Electing A Dictatorship: Justin Trudeau And The Demise of Democracy In Canada

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Much has been written of late regarding the concept of “conspiracy thinking.” Related accusations fly back and forth as liberals brand right-leaning Canadians delusional, while the inverse has conservatives labelling the left naive and simple-minded.

Cultural Action Party spend 99% of our time on the conspiratorial side. To our way of thinking, there is no such thing as random federal politics in Canada. From the seemingly innocuous to the most urgent, every decision made by our ruling government is scoped out in advance.

Including what CAP see as an assault upon democracy itself. As prime minister, Justin Trudeau has goals unlike any of his twenty-two predecessors. In no way are these objectives restricted to traditional issues such as economic management, or health care optimization.

For Trudeau, these are small potatoes. He is after something far more ambitious. It involves a fundamental social transition– an incremental erosion of democracy being central to the plan.

In CAP’s opinion, our nation has but a decade remaining as a true democracy. The Liberal government are not competing against the opposition Conservatives–they are in the process of eliminating them.

The goal is to win every forthcoming election in perpetuity. Once Canadians become accustomed to Liberal permanence, a query will be posited to the people:

If federal elections are an exercise in futility, why hold them? If the Liberals control 95% of seats in Parliament, what is the point of democratic process?

The answer is simple– there is none. For this purpose, no government policy plays a greater role than immigration. It is by this method that Team Trudeau have sewn up the Greater Toronto Area(GTA), winning 45 of 55 seats in the 2019 election. There is a good chance they will take all of them in a future election.

With two recent moves,  PM Trudeau virtually bought the provincial vote in Quebec. What could accelerate the process more than granting official nation status to la belle province, as well as rubber-stamping French official language status?

A poll conducted this week delivers the following results:

The Liberal Party remains in first place with the backing of 38% of decided voters, up one point since our last quarterly examination in March. The scenario is particularly bright for the Liberals in Atlantic Canada (49%), Ontario (42%) and Quebec (39%).

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What Media Never Speak Of:

The votes in a federal election are counted from east to west. This delivers a scenario where Atlantic Canada serves as a launching pad for the Liberals. With a comfortable cushion under their seats, we move to Ontario. Immigration has rendered the GTA as Liberal Central. It is the epicentre of political power, and the Liberals own it.

Next up, Trudeau’s home province of Quebec–now in the bag more than ever. Simply give them what they crave– cultural retention being the key– and in the Liberal pocket they go.

There are currently 338 seats in the Parliament. Atlantic Canada— 23. Ontario— 121. Quebec– 72. Total– 216.

170 seats are needed to form a government. Meaning that the Liberals can form a minority government before the vote count reaches Manitoba, and works its way west toward British Columbia.

No wonder Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a fig about Western Canada!  Turns out the Liberals can win– and will win—  the next election without a single vote being cast west of Quebec. Extent to which CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star point this out? The answer, of course, is nothing.

Under the leadership of the Liberals, our nation has established the largest immigration quotas in a century. Does this help, or hinder, what is so obviously a Liberal dictatorship in disguise?

Game over– the Liberals are locked into office in perpetuity. Democracy is in its final stages. The process began with a Trudeau family member as prime minister. His name is Pierre Trudeau. More than likely, it will come to its conclusion by way of Justin Trudeau.

Media say nothing. Are they too daft in the brain to figure this out for themselves? Doubtful, isn’t it?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder Est. 2016)

1 thought on “Electing A Dictatorship: Justin Trudeau And The Demise of Democracy In Canada”

  1. I am full of sadness for what used to be Canada, but Trudeau has inadvertently created a wonderful opportunity for the West. Unless he dies, he will likely win the next election and proceed to trash the us, working hard to drastically lower our standard of living, damage the economy, and try to make us more and more reliant on the Liberals. Westerners will wake up and more will see him for what he and Singh are. They both hate the West, probably because of who and how we are.

    Here is a golden and rare opportunity. We ( the West ) have no need for Central or Eastern Canada. None. They are of no benefit whatsoever to us and for us. We are an economic and social powerhouse. We have everything we need or want, or we can get it. Food, fruit, petroleum, minerals, lumber, farms, ranches, airports, infrastructure, access to three saltwater coasts with quite a few good harbours. Let someone else manufacture vehicles, we will sell minerals and resources and buy them. We have two solid proposals for rail lines by A2A and G7G railway companies that are proposing a world-class rail line from Ft. McMurray to Fairbanks. We could also establish petroleum facilities in Churchill and

    The Governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC need to discuss, negotiate and form a joint Governing body, but we need a real leader. Premier Mo from Sk is the current best choice. Pallister tends to lean to Central Canada, Kenney is far to wishy-washy, and Horgan is just an old, narcissistic, ugly, fat Trudeau clone, terrified of standing against anyone except BCers. He is absolutely terrified of the Communist Chinese.

    Trudeau will, of course, raise holy hell because someone actually stands up to him. He is a thin-skinned, easily offended arrogant narcissist. We can expect he will do things like cut off CPP and OAS and all kinds of transfers that are our money anyway, and this will have to be taken care of in discussions. Once we establish a definite date for separation, we can simply stop submitting any Federal taxes and build a cash nest-egg to last a year or so. Trudeau will likely nationalize the banks, so have cash hidden somewhere. Acquire a self-defense firearm. Natives will be assimilated and be recognized as just like everyone else.

    One step at a time. Take a look at organizations like Wexit and Maverick. Join and support. We have to act just like Quebec does. We are #1. We come first.

    A historic opportunity is ours for the taking. Grab it and run. If we don’t, we will live forever under the heels of a Liberal Trudeau dictatorship. Everything you have will be taken.


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