Majority Want Refugee Intake REDUCTION, MP Ahmed Hussen Wants “Higher Numbers Every Year”

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“There’s been a drastic decline in the acceptance and the welcoming, specifically of refugees,” said Dorota Blumczynska, executive director of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba.

The study by Public Square Research and Maru/Blue, commissioned for the CBC, found that 57 per cent of Canadians believe our country should not accept more refugees.

The study also found that nearly two-thirds–64 percent– of those surveyed believed that illegal immigration has become a serious problem in Canada.

The response from snarling refugee pit-bull MP Ahmed Hussen?

“My wish is that we continue to increase levels in our immigration system for refugees. I will do whatever I can, in whatever position I am in, to continue to push for HIGHER refugee numbers every year.

Such adherence to democratic principles. A fundamental of democracy is the concept of majority rule, as well as the protection of individual rights which, although seemingly contradictory, are the very foundation of democratic governance.

Does Justin Trudeau adhere to this political philosophy? Don’t make CAP retch. How ’bout this Hussen fellow? The evidence proves otherwise. For this strange Somalian,  “minority” rights are everything, and the will of the majority( think Old Stock Canada) nothing. This  is not democracy–this is fake and fraudulent Trudeau Dynasty democracy–not the same thing at all.

So Trudeau, Hussen, Khalid, Morneau, Goodale and company have thrown true democracy out the window. Are Canadians outraged? Some are–but most are not. Why not? Because 90% of the general public remain unaware of the trans-formation. It is establishment media’s job tobury the agenda. If they don’t, the plan may not succeed.

No one is saying that majority rule must supersede individual liberty on every issue within society. What we are saying is that for political decision-making which profoundly impacts our overall society, public opinion must be factored into the equation.

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Justin does Nunavet! Poll after poll reveals discontent with immigration and refugee quotas. Polls indicate a majority do not want citizenship re-instated for ISIS terrorists.  The majority do not want illegal  refugees to pour into our nation, only to receive tax-payer welfare checks within 30 days of arrival.

Canadians want none of it. Trudeau and Hussen deliver all of it. These two should not be permitted within 1000 metres of any government institution in Canada. They should both be given restraining orders to keep them off of Parliament Hill.

Instead, other recent polls inform us King Justin is holding his own regarding his re-election bid. How odd. What insanity! Here we have the most anti-democratic prime minister and cabinet in Canadian history, and they are actually contenders to win the next federal election.

How can this be? Again, we turn to media. It is the Liberal-Globalist media filter  which makes Justin’s re-election even thinkable. When government and media function as a single unit, you have communism. Under King Justin of Canada, this is the path King Justin is walking our nation down as we speak.

The death of the will of majority is yet another incremental step toward the decimation of Canada under the rule of the “Fidel Castro of Canada”— the political chameleon named Justin Trudeau.





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  1. And yet Canadians, although given an opportunity for his removal, just re-elected this condescending, arrogant, hypocritical moron to spend four more years continuing to erode what values we once had. Obviously that includes sucking out any pride and ‘spirit’ left in Canadians hearts. We have charted our own demise as a once proud nation, and I suppose would just rather slug along, not caring, not listening, not worrying, It’s downright disgraceful!


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