Election Debates Set To Be A Tidal Wave Of Trudeau Favouritism

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A close look at the 2021 federal election languages debates reveal a model of Liberal Party bias. The English language debate is being produced by a coalition of four media outlets: CTV News, CBC News, APTN News, and Global News.

As any clear-thinking Canadian will recognize, three of the four corporate sponsors maintain unabashed bias toward leftist politics. The fourth, APTN News, focus specifically on Canada’s First Nations communities.

The debate moderators selected are Shachi Kurl,  Rosemary Barton, Melissa Ridgen, Evan Solomon, and Mercedes Stephenson.  

Shachi Kurl is president of the Angus Reid Institute. Ms. Kurl is often found offering analysis on CBC’s “Power and Politics”, as well within the pages of the Globe & Mail and Ottawa Citizen.

Rosemary Barton is the CBC’s Chief Political Correspondent. It doesn’t get any more tainted toward the Liberal Party than this. $1.2 Billion dollars per year sees to it that Liberal-Globalism remains the cornerstone of CBC ideology.

Next up, Mercedes Stephenson, Ottawa Bureau Chief for Global News. Ms. Stephenson has travelled with Justin Trudeau on diplomatic trips to Washington D.C., as well as Afghanistan and Africa.

The lone male moderator takes on the form of Evan Solomon. Mr. Solomon previously hosted CBC’s “Power And Politics,” as well as CBC Radio’s “The House.”

The fifth and final moderator is Melissa Ridgen of APNT News. In an article dated May 12th, 2021, Ridgen lends her support to Black Lives Matter protests, as well as advocating for the “Defund The Police” movement.

The degree of surprise regarding this stock-piling of Liberal weaponry should not surprise anyone. In fact, chances are excellent that it will not, because legacy media have no intention of revealing the debate’s deliberate globalist bias.

For Cultural Action Party, the end-game is clear. The goal of the largest piece of public exposure during the 36-day election period is to promote a victory for Justin Trudeau.

What else can it be? There is no “grey area” here. Not a speck of ambiguity can be found– Conservative representation being nil. Watch and witness– these five characters will barely step on the toes of Mr. Trudeau. Kid gloves will be all the rage as together the Liberals and media deliver the unthinkable:

Justin Trudeau is actually going to appear credible during the debate. Even the slightest smidgeon of Conservatism is sure to be squished like a bug.

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What a transition our country has undergone over the past decade. To think there was a time when Canadians of their own volition decided which candidate was to become prime minister.

Like Prince, all that is just so “1999.” Nowadays, media exist to drive voters toward the Liberal ticket. The fact that Justin Trudeau has no qualifications for the role of prime minister is beside the point.

International money says he is to win. Media says he is to remain indefinitely.  Players from beyond our borders drive mission possible forward. The appointment of a national leader transitions to matter of “natural selection.”

Political and media power brokers make the selection, and Justin Trudeau “naturally” becomes prime minister of Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est.2016)

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