daily prayers are a central practice of the Islamic faith. To that end, Islam prescribes prayer five times daily.

What other “recommendations” our tax-payer funded Islamic non-profit organizations asking for?  Employee accommodation during the 30 day period of Ramadan. Shorter working hours during this extended religious holiday. Time off for a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

More from the website: Some Muslims refrain from all physical contact with unrelated persons of the opposite gender. If a Muslim employee excuses themselves from such forms of physical contact it should not be regarded as a personal insult or affront.

Okay, it’s not a personal affront. It is, however, a SOCIETAL AFFRONT. It is simply not the way Canadian society operates. It does not align with Canadian values. These our some serious demands. The bottom line is Canadian employers MUST bend to the will of a religious ideology from the 6th century which advances anti-female, misogynist beliefs.

No give-and-take. Canadian society MUST accommodate all the fundamentalists ask for. If not–watch out, it’s race card time. This is the religious dogma Justin Trudeau imports, funds, and indemnifies from all criticism. At the same time, folks can bash away at the Christian faith till the cows come home. In Canada there is no such thing as “Christophobia.” Why the special treatment

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It is the great mystery of our time. Government won’t explain the favouritism inherent in their behaviour. Media will not break the issues down to get to the heart of the matter. Our educational institutions continue to preach the benevolence of Islam, and the corresponding malevolence of Christianity.

Our nation is being turned upside down– TRANS-formed, if you will. Rather than protecting our way of life, values and historical identity, the prime minister of Canada is working to TEAR THIS DOWN and build a new Canada. Considering our current government’s attitudes toward religion,  the advancement of Islam to the religious pinnacle of society is fundamental to Trudeau’s post-modern “no core identity” Canada.

9 thoughts on “Employers Must Accomodate Five Daily Prayer Sessions Say Islamic-Canadian Organizations”

  1. This is phase three of the take over of our culture. Female mutilation not mentioned . That’s because they don’t want women to know about it. Canadian women(and Men) better get Sharia Law in their brain NOW


  3. How does any business function with 5 breaks for Islam religious prayers. Regular Canadian Law says that companies have to give two, 15 minute breaks in an 8 hour work day. So those who practice Islam get 3 more breaks than we do, just because of their religious beliefs, or more days off, or special treatments. Christians have religious beliefs, also, but we are not allowed to make everyone bend to ours. So how is this fair. Or right. Or equal. We are told we cannot bring our religious beliefs into the workforce and its frowned upon if we do….we are chastised and most times will be fired if we do so on a continuous basis. So why…is this Islam religious stuff, being promoted. Why are they allowed to disrupt businesses, etc. Why are they allowed to demand and receive what we Canadians are not allowed. If the Government bans, frowns on or will not permit other religions, why is Islam being promoted. Why.

    • I 100% agree. How bout Muslims work at Muslim owned by companies and corporations. Let’s see what the production rates of those companies that work half a day is. Compared to the rest of the civilized world’s workers.

  4. Our Country is being run into the ground because or the stupidity of people with too much power & not enough brains to do what is best for the people ( tax payers) that are paying the bills for stupid, ignorant , uncaring, unthinking, glorified dictators . It has to stop and must hold all that is involved held accountable for the fraud, treason, & waste of our $$$$$ & ignoring our needs of Vets ,seniors ,& all people who helped build this great country,Canada

    • I’m afraid it is. Canadians are letting them run their country into the ground just like Americans are letting foreigners run them into the ground also. Freedoms are being lost in both countries because its citisens are letting themselves be run over.


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