Dutch Election Forwarns Downfall Of Wokeness In Western Societies

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As they say in life and politics, “timing is everything.” PM Justin Trudeau must have been in praying position this week when a covert transformation in Canadian media occured.

“The federal government will now cover 35% of journalists’ salaries up to $85,000 per year, which is equivalent to $29,750 per newsroom employee.”

This way, legacy media in Canada are bound to go way-light on a monumental moment in European politics. Like Mr. Trudeau, the Netherland’s current PM Mark Rutte has maintained a curious speciality. In woke liberal-land, national leaders prioritize foreigners and their interests over and above the will of the general population.

Justin Trudeau has done so for the past eight-years. Throughout the time period, immigrants, refugees, their diaspora communities, their culture and religion have existed at the top of government’s social totem pole.

Far-right figure Geert Wilders Wins Netherlands Election: ‘Dutch Will Be The Number One Priority’

Can you imagine? Actually placing multi-generational citizens as top priority in a western democracy? Justin Trudeau is certain to be disgusted by this radical turn of events. His partner in woke crime, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, is bound to be outraged as well.

We imagine such a situation in Canada. No more ranting about so-called “Islamophobia.” A demise of anti- Anglophone critical race theory. A purging of foreign-born professors preaching anti-colonialism at York, Concordia and the rest.

A defunded multicultural industry. A return to authentic democracy. For millions of Canadians, these have been conditions they can only dream of. By now, all concerned citizens understand the cast-in-stone nature of “progressive” liberalism:

Everyone else on the planet comes first, and if a Canadian doesn’t like it, they are racist. Naturally, Wilders is now under attack from the world’s neo-communist woke media industry:

“Far-right figure Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom (PVV), won a shock victory in one of the biggest Dutch political upsets since World War Two.”

The biggest upset since World War Two, eh?

Not according to CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest of Canada’s monolithically woke media hounds. They wouldn’t position the victory this way for all the farms in Cuba.

”I’m telling you, the Netherlands, the voters have spoken, they have said they are fed up, completely fed up and we want to make sure it happens, that the Dutch will be the number one priority, he added.

Talk about a living hell. That is, for a self-righteous, condescending politically correct contingent who have been lording it over Canadians for a past decade.

Cultural Action Party have been critiquing this movement for years. Throughout the process, we have come to recognize the volume of Canadians who dislike, or outright despise, wokism in Canada.

There are millions of us. Probably over 10 million. But we don’t hear from them, for good reason. Mainstream media dedicate a grand total of nothing to their feelings, concerns and opinions.

If mentioned at all, it’s always with a snear as conservatives are branded bigots and haters. As financed by government, the press has destroyed the concept of Canadian patriotism.

Nationalism in Canada equates with Nazism. Christianity has been transitioned to a nemesis religion, while Sikhism and Islam have been elevated to the queen of Canada’s religious ball.

“Tax, Healthcare, Immigration: Why Dutch People Voted For Geert Wilders”

See this headline? It comes from a British media publication. If CBC were to dare publish an honest equivalent, it would be augmented to include housing availability and affordability.

Apart from this, the concerns are similar. Justin Trudeau is squeezing the life out of middle-income Canadians via carbon taxation. Inflation has made life unaffordable. Healthcare systems are clogged up as new arrivals stretch Canada’s medical capacity.

Immigration policy is driving the bus in deterioration in quality of life. Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh don’t give a damn. Globe & Mail won’t tell you, but their true agenda is one of comprehensive social transformation.

All core components that comprise a healthy society can go jump in Lake Ontario. Trudeau, Singh, Immigration Minister Marc Miller couldn’t give a damn. As long as cultural retention in Quebec is maintained, the rest of our country– meaning English Canada— is entirely incidental.

“The triumph of Geert Wilders at the Dutch polls is one of the biggest political upsets in European politics and, just like Brexit, will send reverberations across the continent.”

Not good enough, say CAP. Like the woke whiners, multicultural non-profits and hate-preaching university campuses, we can remain insatiable as well.

What patriots want is what is now occurring in the Netherlands. What Trudeau wants is thorough sublimation of what has just occurred in Europe via his paid-off establishment media industry.

The Wilders victory is a step-forward for Canadians who place our country, its values and identity at the core of society. Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh— these politicians hate this kind of thing.

We shall wait and see what trans-pires.

2 thoughts on “Dutch Election Forwarns Downfall Of Wokeness In Western Societies”

  1. “A shocking victory….The biggest political upset since WWII.” Yet nary a word will be spoken/printed about this in dystopian Canada. Truly; we are metamorphosing into a clone of the Great Firewall of China. A standing ovation for the Netherlands; sackcloth and ashes for their stupefied Woke. One can only hope that it happens here; albeit with a greatly watered-down version of Mr. Wilders. Most of Canada can’t take 150 proof political leaders. It would incapacitate them. Nor would the Laurentide Men let it happen. The tail must always control the Canadian dog. Lawless backroom deals, and the neo-Canadian “Charter for Special Interest Groups” supersedes our (neutered) Parliament.


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