Dual, Triple Citizenship MP’s Shaping Canada’s Political Destiny

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Can a person hold triple citizenship in Canada?

“Yes – it’s legal for Canadians to hold other citizenships in general. It’s not restricted to just one or two but you may be limited by the restrictions of the other countries involved.”

Stéphanie Plante from the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Research on Citizenship and Minorities explains how this makes sense for Canada:

“It’s kind of this idea that your patriotism is determined by where you were born,” she said. “I like to think that as Canadians, we’re really past that.”

The government of Australia doesn’t think so. Between 2018-2019, fifteen Australian MPs and senators were removed from office for violating a constitutional rule prohibiting federal political candidates from holding dual citizenship.

Would this policy not be an astute move for Canada? Dual citizenship has become commonplace among Canadian MP’s. Some of the most powerful members of Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet hold this distinction.

Several among them have been highly controversial. Ex-Liberal Cabinet member Maryam Monsef is one of them. Born Maryam Monsefzadeh, this Liberal MP fell from grace  after referring to the Taliban as her “brothers.” Born an Afghan citizen, PM Trudeau appointed Monsef to four different ministerial positions before she was defeated. Ms. Monsef was a 31-year old first time MP when she received her first Cabinet position.

Current Minister of Families, Children and Multiculturalism, MP Ahmed Hussen, is a dual Somali-Canadian citizen. As Minister of Immigration, Hussen’s department granted citizenship to convicted terrorist Zakaria Amara, serving a life sentence for his role in a mass murder plot in Canada. Under the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, Jordanian-born Amara was sent a letter informing him he was to be stripped of citizenship.

In 2017, the Trudeau government reversed the decision. Mr. Hussen once claimed(scrubbed from media) that if PM Trudeau lost an election, he would return to Somalia to push refugees to Canada from there.

Current Liberal Cabinet member MP Omar Alghabra is a dual Syrian-Canadian citizen. Former President of the Canadian Arab Federation, Mr. Alghabra won a fourth consecutive term in the GTA before Trudeau appointed him to the Liberal Cabinet in 2021.

CBC News has confirmed at least 22 Members of Parliament currently hold citizenships from other countries. he figure does not include MPs and senators who hold citizenship through descent, naturalization or marriage.

Canadian MPs hold citizenship from various countries, including Afghanistan, Lebanon,  Pakistan, Syria, USA, U.K, and Poland. Liberal MP Salma Zahid, who holds Canadian, U.K. and Pakistani citizenships, says she does not judge other country’s rules around who is qualified to serve. CAP can see why.

In 2017, 56 foreign-born members, 22 with dual or triple citizenship, hold seats in House of Commons and Senate.

A reasonable state-of-affairs within government? According to immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery, there is nothing to stop a Canadian MP from holding three citizenships.  Canadian law allows a citizen of our country to hold two or more citizenships. A person does not have to give up their original citizenship in order to become Canadian.

No separate distinction exists for politicians. Then we have media’s presentation on the topic. Simply put, nothing has been presented. Considering a topic mainstream media perpetually shy away from– the future of Canada— an interesting scenario comes to light.

Parliament can forever continue to become populated with dual citizens. Twenty-two in 2019. Forty-two in 2028. How about in fifty years time, 50% of Parliament– including a triple citizenship prime minister? All of it advancing the erosion of nationalism. How pleasing it must be for Justin Trudeau and his World Economic Forum posse.

His Liberal government kicked the phenomenon into high gear. It was Trudeau who tasked dual Pakistani-Canadian MP Iqra Khalid with the creation of “Islamophobia” initiative M103.

CAP attempt to deliver a bottom-line: Dual citizenship has changed the nature of Canadian politics. It’s legality has helped to transition our nation into a mini-replica of the United Nations.  The result is an unprecedented “internationalization” of our country to the degree where non-Canadian political issues have taken precedence over domestic needs.

How more direct can CAP comment on this phenomenon than to say it should cease to exist? If you want to be a federal MP, you must fully dedicate yourself to our country. As opposed to, in the case of Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, maintaining a fall-back citizenship in case things don’t work out the way you want them to.

All of this being so typically woke Canadian. Now for the bad news: it won’t change. Certainly not with Team Trudeau in control of the destiny of our nation.

In May, 2018, the government of Australia ousted five members of Parliament because of dual citizenship status. In 2017, ten MPs and senators were removed from office for violating a constitutional rule that prohibits federal political candidates from being dual nationals.

Try this in Canada. “Racism at its most extreme” bellows legacy media and  multicultural organizations funded by Canadian taxpayers. The sad fact is, the head count for dual citizenship politicians in our country is headed upward with no limit to how high it flies.

If this is “progressivism” in Canada, CAP will take traditionalism every time.

10 thoughts on “Dual, Triple Citizenship MP’s Shaping Canada’s Political Destiny”

  1. It’s a good thing if you know English and French. But if you learn Spanish, you can go to Spanish countries. More languages you know better it is for you.

  2. This photo above is a group shot of Canada’s most criminally insane; before they were bussed to an undisclosed provincial criminal lunatic asylum.

  3. These people have little to no commitment to Bananada. When the coming fire burns hot enough; these people of many stripes will flee. You know what they say about a sinking ship. When war broke out in Lebanon decades ago; the people holding a Canadian passport came back here in a hurry. (I think Canada helped get them out?) When the dust settled; they went back. Not blaming them; but if/when things go south in this empty shell; the dual/triple passport holders will be the first to leave. If the airlines are flying. In the case of Turdo’s cabinet; their unearned bankrolls will precede them. Bye bye suckers!!

  4. Eleventh generation Canuck here, Brad. Love this land but not so much many of its leadership and its sycophants.

    When I grew up, immigration consisted of White Europeans. Toronto had the Polish section, Ukrainian, etc etc etc. Then Italian, Portuguese and on to today where it is all such a mishmash of humans. Yeah, this was back in the 1950’s and 60’s. I left in 81 because I saw the future of my hometown and did not like it. Hussen eventually took over the riding I lived in… despicable creature. His hatred of us is so evident in his scorn and attitude. I have his quotes saved up along with so many others. Gotta be fast these days.

    My time is almost up. I mean I might have a decade or two left at best … taking me well into my 90’s. It is my sweet grandchildren I still fight for.

  5. If you are a dual or triple citizen, you are instantly racist. There is ALWAYS a “love” of the mother country. You are Canadian or you are not. Never mind that the Liberals can’t figure out what country they belong to, but they can’t decide what sex they are or which toilet to use. These clowns run a country? They have authority?

    • Great points. I agree completely. We are be led down a road to disaster on purpose by these traitors that seek to destroy what we have here. If they want to call me racist for not wanting these backstabbing agendas then I guess that’s what I am. These scumbags need to be removed sooner than later. They claim racism but they all are the ones displaying open hatred for white Canadians so how are they not racists themselves? Of course they are but they have the media to push their narrative

  6. It must be made a law that you must only hold Canadian citizenship to hold a position in our Federal government. If you can’t commit 100% to Canada you have no business holding any power in the house!!

  7. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. Yes, I agree with you. These days, it has been noticed that most of the MPs in Canada hold dual or even triple citizenship, which is hurting very badly the political health of Canada and reshaping it indeed. However, I’m an immigration lawyer, so if anybody seeking legal assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here: http://www.paxlaw.ca


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